Why Barnaby is wrong about his personal affair

Yes, I know I hadn’t written in excess about Political topics in Australia but the reason is simple, you don’t talk, at least, you lived long enough to understand what does the society think, expect and want from his leaders as they do.

In the case of Australia, it takes long because Aussie used to share some complexities about their culture, similar to Latin America, they used to have questions about identity, which are not completely satisfied yet. They even recognised that part of their way of thinking is attached to be a country recognise as it since 1 January 1901, which is only one century when we compared Australia’s democracy to other countries, which possessed a more complex History. However, Australian were involved and participated actively in the Greatest Wars of the XX Century, which let them be part or Modern History in an interesting way, and with a different vision of themselves.

In this story for female, I had found that even in a Continent far from most of the influences, the situation for female students at the Universities is still attached to work on making clear to men What is consent? What are the rules of consent? And how to avoid confusing the desire of a women? I did not want to go further in the topic before because I had been writing about harassment since this blog started and I am pretty sure there is a strong connection between what we learn in High School or Secondary education and the University, and all those experiences will appear later in life when we will work in an public or private institution so, yes, teaching about harassment and interpersonal behaviour shouldn’t be ignored, underappreciated or being discarded.

Most of the time, the topic is seeing under a vision of old women, who couldn’t figure it out a fun way in the life of young people having these experiences. However, women complained once and again towards this kind of conduct, no matter their age, and as we can see it is something that goes beyond any particular Victorian value. How could I expect any man would consider his behaviour and way of thinking towards women in a respectful way, while he lives under these circumstances in his youth, then he starts his career, and in the working place we observe all these sexual harassment or misconduct related cases happening?

Perhaps, some Political analysts considered an exaggerated position what Malcolm Turnbull did, when he expressed a critical view over having a romantic relationship with someone working as part of the staff in a public office. I found multiple journalists, media professionals and politicians who went against his critical position towards what Barnaby Joyce chose as the best alternative for the relationship with Vikki Campion. However, I truly believe when there is a crisis over conduct and the use of economic resources from any Government, no matter what Political party the public servant represents, it is relevant to analise the choices and positions taken under the premise that Government’s money comes from taxes and citizens who paid them, in that sense, it is reasonable calling the attention towards how and where those resources are used? It is ridiculous to think Malcolm Turnbull could be wrong when the situation was not properly managed. And Barnaby’s choices won’t affect only his career but they will put some pressure on the Political party he belongs to, as well as, the headmaster of the Australian Government at this time.

In this case, everybody knows that when Barnaby started his relation, he should had previously decided to remove her new girlfriend from the office and relocated her in a different department or following orders from another politician, not only for personal reasons, but for professional responsibility. And in the case of Vikki Campion, well, professionally speaking she did not offer the best advice to the leader of the National Party, Barnaby Joyce, when we should think about image in the local and international media landscape.


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