This was the first time for Sydney to have a Sextech hackathon Sydney 2018. Personally, the older I got it is possible to have a  better understanding of what I want to do in this kind of space because everything I should think about comes to my mind faster thanks to collaboration.

During this encounter with professionals in different fields we found a variety of topics. From how to improve the sexual life of people with disabilities? To find creative ways to increase the knowledge in young people about sexual health, pleasure and good relationships. Particularly, the last one because today sexual diseases are not the only risk for younger generations, getting inside a violent or aggressive relation with a romantic partner, or not being able to communicate properly what is going wrong in your relation? had become more common than ever, even in younger couples.


Plus: Every professional has a different background. Doctors were thinking about health, Sex experts about communication and pleasure inside the couples; journalists increasing control, censorship and adjust what people want to see online; sellers were trying to commercialize toys and other products in efficient ways. Finally, we learned from everyone.

The Challenge: Finding the perfect team was the hardest part because it is normal that each one follow a group to make their goal a reality, this approach let me working by myself. Even though, I like it because I must use all my creativity and imagination to solve one of the issues I was concerned about.

Kudos: Congratulations to the winner team. They decided to work in creating a platform, which let people interchange brain stimuli, as part of their plan to create a solution with Virtual Reality for people with disabilities, who want and need to enjoy a complete sexual life.

The highest note: in the event was listening the story of different people working in this industry. That is where I could find richness because they are the ones who listened all the time what users, customers, patients and people are saying about their sexual lives each day? And that is the most valuable part of this experience. You put together people with works not related at all in the regular week. However, during three days they can share their thoughts, skills, and original thinking to bring new solutions to the most common issues in a particular field.

If you want to have a taste of our future product, discover more here

Are you tired of watching unsolicited dick pic?
Do you want to know people online in a safe environment?
Do you want to date woman, who are attracted by your personality and intelligence rather than your wallet?
Do you like the idea of playing a game online for getting a date with your match?
Have you been able to test your knowledgeable brain and skills about your sexuality to satisfy your partner?

If you had answered yes to more than three questions, we have an interesting offer for you.

Love & consent

Level up your romantic life.

Welcome to Play for a DATE!





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