The differences between Trump and Le Pen

The time to support Politicians in French Media has begun, undoubtedly, everyone is thinking of finding a similar patron after the Brexit and Trump’s position against the status quo in the United States. However, Marie Le Pen is searching for donations to accomplish her goal of becoming President of France. However, what plays one of the crucial steps in the winning career of Trump was having enough economic resources to pay for his trip to the Oval Office.

Citizens decided to turn their backs against the famous name of families, who were running the White House, as Clinton and Bush, under the dramatic and critical view of Donald Trump’ speeches. The situation is in the past but it is a good field to analyse what will happen in France this year for the election. If it is possible, Le Pen will use her rhetoric to call attention towards what will be the best measures to protect French citizens from external attacks, as well as, the supporters of the Brexit and Trump during his campaigns after watching the critical and violent scenario in Europe during the last two years.

However, she cannot play the card of being able to be free of considering the interests of her economic supporters, if she would win and become Madame Presidente, ca y est  c’est la difference between Trump and Le Pen, who won a lot of votes from groups, which felt they were forgotten by previous candidates in supporting their weak economy. There is the space to play hard in the Political sphere, where Trump observe his chance. His “Make America Great Again” was focused in a promise of considering not only the middle class but also, the working class, which loved the idea of seeing their places to work back.

So the field to win in France should not necessarily focused in expressing how others are taking jobs in that place but how the future President will increase the number of jobs for young citizens, as well as, increasing the dynamics of innovation and the market, under these circumstances Macron has extraordinary possibilities if he is enough talent and creative to seduce the voters. Particularly, when Francois Fillon had been caught in a compromising situation for paying his wife to do some chores to support him, among other family member, which had ruined his opportunities even in when he was considered the first contender to become the leader of the Left in France. He tried to defend this decision but citizens, perhaps, could not appreciate this kind of behaviour in the same way. There is a good chance to Macron to go up, especially, when he is a fresh face or the unknown men in territory far from the Capital

As Trump experienced, being an outsider in the Political sphere played as a stimulating variable for the voters, no matter if he had achieved strong success and failures in his career as business men, where is possible to discover the results of good and bad decisions to invest his money. However, these facts weren’t strong enough to make him less attractive to the people who trust in him and vote for him. Undoubtedly, the electoral system brought him the chance to claim this as an achievement even when the difference of votes was not so big between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. No matter the kind of details, it is impossible to ignore that he conquered a “huge”, as he would name it, part of the voters even when he was the black horse for all the experts in the American Presidential campaign.

In that place lies the opportunity of Emmanuel Macron or new contenders as Benoit Hamon, who had expressed his support for providing more economic support to French citizens with an amount of 535 euros each month. Meanwhile, Macron is interested in different fields to increase the opportunities for investors to create companies in one of the most famous Hexagons in the world.


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