Constellation: Inspiring new ideas II

What about time and attention?

That was the most mundane topic everybody interested in this topic would use in the middle of this kind of environment. When you need to work in your website or another kind of industry and using twelve to twenty screens could make everything a complete and complicated mess. It is not enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting. Sometimes, you could have an intense desire to burn your computer with all the information and have a great holiday. Well, that sounds like Escapism but nobody is perfect, right?

Sometimes, you got  20 or 300 emails (in case you are Elon Musk), the rest of the mortals need to live under normal circumstances. However, even reading 20 could be a dramatic experience if you got more things to check or analyse during the morning as making or answering important phone calls. This is just one example of the things multiple companies using AI would try to improve with different software in the next five years. Undoubtedly, having an email tracker would make Musk’s mornings the most enjoyable experience, as well as, for the rest of managers working in any Continent.

Even when Github offered an interesting and organised way to execute your work in different platforms. Undoubtedly, solving other regular problems of attention in the digital industry, particularly, for designers and webmail developers will become a basic element for all industries, where employees dedicated to research, create, test products (particularly this part) demand time and high level of attention for perceiving the right values of satisfaction in the user and also, keeping track of the mistakes in the creation of the app, platform, videogames or VR products.

However, it will be pretty interesting seeing what is going to happen in the tech industry to diminish the regular effect of technology in prosummers because if companies are interested in making your life easier, living attached to devices which decreased and affected your attention should work as an inspiring element to create products which diminish this new and trendy problem. Becoming multitasking is causing more troubles. And it is not a simple or vain talk when we see how important is making visible signs of security for crossing the streets when users of mobile devices are so attached to them in the daily basis of our lives. This example provide a clear view of the dangers of extreme automatization. The improvement is great but we need to find or create alternatives to avoid losing particular elements from human behavior, which has been positive and important for our evolution.

Protecting a basic characteristic, which let us survive, like attention shouldn’t be ignored as part of our desire to improve human life here or in Mars.

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