How to land a job in the tech industry?

william-iven-8515A few weeks ago I attended an event in General Assembly, where you will meet professionals working in an interesting firms like Microsoft or another companies in the Tech industry. General Assembly organised an interesting approach about the regular questions some Web developers, designers, project managers, marketing strategists had about how to land a job in this particular industries.

Sometimes, some people can grow up thinking that you need to become a notable Astrophysicist to get a job in a company like However, they assure us that it is not the main thing behind this. Of course, having great grades wouldn’t hurt your application they explained how the industry has changed their philosophy for hiring people. Now, they are searching for people who can learn and re-learn faster than ever.

The old style of searching for a professional who was an expert in a specific area is something from the past because technology changed really fast so they required people who don’t transform technology, process or programming language in a religion or dogma. They want people who got plasticity in their way of thinking to adjust faster to new changes around them.


So what is so difficult then?

One of the participants explained that the most important thing is understanding the differences. It is not the same aspiring a position in a structured company like Microsoft or Apple than getting a job in a start-up. 

Sometimes the start-up environment can feel like Heaven but it is not really so good when there is a linear hierarchy where everyone can do most of the things they want without following or respecting internal rules. When the Politics inside the biggest corporations are a key element to keep your job or lose it, if you don’t know very well how to manage it?

This was probably the most interesting part of the discussion because most of the time understanding the environment of your company gives you a better understanding of the industry.

About the tests to get a job in companies dedicated to software, offer services online, security, advertisement, social media, among other similar activities, the situation can be easy if you got a good background in a particular area. For example,  Tanguy Fournier Le Ray, who worked as Regional managing director & Co-Founder @Palo IT for Australia & Singapore. He was specific about how he had previously experienced as a sales manager in England for a water company, so even when he should face the process of learning new elements in his career after finishing the University, he got a good understanding about a particular field, which is required in the Tech industry.

Meanwhile, the experience for Alec Smith has been quite different…

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