Review: The hot guy

After reading a narration with multiple details, dates, names, and facts in a Historical book about Ana Boleyn’s life where the reader could rediscover through the pages places, plagues, romances, treason, blackmail, persecution, and fights for different religions, and also, Political powers facing each other across the English Chanel. It was, undoubtedly, the most important reason of searching a spontaneous and simple book fill with humour in a reading for beach days so, the winner was The Hot Guy.

A book written by Mel Campbell & Anthony Morris, which main goal is in some sort of way explaining the sense of becoming a sexual object while the hero tries to find the love of his life. This situation is experienced by a young adult man from Australia named Adam, who like any Adam on our Earth must find his Eva. In this case a young hard-working expert in PR for a stadium, Catherine, who ironically hates sports.

She had lost any hope of finding a suitable boyfriend after her last break-up with a rich guy, Alistair, whom has not interest to become a patient, comprehensive and good lover. It is the classical relation where she doesn’t want to be alone and for that reason, she keeps the relationship. Even when he only criticizes each action, dress, move, decision, make-up, style, hobby or interest in Cate’s mind. This romance ended at the beginning of the novel because she did not want to go with him to a Polo match.

Catherine’s heartbreak provoked her boss, Ursula tried to help her finding a guy, Adam, who ignored he possessed a fan club on Facebook who named him The Hot Guy. Furthermore, all these women are in a waiting list for a one night stand with this sexy Aussie guy, who never understood why all the women he met in the cinema theater each weekend disappeared providing the most ridiculous excuses after having sex with him only once.

Cate decided to take her chance and she spent the weekend with Adam, creating a stronger bond with this beautiful creature. Everyone warned her about the wrong choice she is making because “nobody should get into a relation with someone so attractive”, the argument is she will become insane by jealousy for taking care of another woman will try to steal her boyfriend. I am honest I heard that kind of excuse about dating someone more attractive than you but come on!! You will probably live once, how could you lose your chance of dating someone hot and even having a family with him? Especially, if he is so nice like the main character in this novel.

I understand where the authors tried to go with exposing female sexual interest in boys could be similar or even more insane than what men can do when they find a sexy and attractive girl. I saw that behaviour exposed in a community of women when the young teenager in charge of filling the soda machine at our high school attracted the attention of dozen of students at once; each time he came to do his work so, trying to give an example of how objectification has effects also in men’s lives is not new. The difference is women are most commonly affected by this. For men is particularly usual when they are excessively attractive and they are surround only by women. In psychology is recognised as mass behaviour, which means all individuals will feel free to act in a way they wouldn’t do if they were alone but the fact of being part of a group and acting in the same way lest them forget self-criticism and control over their actions.

What always surprised me was the naivety of Adam, How could a guy so interested in the Film industry and Direction, being so out of the connections with the effects of his attractiveness? Even his friends nearby the end criticised this particular awkward virtue of ignoring completely the effect he got in people. Particularly, his lack of interest to use it when we are attacked by social media and the possibilities of Instagram for models, actors and new talent to attract thousand or millions (in some cases).

The book is hilarious for cinema lovers. Each line will have a deep meaning for those who love to overanalise meaning of symbols, subtext, even the invitation from Steven Spielberg to Hollywood, and who cannot spell properly his name will make you almost laugh. I tried to think in the perfect Aussie for this movie but when I found a secondary character expressed he looked like Heath Ledger, my vision of one of the Hemsworth brothers on it started to get foggy. I don’t know Heath was special so, who knows who will end being Adam in the film production?

The jokes are funny, they are really well-written, I love Cate’ sense of humour because it reminded me a lot of myself, a person who ended saying jokes in the worst event or situation. The only weakness is the lack of maturity in the characters. Perhaps, the writers were really inspired in the Millennials and the lack of skills for planning but I think Adam could have more layers, sometimes, it is hard to believe where this guy develop the characteristics of being so good. He is attractive, a little bit clumsy, but it is hard to believe he couldn’t perceive himself and the power of his attraction on others, as well as, his lack of interest to become an actor, which by the half of the book had disappeared. Another thing, it is hard to conceive girls hadn’t got him in trouble for being so sexy during his adolescence. However, the League, a group which follow Adam’ steps  on Facebook to have one night stands with him provokes more than one trouble during the narration of events in this rom-com. In some sort of way, the story is an ode to stalkers in the social media era, loneliness and our desire of feeling wanted by someone attractive.

Moviegoers will love the critical description of blockbusters for teenagers made by all the characters. Adam worked in a cinema and he dreams to become a Film director while Catherine need to face that her unhappiness comes from a different place, it is not about the hot guy, it is about doing something you like with your life and sharing moments with someone, who loves you. His friends are really interesting, I enjoyed more than once their sarcasm when Adam missed his ex-girlfriend because he expressed “She is my everything” and one of them replied: “What? Now, you are going to be a country songwriter”. Should you read this little novel this HOT season? Of course, you will love it.

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