The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food

My first time enjoying a few days in this place has been a lovely and critical experience. However, we will focus our attention in the positive.

The best 

Undoubtedly, the location is perfect, you could find the trendy stores around Sydney so if you are in holidays and you want to spend your last hours in the city the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food festival is an iconic event in October. I love the multiple options I found from the classic Asian noodles to delicate desserts prepared following the rules of French Cuisine. My favourite was the crackling pork belly with fried chicken and beef in one of the spaces reserved by Mr. Bao. Of course, you could find the best alternative in the Japanese ice cream, I missed the lack of chocolate in the options offered by Messina, however, strawberry and coffee would make you feel amused by them.


If I need to create a list for all the delicious dishes you would find in this small to medium size food festival, I would not have enough space on my website. The truth about food is listen one to five recommendations, then go and discover yourself if the food and the place is what you expect of a Food Festival. In my case, I enjoyed what I found.

The bad

Well, I need to be honest chill out with your family and friends while you are enjoying great music, marvelous ingredients, extreme creativity from different cook’s teams is amusing and amazing. However, I missed more activities to learn how to make things great each time you want to surprise your friends or create original recipes or at least, experiment in your own kitchen without die trying. A little experience like Phillips‘ promotion of devices to create your own noodles at home.

I truly believe the experience would have more fun, intensity, creativity and profit. At the end, we are not going to lie to nobody. Everybody involved in the festival wants to promote their products and increase their own number of sales.




The unforgettable

The singers and different artists playing instruments and/or using their voices was one of the best aspects during this evenings. In some sort of way, they are the ones who brought the enchanting aspect of listening beautiful songs written by them or from other music writers, who made a simple night the time of your life. You shouldn’t miss the last days of the The Sydney Morning Herald this week.  If you want more information. Visit good food month.

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