Charlize and Seth: an unbelievable right chemistry

The problem is I can believe Charlize could be Seth’s nanny. And that was the best thing behind the romance. It is true, the people who knows you the best is the people who grow up with you because they had seen your real sense of right and wrong before the world could buy you or anybody can modify your perception of right and wrong.

The movie can be naive in that sense but that is what love is supposed to be: the goodness and the kindness in a person beyond all the mascaras, layers, and political purposes a politician or a common citizen could have. If people like this movie is for that reason: Try to rescue old fashioned values, in a world more complex that such a simple concept. For example: how things like social media has corrupted everyone (I cannot spoil the movie for you). Winning any battle but being who you are since the beginning until the end, that is one of the hardest part of living.

Of course, being a beautiful, elegant, chic woman in Politics looks so easy on Madame Theron, who would probably win if she decides to run for Secretary of State in America. Seth Rogen has a good development of his character and his acting is likeable. And I watched more movies from Mr.Rogen than anybody can imagine. The writers of the story had followed some cliches in the Political sphere of their drama like the old billionaire owner of media companies making Rogen and Theron’s lives miserable each time he appeared on scene.

A great comedy with an interesting approach to Politics. Particularly, when the things are not as they looked. It is provocative in the sense of a Journalist, who is quite lost about his personal relationships like ignoring his best friend is a Republican and also a GOP supporter. That is what makes the movie funny, the hidden side of Politics, where sometimes we cannot distinguish what is true behind the curtains of image and Public Relations. At least, the actors in this movie opened their mouth and called the things by their name.

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