The future of sex and Artificial Intelligence

I am not so much interested in having sex with robots. However, so many women are victims of sexual violence through Prostitution networks nowadays and since long time ago. This situation made me personally being against that kind of activity. Today I listened one woman in a morning shelter telling the story of a woman killed by her pimp being  thrown out of a window in Sydney, Australia, where prostitution is legal, during a meeting with a MP about housing deteriorated conditions, where multiple women mentioned good examples of how criminals could use the service offered by the Government in a very criminal way.

If an example like this don’t make you feel against this type of dangerous way of living. You are part of the problem.


Sex should be shared between people who want to have intimacy rather than people who can afford paying for a person like a sex slave (who does it for survive or live a normal life, where getting an education should not force her to do something like it). This is the main condition for letting me accept a future, where robots could supply this kind of need because the risk for physical, mental, and social deterioration is a reality for sex workers. In that sense, if we can build robots, who touch, smell, and make you have an orgasm between the sheets without risking human lives. Why would not do it? The only gross thing that could happen is humans -with particular needs- request them to feel pain and suddenly, everybody decided to become Christian Grey. The movie sounds sexy but a world full of people getting attracted to BDSM (A continuum of consensual sexual practices that includes bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism) didn’t sound so good to be sincere.

Beyond the risk of having sex with robots let us act with less consideration to the object, which will use to have pleasure, let us consider some negative consequences. Otherwise, using robots to replace humans in this kind of work would be a good choice.

What could happen?

In that context, it is possible that paying for having sex with a human will be notoriously more expensive. However, violence against women would definitely get reduced. Living now, the story we heard needs more attention from Politicians. A murder of a sex worker, as well as, the poor conditions of other exemplified the lack of  regulation and protection for citizens who prefer this kind of job, and give to this kind of market the opportunity to become a free space for all kind of criminal activities like people selling drugs to exploited women, who tried to survive that lifestyle.


And I know there were multiple sexual workers saying my clients are not like that after reading this. Especially, when I read multiple articles in the last weeks speaking Pro this lifestyle. However, that few experienced a heaven as prostitutes doesn’t imply that women who are facing a high-risk in their lives must be ignored by authorities or the Police. I took seriously the call of someone who mentioned she was at risk of being attacked by her husband for promoting sexual services so, I call the police and provide all the information.

What do we have?

In the sense of Artificial Intelligence, we need to understand that if our purpose is created a market where humans can explore their sexuality in a hybrid context with a robot. First, we need to establish a safe environment, legally and physically speaking, for humans who dedicated their lives to this kind of service, which in some sort of way with the examples I gave in the first lines, it is not a reality.