Sidney Film Festival

Running away from Melbourne and its cold weather, I arrived in Sidney as a small fish searching for a new path to work in a project. The best part is finding the same movement I loved the last time I spent time here. People are running at a high speed. The faces concerned about doing multiple things.

My first hours in the city were used for sending emails and asking for Internships. I tried to convince myself I would have enough time to enjoy the night in a Cultural event and I found two things I loved deeply. First, the Sidney Film Festival, where I could find a lot of information linked to Australian Film Industry, as well as, discovering more details about SEA film Industry.

I hadn’t got the luck to see a film yet but I had high expectations to enjoy more than once soon. Most of the visitors and participants were talking amusing things about Barbecue, which tell the story of how people in different countries enjoyed this amazing food, which is part of Australian culinary traditions, which is a rich one influenced by the immigration from countries like Italy, Greece, India, Germany, France, among other countries.

The same you environment you would be able to find while observing the people involved, as well as, the stories exposed in the screen of this festival. I discovered the love and passion from two groupies, who were engaged enjoying the music of a popular Australian band from the 80’s.

I found a soft-spoken Eleanor, who gave me her phone number to find a producer while I tried to drink a glass of fresh water. It was almost impossible to determine the positive feedback when I discovered the phone number was wrong so I decided to go further with my research of a producer in the Sidney artistic environment and overseas so I wish myself luck to fulfill my desire of making my project a reality.

Later, I will tell you more about the films in the competition.


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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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