E-Commerce in Melbourne

There is something interesting in the way people used to apply their experiences to support with their knowledge the experience of another entrepreneur or people sharing the same vision about vibrant opportunities in the market. For that reason, we search to discover more about the experience of experienced and successful entrepreneurs as  Kate Morris (Adore Beauty– Founder & CEO), Andre Eikmeier ( Vinomofo– Co Founder & Joint CEO) and Amanda Green ( Head of eCommerce & CRM) about their experiences as part of marketing and sales, as part of their e-commerce experience.

Each one shared a particular vision towards their topic and industry. For Andre, his way to answer a question, was completely rebellious. In some sort of way, he was confident about selling the right product and find your customer to be successful rather than focused your attention in things as Snapchat strategies. Meanwhile, for Kate Morris, the case was completely related to learn through her experience as entrepreneur. She was honest while she explained how establishing a business and brand, as we know it, would take her 10 years. Undoubtedly, her advice was something interesting and important. Particularly, when she begins from as she cites “nowhere, without connections”, in that sense she is an interesting example for women in online industries and she couldn’t stop mention how Australian has been expecting for the presence of Amazon in Australia.

For her the best alternative would promote a particular set of values with your brand most of the time, which make unique, versatile and different. Even when being competitive in an environment, where your competitors offer greatest prices could be a harsh mission. Accomplish a successful end is, undoubtedly, bigger than competitive advantage, and more attached to the idea of increasing clients and customers, who are involved not only with your products by captivated by your mission and the vision, you had established with your company. In that sense, the identity of your company and finding users, who feels satisfied by the experience you offer will be more important than anything else.

Andre shared the same vision about creating a relationship with your clients and the services you provide. For him, finding the best way to solve the needs of your customers is the first stone for a successful business.

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