Summer at Tiffany

It is usual to find in different movies or regular media references to this big company dedicated to providing the most exquisite and glamorous pieces to their clients. I still laughed when I remember the famous proposal of Patrick Dempsey to Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama and of course, the pleasure of achieving a new goal in her personal life. However, not everything that glitters is gold, and her past is far from perfect. She was running away from a failed marriage in Alabama to become a successful individual.
And even when Summer at Tiffany‘ story, written by Marjorie Jacobson, did not share identical details or storyline, what I found similar was the personality of a girl from the countryside, who wants to see what the world could offer to her and in that sense,  but at the same time feels a strong attachment to her town. I believe Mrs. Jacobson succeed in describing the portrait of a – most of the time – naïve, attractive,  interesting, overstressed, lovely, passionate and talented musician from the Mid-West living far from home for the first time during  1945.

Of course, all the details about her personality happened most of the time in her mind. Marge, as his new flame called her, possessed a Norwegian heritage, which stopped a natural exhibition of feelings. When she described the behavior of one of her Aunts about controlling her emotions reminded my grandmother, in some sort of way was an interesting action to follow her path which flashbacks of my own childhood. For young people could be a mesmerizing experience or being quite unpleasant. Living in a world of immediate communication would let them find that the main character should wait long weeks to have some news from his boyfriend would be, undoubtedly, a senseless act.

However, other details like how she should have access to rationed meals, as well as, donating even her stockings made with nylon to help the Army with the sewing of new parachutes and other garments required in War times by the men fighting in Europe or the Pacific. Those details would be exciting for people who love Historical accuracy. Jacobson took all the responsibility to check facts with the people, who shared the memories wrote in this book. And that is the real value, perhaps, the scenario is fantastic, New York, Tiffany, the balls, the weekends spent in the little apartment she shared with her best friend Marty Garrett as all the New Yorkers from old money, new money, into the search for a job as they, facing the hardships of War or having the time of their lives, she met during those days. Even though, how her ties to her talent for playing Cello, her family, her friends and her boyfriend are transformed by this experience, even long time after she left the city that never sleeps.

The decision of traveling without having a secured job in the big city implied taking risks, exploring the world and sharing the adventure with her sidekick, Marty. The kind of risks we all take to get in the adult world. In the middle of War Times, the novel brought fascinating details of the beginning of two girls working at Tiffany for the first time. The way she described each event will make you wish the best. It is so hard to find something particular, if you love The Wizard of Oz, you are going to be fascinated by the story of how the prodigious Judy Garland arrived in the store with his husband and Liza Minnelli‘s father, film director Vicente Minnelli to find some pieces of the famous Jewelry house brought as a gift by a Film Studio.

In this sense, the emotions expressed by Jacobs are absolutely closed to what younger people used to feel when they find their favorite actors and actresses, the only difference she was working in one of the most beautiful buildings in New York City at that time and now part of its History. When I was there I love the Art Deco style, my favorite one but I could admire it in the Chrysler building, Tiffany was closed that afternoon

When she arrived to work and use the first uniform created for two ladies, who will do the job of boys getting the pieces from store sellers to be repaired upstairs using the incredible and modern elevators at that time. The building opening was only five-year before our young cellist had the misfortune of losing all the pearls from a collar, which fell off from the box she was carrying, reading how she try to recover them avoiding each piece ends in the gap between the elevator and the floor…yes, it is a horrendous experience closer to death. She did not even get a high salary, in those times the value was attached to work in an amazing company, particularly, for students thirsty to find an internship or a summer job so, losing any pearl would be a dead sentence. Her love for the firm is genuine, she remembered how his father read to her National Geographic and she always observed with attention Tiffany’s advertisement.

The luck was with her and finding a good friendship in Marty gave them the opportunity of having a recommendation letter from the Public Relations advisor for the President of the United States. Undoubtedly, these iconic details, as well as, the precise descriptions from the kind of beautiful creations you would find at that time from the first floor until the last one, where unbreakable and expensive plates were the trendy gifts for weddings inside the richest families in the city. My favorite description is about the first time she witnessed the Tiffany Diamond with its beautiful yellow color. The yellow stone has been part of the flagship store since 1878 when Charles Lewis Tiffany bought it after being discovered one year earlier in South Africa. Also, the routine of writing a post to home each week, he made me feel guilty. Undoubtedly, I will send one tomorrow… we know what happened with this War but for discovering if young Miss Jacobs stayed in the Big Apple or she returned to finish her studies at the University of Iowa… you only need to read Summer at Tiffany.



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