La Belle Yseult by John Bedford

Heritage and Culture as one of the key elements to inspire creation

By Rossana Naveda


When I started this blog I found an explicit critical response towards stealing codes of Culture. However, my defence couldn’t come in more strength form by reminding how my house used to be filled with English Speaking golden pieces of Literature, from Dickens, one of the ancients; without forgetting Sir Conan Doyle‘s most famous characters like Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson; Dumas, two French writers, who possessed an interest vision about relationships in the romantic and fraternal scenario; The King Arthur next to Guinevere,  and the mythology from the England lands. The modernity throughout Margaret Mitchell, Ernest Hemingway, John Grisham, Jules Verne, even how the Lambs were an important element in the Australian culture throughout the descriptions narrated by the writer Colleen McCullogh in her book The Thorn Birds. At the same time, Masters of Literature in Spanish as Don Quijote written by Miguel Cervantes Saavedra, Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco and Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Love in Cholera Time) were there close to my fingertips each afternoon.

I cannot deny I grew up listening about the mother and aunts of my grandmother speaking in English in her hometown in a small town in the North of the Andean Mountains so, I had never felt this side of my backgrounds far from my identity as neither I found my mother’s ancestry located in the Coast of America (the Continent) far from my identity, which is mainly structured under the definition of syncretism between Spanish culture and local ancient groups. I love growing up in the middle of these different worlds and in multiple ways the richness from both sides let me have a more creative way of thinking in different areas of my life, and in some sort of Slytherin’ strategy let me survive in the things I love the most like my loved grandmother and family, as well as, their traditions.

The decision of exploring this topic is the usual critical perception of one predominantly Culture over another. However, even the most ancient Cultures formed throughout the conquering one tribe or group against their will had a resemblance of how societies become stronger using syncretism as a secret to transform themselves through time. Sometimes, for stronger prejudices we find hardships to remind this kind of concepts and we try to forget the purpose of support different ways of thinking. Under these circumstances, social groups used to focus their attention in hating how the others choose to work or plan. Instead of learning from both sides. It is common to find scenarios like this in different Political, where the Politicians used Culture and Heritage like arms to win votes avoiding expose better arguments to determine a realistic measures about good or bad decisions during their Political terms.

The problem is people believe in them without contrasting facts and seeing over the Campaigns strategies their smart teams creators supported. In some cases, having lack of interest in Politics caused this kind of Speech or propaganda disseminate negative messages against particular groups, creating chaos, increasing the number of hate crimes, diminishing internal security, among other effects as discriminative behaviour against minorities, which probably had previously faced enough troubles to have a safe and healthy life. Although it is comprehensible that Government took measures to protect themselves from external threats in any level they could, it is also relevant to create a fair and trustworthy system to plan and get ahead with the proper decisions to protect the life and well-being of their citizens without recurring to racial persecution or discrimination.

For safety reasons

Under particular circumstances, it is reasonable to choose alternatives to increase the security as banning some groups for a determine period of time, but promote alienation for particular groups and communities, it is not only a remarkable ignorant behaviour, it will only diminish the Internal security of citizens, who could start to believe they would have the safety they need by harassing, hitting, discriminating, ignoring or insulting people, who looked different physically, culturally or mentally. And it is a reality, which affected communities in different Continents, not only in Australia, US, Europe or South America.

Under these circumstances, it is difficult to ignore the value of Leaders inside communities or in positions of Power, in big or small-scale, whom promote a secure environment for local residents and visitors, who would spend long time or short time in the place. Walking down any street shouldn’t feel like a terrifying experience for anybody and in that sense, it is responsibility of everyone to share, recognise differences and even, if they are not celebrated, tolerance and respect are relevant elements to keep a community living in a safe environment.

For economic reasons

When people feel fear of being themselves or sharing who they are, it is more common their abilities, talents or skills got wasted in activities, which wouldn’t necessarily exposed their better attributes as workers.

Feeling fear, also, could provoke anxiety, stress and nervousness. These are not the characteristics any employer want in their collaborators because it will diminish the productivity from the people under any manager’s control. Feeling accepted, respected and supported by any community works not only for individuals but for all the people involved in the creation, manufacture or development of products, projects, ideas, brands, apps or any business you can figure out with your imagination.

Sharing values from different groups and support the creation inspired by their different Cultural backgrounds wouldn’t only provide the opportunity to support diversity and follow what a variety of countries’ Legislation tend to advertise under the rules of the free market, advertise because it is not truth, big corporations tend to use their power to attack good ideas, only because they were not the first ones to develop them. Also innovation could offer new visions, under a wide number of participants from different backgrounds, about how to tackle difficult and harsh social issues, which had affected our communities even before the Industrial era.

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