Sydney: World Press Photo Exhibition 2017

My travel to Sydney had different purposes. I was not only interested to know more about the city’s History but finding more information about Media and Visual exhibitions. Suddenly, I was lucky enough to find an interesting exhibition in the New South Wales State Library, where I enjoyed a time of walking the same streets with a different vision, two years later.

As my previous quest about women in Media had brought a lot of information. The reality is the gap between women and men is still a reality. Perhaps, in some countries could be easier but most of the time, Patriarchy is present everywhere, with positive and negative aspects, although, it is impossible to deny how difficult is to overcome the imposed limits under the construction of specific parts in role identities. Especially, when some women used to start a counter fight expressing “Don’t try to change the classic female role.”

Children suffering
The small girl was captured in the frame while the Police agents were trying to search for terrorist activities and suspects.

It is a reality, even acknowledged by one member of the jury from the World Press Exhibition 2017, where Photojournalism and Visual communication was the most important aspect of how to see the hardest topics from the distance. I remembered discussing a specific point of view with one of my Professors during one of the readings about how to handle the case from the distance, where viewers probably only could express something like “it is something so sad” but then they would return to their daily activities without giving a second thought about how could do they a change. However, the image from this year was quite different, which exposed how the Russian ambassador, Andrei Karlov, was killed in front of the opening of a Photography exhibition, as part of a political and violent protest against the participation of Russia in Aleppo. The picture was taken by Burhan Ozbilici, Turkey, The Associated Press.


I believe it is not so real, in that sense people need to see better alternatives to express their position. Undoubtedly, having enough information is the most relevant aspect of making choices, which influenced to transform and change the reality of others and ourselves. We had multiple examples in areas like environment, gender issues, support basic rights, apply in practical ways by famous communication professionals as Richard Attenborough, among others from organizations like Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Organisation had been using different elements like time, choosing a specific species like the Polar bear to give a face to situations like Global Warming. In that sense, the professionals recognize and believe in the strength of an image, which motivates people to be involved and in that sense, this kind of completion acquired a true meaning for professionals, society, media, and the audience.

Particularly, when an image did not require a translation, or even needing a long time to comprehend multiple details offered in a piece written by any journalist, which helps to understand the context and the story before and after the picture were taken and printed or shared online. Under that kind of construction, we found a group of professionals, who are trying to figure out who choose the best alternative for exposing an amazing story. It was funny to listen them trying to express how relevant is the role of female in Journalism and media… Even when they expressed the situation is changing, the truth is changing slowly.  In a better context for Western countries but in another side of the world the presence of women in the screen is still attached to a high-sexualization of the female. Some could say it is an exaggeration but it is a reality connected with the money produced by the use of female body and concept in different industries, most commonly in a high sexualized overtone.

There was a sweet-sour taste in the words expressed by professionals in the field as Mary Calvert, whom couldn’t deny her acknowledge about the female role in this industry, and how the presence of women is increasing but it will take time until the situation would have a real balance. Particularly, when the biggest communication companies in the world still exposed the same approach and dynamics about gender and discrimination.


Undoubtedly, each image hanging on the walls in one of the rooms located in the library was a good example of the effects of War, tragedy, pain, terror, and how these events are not so far from our place. Perhaps, the situation caused the recovering of a memory in one of my classes. We could believe that being far from the place where the bombs exploded or the animals are killed would give space to forget but our borders, boundaries, and History are extremely connected through centuries so, nothing could happen without having an effect in a distant land.

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In our next article, we will expose some ideas to tackle these issues.


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