Buddha, Meghan Markle, and becoming part of an Artistic creation

Everybody who has developed a profound understanding of my perception of life knows my attraction for thinking in the best ballad for any possible moment, circumstance, experience, drama, holiday, person…yes, even when it could be extremely bizarre each person in my life has or had been attached to a song in my mind. No matter how hard I had tried to end this kind of silly or immature activity to some. For me, there is no way to control it so, when I found Buddha exhibition organised by the NGV team…in my case all the songs created for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Tour… I know for Indian citizens or people who possessed heritage from India this could sound pretty ridiculous but the first time I listened, as a child, about India was watching a documentary from The Beatles at 8 or 9 years old.

Eternity Buddah in Nirvana by Xu Zhen

Weighing approximately 15 tonnes, Xu Zhen’s 18m long sculpture features a 16m replica of a famous reclining Buddha statue adorned with 3D scanned and cast Greco-Roman, Renaissance and Neoclassical sculptures, fusing together Eastern and Western cultural heritages in order to break down boundaries.

Watching the work of multiple employees from the Gallery is an interesting view of this representative figure of finding the enlightenment through a peaceful approach and considering the self rather than having or searching for more knowledge, richness, or money. However, he was someone who had all these elements in the first place so, usually that is the kind of experience, which let you try to explore a different alternative. When you are growing in a different side of the Economy, it is possible that you will try to survive since your first years. Under this kind of perception we can analyse his life under a less spiritual vision and we would be able to understand  his approach comes from someone who hadn’t enough appreciation for what he has because he got it all in the physical needs but he needs to discover the pain of attachment and how to face pain without letting the experience stop your generosity and compassion with others, who also suffered.

He was searching a truth about the world because he lived in a very controlled environment with all the things he needs. In that context, what could a Prince, like Harry search in Meaghan. He expressed her impact on him since the first encounter, and  also there was an interesting story behind this detail. For getting his answer of finding a wife, he followed a similar path. In his life, there was an important affective lost at a young age, which as himself confessed he should search for emotional support after he felt himself “on the verge of punching someone”.

Furthermore, Prince Harry consider the pressure of media in his life as something difficult to handle at some point. Under these circumstances, it was easy to understand why the couple, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry choose to have an indoor relationship. Perhaps, the relationship grew better during six months without all the topics related to overexposed framing of the couple in different tabloids and websites. In both cases, for Buddha and Harry, a big change happened from the inside/out having experiences out of their regular Royal environments. For Buddha, it represents a change of his regular understanding of being someone from a Royal family and for Harry, leaving behind his experience as a Royal and sharing more who he is without all the comments, gossip and false stories about his media perception, perhaps, it gave him an opportunity to open himself in a sum of more sincere encounters because there was no more pain to hide or fear.

If you want to see a monumental 16 m long Buddha, you must go to the National Gallery of Victoria, which is currently installing one of its largest works. The work has been especially commissioned for the blockbuster summer exhibition, the inaugural NGV Triennial, a free exhibition, taking over the entire gallery and featuring the world’s best art and design.

Eternity Buddah in Nirvana by Xu Zhen, Photo by Eugene Hyland (37)_previewThe sculpture comprises over 20 sections that have been meticulously pieced together by staff from Xu Zhen’s studio. Fifteen white sculptures are then lifted by crane and positioned on top of the reclining Buddha.
If you want more information: The making of Xu Zhen’s world premiere commission from NGV on Vimeo.
Remember: Occurring every three years, the NGV Triennial is a free, gallery-wide exhibition of contemporary art, design and architecture that features the work of more than 100 artists and designers from around the world.




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