I have done almost everything for love… writing, travel long distances, laugh, cry, baking a strawberry pie, take care of a cat, protect friends, clean surgical blessures… mmm but now I am using a new way to express it… Poetry!! @Rossana_Naveda @wstrength10 @rossana26 @wstrength  #Diorlovechain

If you want to discover more visit:

Miss Dior Campaign

Miss Dior Advertisement

Personally, I tried a few weeks ago Miss Dior #What would you do for love? And I can tell you it is sweeter, fresh, the best option for Spring in Australia and Autumn in the North, in the middle is time to get a better body for the beach. Its warm smell would be your best friend!!!

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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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