About teachers being taught to spot potential transgender student

I read a few weeks ago how the percentage of students in Australia suffering of gender dysphoria has increased dramatically in the last five years. The statistics showed a 200% rise in kids as young as six changing sex. And I respect that parents now are well-educated and understand how the psychology of the kids work but sometimes, we can support things, which are not really good for the kids in the long term.

Sometimes as a kid it is just you like things that your parents could say “That is more for a boy”, which is a mistake. As I grow up I remember that I love robots, cars, roads, getting in the mini versions of any car, motorcycle and drive. Sometimes, I listened “That is not for a girl”, and that is how sometimes, kids and adults got confused because there is still prejudices over children’s interests rather than a real divergence about sexuality in children’s mind. It is not like you want to become a boy or a girl, it is more like you like things boys are more used to practice, play or do, but you are still interested in other things.

What confused you is listening the prejudice from adults saying ‘that is not up to you’. You should be more in this way, ‘more feminine’, ‘more masculine’ in the case of the boys. Perhaps, it is more about adults finally start learning also how to discern when someone wants to change their sex and what is the meaning behind being interested in topics or themes, which our old construction of gender provides with the classical view of masculine’ s or feminine’s interests. For example, being a woman doesn’t imply you are less feminine for liking topics, which used to be seen as topics created for and by men.

I read the article printed in The Daily Telegraph and while I supported that NSW and any educational supported students, who have a profound desire of changing their sexes and avoid being mistreated or insulted or suffering bullying for that reason. I also believe and supported the medical vision from Professor John Whitehall that nobody should change their sex until they are mature enough to take so important decision. After all, you couldn’t go backwards in that sense.

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