Carolina Herrera Fall Collection /2018

From the Museum of Modern Art the flashes started to show details of the Runway. Behind the crystal window and in the middle of the shadows, we can see the trees in one of the gardens around the Museum in the ground floor. It could sound like the best scenario for any young girl to find a warm and savage wolf. However, during this show the wolves from different media could find the Good Girl, an always attractive Karlie Kloss dressing a soft pink t-shirt while she was giving the details of her presence as the new face of the Parfum  Good Girl from the House of Herrera where the new motto is “#itissogoodtobebad”.

For 2018, Carolina Herrera Fall Collection has become a huge fan of ankle boot in fantastic colours. From Purple Rain until the most classic black. Each pair combined with a beautiful dress and a furry jacket, in some cases. The must is this kind of Prudish Gipsy style with a little vibe from the 70’s with all the disco Music and brightening fur from the 70’s without losing the feminine essence we can find in all Herrera’s creations.

A very colourful and vibrant free lines over a delicate frame is what we could explore through the Livestream platform, where the models exhibited well-structured dresses in the corset area and wild and vaporous, probably, silk skirts in light-blue, radiant, yellow, raspberry, pink, green, purple, silver and black.

The coats played a little with Cruella Devil’s amusing wardrobe. You must find a black and white coat for 2018. To end any suspicion just walk your beautiful pet while you wear it on your shoulders over a black long dress. Another option, a green cape or a purple jacket. If you love to take rish while you protect your body from the wind, the rain and the fall…you will love delicate white feathers in a sultry jacket or another option with a brightening silver crystal fur for expressing your wild and vivacious nature. Everybody will notice it and love it!!!



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