AWS Global Summit: Sydney

The event went slowly in its first day. There was information about almost everything from the faster algorithm to find the best alternatives online when you are trying to find the best pair of boots until the right way to approach your customers in an interesting conference.

This was one of the main topics I want to seek since it has been the main characteristic of Amazon’ success. Putting their clients needs first. It was an interesting approach. It was a little bit a practical class to put in view the most important goal for any business: Understand your clients needs because it is a good path to be successful.

There were simple four tips for Working backwards from the Customer. The first question you must ask always are:

  1. Who is the customer?
  2. What is the customer problem or opportunity?
  3. What is the most important customer benefit?
  4. How do you know what customers need or want?
  5. What does the customer experience look like?

After we explore three customer’s problems. The session display was focused in generating ideas after we determined what was the real problem for the customer and believe it or not it was not easy. People often used to offer solutions before understanding what is the clients problem.

Finally, we develop a press release introduction with the most important customer benefit in mind when you elaborate the next three elements in your press release:


Customer quote: What your customer will express when they try your solution.

Idea Summary: A few sentences to describe what you are offering.

Headline: Short, compelling description.

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