New Tesla Model Y

No matter what Elon Musk showed in each presentation, there is always a controversial effect on his products. Undoubtedly, obsessive as Steve Jobs was in his time as CEO of Apple. Tesla Motors and Space X had also a CEO, who got the same amount of attention from the public opinion as his products. Being another Enfant terrible is always increasing a little bit the turbulance in the market share for Tesla when he is going to appear in radio, television or Internet as well as going against the America First’ statement from President Donald Trump for manufacturing in China his products. A first time for new ventures overseas.


Musk is one of the few CEO who acted like a Rock Star. And definitely it is part of his charm and his brand. The new model TESLA Y complete the word “Sexy” next to the previous model, and it was not a mistake. It is completely intentional.

That speaks aloud about the personality of his CEO and the branding of this company. The new promise is a cheaper option for younger professionals, who won’t invest all their savings in an expensive car. Personally, I think this approach took excessive time but undoubtedly, for people interested in diminish their ecological print this would be still an expensive but valuable product to use daily.


The purpose of electric cars is diminishing the pollution caused by our perpetual use of fossil fuels. A common behaviour for decades since the first cars were manufactured by Ford. In that sense, model Y will attract environmental conscious costumers with more economic budgets, who want something affordable without losing the sense of buying a luxury item from a well positioned brand.

If you are attracted to buy one of this “comfortable” vehicles you can get yours with a refundable payment of US$2,500 online. The company has promised an affordable model 3 for US$35,000. Making a production of cars affordable for people with medium or low income.

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