A discussion about Faith

I found a kind man with her wife during one of my days searching for possible customers. It was a quite difficult experience, I am not a Catholic defender but I grew up in that environment and criticizing another’s practices is not my interest. At least you found a kind of issues related to lack of character rather than persecute a particular Church. However, he was deeply committed to articulate a strong attack on the Catholic Church as the Whore mentioned in the book of Revelation. I am not saying the Catholic Church hadn’t committed horrendous crimes in the past, which has provoked even a sort of change in their perception of the world.

However, as you could see some members, as well as another participant, in the political and religious environment, expressed their differences towards what they think it is better for the Catholic Church in modern times, and you could find a divergence in the way of thinking of this group prefers a strong ultra-conservative  and classic vision when they need to approach to social issues, while the other side often shows a different face, which used to be a little bit closer to groups facing harsh realities and this will be less judgemental, and even goes against the iron fist promoted by the Catholic Church during ancient times, and even nowadays. Sometimes, it could be perceived as an open door created by the aspiration of becoming more tolerant and closer to sinners, a vision completely attached to the original view of his original messenger, Jesus.

I listened to him, then I tried to transmit what in my human knowledge let me interpret from our regular reality in modern times, the real whore, mentioned in Revelations, is Politics. This topic moves or stops the world. It’s Politics and their actors and decisions because its presence couldn’t be put outside of the room in any country. Even the computer and programs, which I am using at this moment to process the value and questions of our talk, had been permitted, manufactured, created, and applied using a particular set of rules to manufacture the equipment considering  different legislations from US to China until finally, let me write a few line on the table, where I am working at this moment so, at this particular moment, the question arises how will we avoid being doomed for the eternity, if each one of us participate in the system? He watched me a little bit scared when I asked my question, it was not a new question but facing something like it is hard. It is like “how the hell are we going to heaven, under these circumstances?”

What I tried to explain him was his vision could give you two options: follow the path of the group in a novel named A brave new world (Aldous Huxley), where a part of the society lives outside the norm as savages for being out of the system without any control or participating. However, I believe it is not something that people is interested in doing with some exceptions so when we live in a world, where you are still a person attached to Religion’s values, how could you defeat the evil staying inside the system all your life? In that sense, reading Revelation will only exterminate any sensation of power to control your destiny and your ability to do something now. When I saw religion under that kind of perspective, it annoys me because in each group Religion has been more a story attached to the ability of a group of people to change, to be different, to transform themselves. And in some sort of way that is the real value behind and beyond the beautiful and soft-spoken words to God in any Church when the pages of a sacred book slide between your fingers and your eyes comprehend that humans had been tempted, once and again, for the same things, and this happens in different Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and Churches around the world.

 If you don’t believe in an afterlife, your choices would be more pragmatical and hedonistic oriented, most of the time, and guilt will be equal to zero in your belief system. In this context, I believe it is better to understand the whore as Politics because even when you tried to ignore it and live without being involved, you will be sleeping with her. Horrendous thought. Yes, but that is the reality so sweet dreams and hug her tightly. However, it is not for being scared of the bad side or going to hell, the real purpose of being conscious is having the opportunity to understand how to change it or how will it affect your future? Sorry but that is the most realistic way of thinking rather than just praying to God. Learning, understanding and participating more to stop some measures, it is the real deal behind the sad Biblical story we face. It does not mean accept it just because it is in that way. Even Jesus died knowing what would happen but it never stopped him to follow what he believes and he fights for. I am not the kind of person who goes to Church each Monday (I used to have as part of my Catholic high school schedule), except to satisfy my mother’s request, the message is simple we admire and follow leaders because they never ever give up. No matter if the topic is the salvation of souls or women’s rights or climate change.

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