The rules for using pics in Tinder or another social/rom/sex app

Written by @Rossana_Naveda

I was barely into the thing of dating scheme using social apps. The truth I tried the first time as part of an experiment for my blog but even when I liked to share information about online experiences, I don’t think it would be fair for the person, who is accepting to go on a date with you because it would be absolutely disgusting sharing the details of your cyber/romantic life. Later I decided to never share information about this kind of social exchange.

However, I went on a date with a guy but nothing beyond sharing a brief talk would amazed anyone. This time I decided again to give it a try for curiosity but this time I found things the first time I couldn’t see. For example, choosing a profile picture is more important than your age, how handsome you are, or how intelligent you will be while you shared your first comments…Swipe it is easy when you find these mistakes. Avoid them immediately.

First mistake: A photo group

Dude…Who and where are you??

No matter how much you love your tribe, pals, bros., sisters or whatever you called your close friends. The truth is the most random thing is keeping trying to identify Bryan or Kelly between five or six guys or girls, you will just pass through the image. At least, Nobody wants to ask who are you? To discover you are not the one who caught his or her eye so, avoiding the embarrassing “I am sorry but I thought you were…” It is horrendous. Also, images which did not make easy to distinguish any detail of your face are negative for your profile, like in our example above.

Second mistake: A photo with a girl or a boy

You are searching for a soul mate… Are you sure? I don’t think so.

The first thing I believe it is what is the reason of using a picture, where you appeared hugging another girl or boy? You started asking about Would I pass the test of the best friend while I will be talking with this guy/girl? Could it be her/his ex? Are they trying to make an arrangement for a multi-relation? Are they in an open-relation? Is he cheating her/his wife/husband? The questions appeared immediately, which is annoying and again you would probably swipe the picture immediately.


Third mistake: Showing your back

Yes, I know some people love to show to the world what they love. I do it all the time on my Instagram account all the time. I barely appear or show myself in my pictures, I am not ashamed of myself or my body but I love to share the things I like while I travel because usually, you believe it is the best way to attract the interest over the things, which call your attention. However, it is not the best choice when you are trying to attract people for a date. It would happen the same in our previous point. People will start to have doubts Who is the person? I cannot see his face, and our times go so fast than very few would give another minute to check for more info.


Fourth mistake: A picture of your abs or another beautiful part of your body

alexander-redl-185764 copy
You want she approves your training!

I know a lot of people love to show the results of their hard work in the gym but sometimes, you could believe this person would probably be a Narcissistic or have some tendencies, particularly, when they don’t show their faces. It is quite you would only be focused on a hot physical interaction with your body and nothing else. Even when as anyone will feel attracted to a strong and amazing body, you would fear this person only is interested in somebody who shared the same interest to build up a great body, among other prejudices. If you are going to show your muscular tone, be sure of sharing your smiling face in the picture.


Fifth mistake: Finding the right angle

kira-ikonnikova-156668 copy
Sometimes, there is an important difference between a soft suggestion and establish a straight to the point attitude

Sometimes, where you took the picture is so important as how you will appear on the frame. Being in the bed, semi-naked could be sexy but it is also, riskier. It gave the same impression on the previous point. Nobody would take your interest as something beyond sex fun so it is possible you lose good chances to find a relationship or you will just get multiple proposals linked to having only sexual encounters.










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