Gossip Girl: A decade later


What could I say? It was definitely the best runway on your Plasma after Sex and the City ended. Furthermore, the show was a little bit more interesting while the main rule in the characters code was treason. Yes, treason. That word made the future of Serena Van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), Nathaniel Archibald (Chace Crawford), Lonely Boy a.k.a Daniel Humphrey (Pen Badgley), and Jenny (Taylor Momsen), the meanest gang to go with around Manhattan.

The truth is this show inspired in people not only the desire of possession, as well as, having the best attires from the greatest minds in Fashion Design, with the only purpose of using them in the next soirée with their best friends or enemies. Undoubtedly, the show provoked even the desire of replicating the worst behaviour between teenagers, young adults and adults.

Maybe the fact of watching this bunch of kids doing illegal, irreverent and crazy things with parents taking care of the crazy damages caused a similar syndrome of overexposed our lives. Behaviour, which had been attracting the attention and a counter position from multiple specialists between Psychologist, Sociologist, Designers of online products, Marketers, Journalists, and Media experts, as well as, celebrities and Royals explaining why we should do less to show our personal lives online considering the value of a good balance between our real persona and the one we showed each day on social media.

The most important character in Gossip Girl: ENVY 


“Envy…similar to jealousy. Discontent towards someone’s traits, status, abilities or rewards. The difference is the envious also desire the entity and cove it”.

Of course, the show did not play only with overexposure but also, with envy. The program follows the rules stipulated by Marx and the Capitalist form of production, and how it created a role for each group in that society so, the drama begins when Serena Van der Woodsen decided to return to recover her place in Manhattan and a younger wannabe Jenny Humphrey decided to be more than just Lonely boys’ younger sibling, the nickname his brother had won in a website dedicated to spill rumours about relevant teenagers enrolled in Manhattan’s private schools.

In that way the fight begins, Blair Waldorf had conquered the role of Queen Bee, which has been like her dream come true since kindergarten so, the presence of Serena, no matter how much she loves her will affect her place in the social and Academic scenario. In the other side, we find Jenny Humphrey, she is not rich, popular or deep. She has talent, poise, character, she is a good sister and daughter (at this point) but she wants a breakthrough in the social scene and, without the last name, which sounds like you are using your black credit card to pay for anything; or an extraordinary talent, it would be almost impossible to make it.

The only option for her being good in what she does, designing and creating beautiful dresses, and finding good friends (networking) to establish the best outcome for her wishes. She is good in the first field, in the second, she definitely sucks. She had no idea how to manipulate in the first three or four seasons. Meanwhile, Serena has everything and she really did not care about anything related to success. Giving an extra effort sounds like a valuable line for any sports team. For her, it is like just travelling to Europe to avoid contact with her friends, mistakes and troubles.

For that reason, even Blair Waldorf hates her, it sounds terrible but it is the origin of the best jokes you enjoyed during the show “A hippie millionaire and sex bomb being best friends with an overachiever, selfish heiress”. Blair is in that way because her mother put pressure on her to be obsessed with perfection, even if she needs to do things far from good or perfect to achieve that position, or the choice goes against her true feelings like it is common, for example: she almost died trying to decide who should she marry? Prince Louis from Monaco or Chuck Bass.

Often, the idea of searching for a most successful life while you spend most of the time comparing yourself and the things you have with people around you could be the worst alternative. It is not the only basic element to create chaos for you and others, but it increases the doubts inside each individual of any group. Suddenly, people start to feel the lack of value and congruence between what they do, love and care for; or doing anything else only for winning in a social and economic competition, where the most important value is having a stronger status and more money. Multiple times, Jenny, Blair’s mother, Serena’s mother, Dan should face selling their values for material compensation. Usually, you understand better the character and yourself while you think what path you would have followed.


In that sense, being friends is one of the most difficult tasks. Of course, it is fun for the viewers but for the characters involved is only an endless and hopeless situation of backstabbing, blackmail, betrayal, which undoubtedly, ended in two simple words hate and distance. That was how the show begins, Blair cried in front of a helicopter while she was trying to explain why she couldn’t stay any longer in New York to her best friend. Meanwhile Serena Van der Woodsen, the scandals’ expert, who went to Connecticut because she was trying to clean her conscience after sleeping with Blair’s boyfriend, Nate, behind her back, tried to do the right thing and convince her to stay. Of course, all these behaviours shouldn’t or couldn’t be experienced without dressing the best clothes designed by PRADA, Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, Chanel, Versace, Balmain, Carolina HerreraEllie Saab, Oscar de la Renta, Narciso Rodriguez, Alannah Hill, Toni Maticevski, Vera Wang, among others, which was for some viewers next to the sarcastic lines the most pleasant elements during the show.

Watching people being mean in high fashion is not only tolerable, it could entertain you. However, at the end this group discovered once and again that sometimes, they were the only one, who really cares about the other, that effect provoked they come back to each other like magnets each season because it is possible that only those who live and experience the same upbringing and environment as you could understand your feelings, your mindset, your behaviour, your mistakes, your fears and your choices.

Having parents with enough money to help you go out of messy situations after they paid for the damages caused by the lack of empathy or betrayal their dearest descendants are involved with. Why did they do it? It could be the regular question from everyone, who consider parents should do a better job. However, these parents look sometimes even more lonely and messy than their children. At some point, the most interesting dialogue I found during the show was between Nate and Blair. He was trying to understand his role and the expectations of his family on him, he found confusing his luck and having all these privileges he hadn’t ever asked for. Although, at the end, after trying to hide his lack of interest smoking weed or feeling uncomfortable for having a good life, he understood that there is no way to go out. If you were born an Archibald or a Waldorf, you only keep going with the structure your parents expected from you.


Scary, of course, I am pretty sure nobody wants a life designed step by step from their birth until they die. Even if the rewards sound so excited as exploring all the experiences of your life through money, social status, pleasure, hedonism and selfishness. In part, I need to be honest, the funniest thing was finding the characters’ efforts to destroy the good behaviour of another character for pleasure or to destroy their social status. Such a lack of creativity!!! That was the real goal in the crazy lives of this group of friends. Georgina was going behind Serena; Blair was trying to do the same to Chuck; Jenny Humphrey is, perhaps, the biggest exception. She was the youngster and usually the character everyone tried to protect until she became the strongest and the worst considering the values previously mentioned.

To close the column, during six seasons I love the romance between Blair and Chuck, even when the majority of adults around me expressed something like “That is a toxic relation.” However, at the end, they changed, they grow up, they tried to do the best and not only for them, in that sense, perhaps for a TV show there was a good happy ending. Meanwhile, finding Serena was able to forgive Dan Humphrey after hurting her on purpose not once or twice but during ages, which sounds more like a S&M relation than a crazy passion. At least, Blair and Chuck knew perfectly how they were. Serena trusted in Dan since the beginning without imagining how much despair for her he got inside of him. I wasn’t glad she married Dan, I wanted she should have gone back with Nate but What can we do now? In the original books Nate run away to sail in a boat, leaving New York because he didn’t want to choose between the blonde or the brunette. Once and again, he is the real gentleman in shining armour but nobody married him. Senseless advertisement and advocacy for supporting the bad boys’ charming personality, or woman just love to date troublemakers. Open your eyes ladies, if you find a Nate Archibald, don’t let him go away so easily, especially, if you love him.




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