Anne Boleyn: The classic paradox of women in Politics

It is not new finding strong-minded and wise women being diminished by male counterpart in the public sphere when it is time of considering Political choices.

 Even if that represents a complete and unjustified character manslaughter.


When I need to recall Anne Boleyn, it is impossible to create a division in my mind from the fairy tales and the Journalist Research of History made by professionals, the first time I saw his husband Henry VIII was in the famous Reader’s digest cover at home. I felt ready to discover all the details behind this story, I was seven  and I couldn’t distinguish fantasy from reality during that European period after reading Bluebeard, the popular French fairy tale of a husband who kept the bodies of all his ex-wives in a room from his Castle, until her latest wife discovered everything and ended being save by her brothers. Anne Boleyn was not so lucky, his own brother was incarcerated and killed by the King, who accused him falsely of being part of having a sexual relation with her sister. I feel fear and an extraordinary curiosity about both stories, I read them once and again throughout different periods of time.

And still the story followed me when I found similar articles across the world telling how women are killed by their partners in our generation after more than seven centuries in a horrible similar scenario. This is still a relevant issue in different continents, for example, Australia had the presence of 80 to 100 women killed by his partner each year. In USA the number arises to three per day and in some countries of Europe, Asia and South America, you easily will find six women being victims of this kind of crime. Finding a similar line between what a common woman from the English, French or Spanish courts faced, as well as, the woman in the XXI century face could appear as a complete idiotic move from some scholars or professionals but the truth about the way society stipulated to see women could appear in a frightening way very similar, even with all the changes technology, science, and legislation had observed since the Kings ruled the world.

This construction of thought is not limited to how men perceived women in the social structure of thinking, the worst comes when it is possible to the regular family life, where women could be victims of violence. Some men had an inner way of thinking of women as property, media in some countries had still a strong expectation of exposing women as products all the time so, it is difficult to overcome the perception of them as someone with valuable ideas or when she tried to guide a group of men the results would often be very complicated for the women, and in some cases even dangerous.

That is exactly what happened with Anne Boleyn, she had never dreamed of becoming Queen of England, especially, after her older sister was the King’s lover. The burning obsession in the King’s heart was the beginning of her final story. Most of the time, critics would find her like a manipulative person but what I had found it is more the example of a woman, who should have to use her brain in the most critical circumstances to take advantages in an unrequited position. She was convinced about all that her education and preparation shouldn’t end wasted with a low-key job as becoming the King’s lover. Even if some could see her as a woman used by her family with the purpose of taking advantages on her position to convince King Henry VIII to choose a particular Political path to defend a new faith and made her country started cutting its links with the Roman Church, which she stipulated, as well as, all the King’s crew (Cromwell, Chapuys) would bring a strongest and robust  English society with better education and beliefs. Who could blame her? She only did it in the best interest of her country. To be sincere she never dreamed of getting married with a King but after he put his eyes on her, she knew there was no possibility to her of avoiding the King’s will.

Undoubtedly, being in this position only let her see as the best choice becoming his wife. At the beginning, she must have expected she could turn off his desire with a negative feedback but she was wrong. Usually what happens with men is they want what they couldn’t have. Particularly, when they are in a position of having all the things they want. Power and desire played always together in the Political sphere so, Anne did not provoke King Henry’s divorce, it was his lust and desire of possession, as well as, his attraction towards this woman, who was intellectually very different from Queen Catherine of Spain, a woman who followed the strict rules of the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps, what attracted the King was the rebel character of Anne with her desire of supporting Protestantism in England, intellect and her youth age.

Time was a precious price for Anne and Catherine, the first one waited almost seven years before becoming her wife, the second one was her brother’s widow and more than five years older than Henry. For Anne was a good moment of use King’s attention to promote and protect the new faith and of course, absolute power, tempted the most righteous men so, when Anne started to promote biblical fragments where the Power of God is with the King, she could conquered his heart and mind. He was so in love that he wanted to rule next to her giving her the same amount of Power he possessed. She become her right hand, or at least, everybody in the Court knew that was the new reality.

This is the precise moment when another accolades in the Political Sphere used to see a woman in a high rank and plan how to make her fall. It is horrendous but most of the time, that is when a witch hunt begins, and you could find similar example in the Australian Political Arena with the discussion towards gender between ex Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard or some misogynistic views expressed by the US President Donald Trump against women. Undoubtedly, having more men in roles of power is an element which increased the possibilities to any female of facing this kind of experience, where men used to protect themselves and finding the best scapegoat in any female figure to blame her for everything. Even if she promoted a right action or choice when it was required to take that path. For that reason, it is common to see in some instances how women are put in position of power when things are going wrong, that happened to Marissa Meyer , ex Ceo of Yahoo, when the company had been experienced a low rate of profit or any sign of growing. Another example could be Angela Merkel and the future elections.

For Anne, the problem arise when Thomas Cromwell and Chapuys did not want to lose their portion of control over Kingdom’s issues. They were scared to see how strong the relation between Anne and Henry had become after so many years so, when they consider to play their cards to support Henry for avoiding any possibility of having another Civil War in his territory caused by the risk of having a daughter with Queen Catherine, named Mary, who could easily arrange a marriage with a Catholic European Prince, who will exterminate the Tudor’s line as Henry’s father did with York’s line to get with the throne for his descendants. Cromwell, a Secretary of state, only thought in the best possible outcome to consider her marriage with Anne as invalid and giving the King a new opportunity of having kids. Of course, it was hard to do something against a woman who had been waiting patiently for seven years, the only path was destroying her with lies and fake accusations that nobody would take the risk to deny.


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