The value of beauty: Paying a price for acceptance

ChiaraThis is the eternal request for female in the world. It doesn’t matter how smart, brilliant or unique in the internal beauty you could be… For women is always attached to how pretty you looks in the eye of the investor, business partner, or any industry you tried to get into. Undoubtedly, it is relevant to look attractive or interesting but for men it is never a must thing to do… I mean, nobody asked Mark Zuckerberg to fix his nose to be more likeable or younger. However, would you imagine the same success of somebody like Chiara Ferragni, if she doesn’t look like a beauty designed and painted by Sandro Boticelli in each picture she uploaded during the promotion of her website, as well as, different brands in the highly exciting social media landscape, where more people is attracted to how you looks and young prosummers interested to invest their time for sharing information and giving likes towards what they consider beautiful and trendy.

f21013754abbabd2d7e1e27c06368787-primavera-botticelli-italian-renaissanceAllegory of Spring by Sandro Boticelli.

I know this because I worked in publishing industry and you can listen the harsh comments towards what is attractive or not almost each day? In that sense, even when there is a Reddit group expressing women had easier, that is false. Meanwhile men could rely in the development of their brains and minds to become successful. Some women also have it but it is not the common rule. Most of the time, women should face a harsh criticism towards how they looked like and even faced comments like “it is never going to happen to you”, while men could look absolutely ugly without suffering biggest setbacks for that reason in the majority of fields into their exercise their power.

The question arise always. Why do women must pay the price of being accepted or having more power through decisions against individualism, and following superficial social paradigms influenced by ancient stereotypes of beauty, representation of beauty and Aesthetics? Someone told me this is Australia, there is no sense in using a book from an English Historical background to understand the Historical influence of women’s choices here about how to achieve success considering this paradigms of the role as women they should follow.

However, that is not true. Culture and traditions, as well as, religion had a strong influence in our perception of rightness or wrongness even today. For example, in the past the price of women in any position would pay for achieving success, power or a good life was linked to her family’s decision about whom she would marry. Sometimes, women should play with bravery to find a way to fulfill their own desire because their roles usually were attached to fulfill Crown’s or family’s interests rather than romantic satisfaction or personal achievement within Political purposes. In that sense, women always had endured the complicated path of achieving success following the concept and rules of what society determined as attractive or desirable from a female.

In that sense, women pay the price of acceptance from her community or audience through following the structures of what is beautiful, this construction of thought determined unfair rules, which diminish the possibilities of participation for those who don’t want or can’t afford it to achieve the high standards imposed by these rules. I don’t want to destroy the beauty industry or the surgical procedures promoted by TV shows from US, which had become really successful during the last ten or twenty years. Neither burning the paradigms of attractiveness ruled by fashion and media industry each season. I worked and I ate from that kind of job. I love it and yes, I believe it is important to establish a healthy sense of being through the proper look and hygiene in our presentation.

However, when talent, charisma or intelligence are ignored because the individual didn’t achieve the norms of beauty I think we are not playing smart as community, it is an uncomfortable truth. Great ideas, logical reasoning, good initiatives shouldn’t face so much disregard under the strict rules of Aesthetics imposed on women because men hadn’t heard of them. At least, they would have dreamed of becoming a model or an actor.

I do only believe we shouldn’t exercise it without any questions towards what is the real value for a female in her ways to achieve success in our world? Is this pressure from the beauty paradigm something irreplaceable? Do we feel always like we still live in the past so, we need to pay a price to achieve our desires in the social, economical or personal interest? Do women like to feel like they should achieve success under archaic system of paying a price for getting enough power to change things? Furthermore, do we never try to end this vice circle when we need to support the element of being perceived as objects rather than individuals? Is it possible a different path towards the sense of femininity, especially in the landscape of technology and science when we couldn’t find so many women, whom hadn’t already paid that price.

Sometimes education is not enough, fighting and transforming these old paradigms of what a woman should be, should look like, should behave are the biggest issues against real change. Economy and legislation did not work only by numbers, Culture is an important aspect to transform attitudes.


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