Constellation: Inspiring new ideas

When I found Github was organising a cool event nearby Harbour Bridge, it was impossible to avoid my chance to learn from the experts with innovative ideas. I couldn’t assist on the first day but the second was really amazing. I found great professionals describing the last tools for collaborating in this platform

There was an attractive story of how replicate coding and checking faster any mistake while you create your last app or website. All these changes came from the hand of Bee ware with her speaker Katie McLaughlin, who started to speak after being introduced by Daniel Figucio, Github Product Update, it would help you to distribute, organise and control the amount of job as you decided to work on it.

The most interesting approach was how their program works with different platforms like Microsoft, Apple, Linux, the list was so impressive that one of the developers started to cry. I don’t know it is something so useful. However, I had not time to interview the young and bubbly Katie about her vision of this business and her craft. She left soon. However, I am expecting she would answer soon to discover more about the woman collaborating in this project.

However, she mentioned with excitement how she find, once and again, the interesting differences in culture between her and his American colleagues, a little bit of “You say tomato, I said tomato”. However, the interest for creating a platform which let you track faster all the mistakes in your coding sounds like a dream come true for beginners, as well as, professionals who run against time with an adjust budget and couldn’t afford extra developers to clean your coding.

Complex topics in the Digital market

Throughout the second day of the exposition Constellation, we did not only discovered new surprises, tricks and support for changing policies, which founded an egalitarian society. We also discovered multiple issues, from issues which are not necessarily new in Australia but it had been affecting the offer of accessing Internet as faster as usually developed economies have

Everybody is aware about the discussion for stopping President Trump and his government to end with Net Neutrality, the regular defense is everybody could have the greatest idea, no matter where or how much money he got to use Internet, and he will be able to develop the project without any digital divide between social classes. What happened in Australia is quite a digital divide created by bad decisions taken by MPs and another Government’s employees because the plan to establish the National Broadband Network changed drastically incurring in huge mistakes to install the proper infrastructure to bring the same service and easy access to the same amount of data with the same speed.

Perhaps, in 1994 it doesn’t sound so important but the time has passed and the use of new technologies and services showed the relevant aspect of having a good or bad broadband system. Particularly, when most of the tycoons and people involved in the .com industries understand the commercial value for developing and increasing the size of their companies, and how that aspect is also attached to this simple condition. A relevant factor to have access to a bigger market, and also, giving people who had enough creativity and brains to create an incredible idea in a small space like your garage or your room in the case of young entrepreneurs.

The conversation with Sam Figucio, Github sales manager, was deeply interesting. Especially when he trusted to explain how the situation is not so bad for citizens, who lived in areas built-in the last years, like his house located nearby  The Blue Mountains,  a peaceful place if you asked me, where you can enjoy an amazing time with your family and friends. However, this is not a reality for citizens living in areas with old buildings, where the infrastructure to have access to Internet was not installed from the ‘scratch’. For him, the situation was provoked by laziness of Government employees, as well as, taking the cheapest alternative of investment. Creating problems for future entrepreneurs, investors and CEO to compete against similar industries from overseas.

This critical point is possible had not looked so interesting or important  when you are facing biggest issues putting a barrier to the cost of energy, which had been increasing each year. Although the energetic crisis has been faced with the use of professionals from different fields. The topic of competitiveness it is still an ignored point, particularly when other massive companies possessed better control of their infrastructure and services in the International context. It is impossible to ignore the power of Amazon around the world, as well as how its share’s price in the stock market has been risen up constantly, giving happiness to investors. Also, providing Jeff Bezos with more economic stability to expand his business in other countries. Last Thursday, the company showed an earning of $52 per share, when the specialists in trading were expecting only a value of $3 per each one. The fact implied the rise of price to buy them increase 7% making any share has a price of $1,000.

What about time and  attention?

Read the second part of this article soon.





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