Review: Don’t judge a girl by her cover

The choice was not difficult I had already seen multiple times the film based in the book The sisterhood of the traveling pants, and even when I had been traveling the last four years without any kind of normal good-bye from my friends…The truth is our situation was more like a battlefield before our pathways took different directions so, it was not the best alternative at that moment.

Finding Don’t judge a girl by her cover by Ally Carter following the collection Gallagher Girls called my attention. A high school for super-spies sounds quite extreme but that is what makes the story of young girls getting ready to become high trained security professionals in something interesting.

The first pages introduced you the main characters Cameron “Camie” Miss Morgan/ Chameleon. She spoke 14 languages and she got the ability to hide and play her part in different situations and environments without being excessively noticed, which is one of the most important characteristics for becoming a successful spy. She had lived in Washington with her mother, and after her father lose her life in the field, her mother decided to accept the role of headmistress in the Gallagher Academy for exceptional young woman.

As the main character, Miss Morgan/ aka Camie told the story of the main cover of her school for talented girls, who dreamed to become members of high secret services in different countries like the United States or United Kingdom. The characters are well-defined, the story let you with an excessive amount of doubts rather than getting some certainties. I hadn’t finished the collection but I gave a high score for the description of violent scenes and kidnappers’ system for attacking a target.

The main topic in this book is how Camie and her school do everything to protect the life of her roommate at the school, Macey McHenry, only daughter of a Vice-Presidency candidate running for the office competing during the elections time in the United States, who was victim in a first attack inside her school of Political extremists, and save by her classmate Cameron.

The more you read, this simple fact started to change more and more until you found what is the real target? In my personal opinion, the most interesting fact about the book is how the training to become a professional in Security is firmly attached to use your brain all the time and let your feelings out of the game. And that is what the character tried to teach you. For older people and younger readers, the attraction on a value like loyalty, which nowadays is not so easy to find not even in your friends; and the main element in the interactions of this group is undoubtedly, one of the more likeable things on the reading. Perhaps, that is why do you still find people interested to be part of Military groups, Police, Firemen because putting your life in the hands of somebody else, it is undoubtedly, the highest risk any man or woman could take.

Love interests are part of Cameron’s life too. Zach is the target of her heart, and even when she tried to be rational about him. Each encounter let her most confused than usual, she is good in tactics of defense but controlling herself and her feelings towards him looked like a harder work, especially, when he looks like a student, who shares most things in common than she expected. Their encounters are sexy, full of mystery and they never had the time to share them without something unexpected and dangerous happened.

I recommended the book for the description of kidnapping scenes, they will give you a close approach of how you feel it in this scenario, and not once but twice. Personally, I always had to stop multiple times during the second one because they reminded of a personal bad experience in South America, where I was kidnapped for 20 minutes by three guys and Cameron’s description is utterly connected to reality: You are angry, you fight, you felt tired but you keep pushing, punching, getting bashed and physically hurt, moving, screaming, crawling, pushing towards the car’s door, calling the attention of people to see you are in danger and running to get free. And all the time you feel fear that someone decide to use the gun to stop your actions but you wouldn’t let them to get you alive.

If you want to know more about the training of secret service agents, you love to watch Political thrillers, you like to know more about elections and campaigns, or learning how could you educate a high-trained professional since high school, the Gallagher Girls collection will made your weekend quite special.

The Essentials of being a Chameleon

By Cameron Ann Morgan

  1. It is very important, at all times, to look like you belong.
  2. When #1 is difficult, try pointing to imaginary people and walking purposefully and walking purposefully toward no one.
  3. Stillness. Stillness is key (except when you’re doing #2) because people see motion more easily that they see things. So when in doubt, freeze.
  4. It totally helps if you aren’t all that special looking (in either really good or really bad ways).
  5. Acquaint yourself with your surroundings. ASAP.
  6. Dress in a way that isn’t flashy, fashionably, ugly or obscene.
  7. Hiding is for amateurs.

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