The unfair price women will keep paying for having professional aspirations

It was shocking and a sad experience reading about how the Australian Government decided to ignore the genocide of women’s brains and skills in the workplace this week. I am not the only one perplexed, worried, and disappointed for women’s mental and physical health in the present and future. But, unfortunately, Australian politicians followed a decision-making process with such a deaf ear to women’s needs after they voted dubiously for less than half of the recommendations to stop workplace sexual harassment in the workplace.

Australian political representatives lost the opportunity to change unfair legal paradigms to offer women the same fair go men have in the workplace. Their decision was against the values promoted by Australian Identity. Something challenging to understand and impossible to accept, especially when you are a woman who had witnessed and being affected by these errors in the legislation.

Scott Morrison‘s Government had affected women’s future safety and well-being in the workplace, perhaps because it is hard to acknowledge and accept mistakes like Brittany Higgins. It is despairing that the Parliament House rape case’ shame made the Federal Government tried to protect itself in this votation. A decision clearly showed a blind desire to deny how ingrained, rooted and shadowy female abuse is considered a habit in Australian society.

When I used the word unfair, I am not the obnoxious old feminist that I often heard people complain of or accuse me of being but a rational citizen who knows that I and the rest of the Australian females living in Australia pay taxes. Consequently, it is devastating that not even being a productive member of society means anything for the Politicians working in the Federal Government, who are paid monthly by the taxes women paid -51.8% of all people employed in 2019 were women-. Is it possible we call this a representative democracy?

I am sure that the people who vote did not represent Australian females’ concern and desire to have the opportunity to work without thinking that she could be a victim of sexual violence. 

The Federal Government must approve laws to ban workplace sexual harassment. Also, establish requirements for employers to try to stop sexual harassment in the workplace. Furthermore, protecting victims of sexual harassment against massive legal bills for taking actions against perpetrators and the fair work system to be reviewed to establish that sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited.

Working towards a goal 

Talking about the National Women’s Safety Summit efforts to protect women and children from domestic violence and abuse, it would be important that everyone work together, not separating the workplace from the households.

After all, those breadwinner men are the same who returns home after working 9 to 5. It is interesting how everyone is blind to the habitual thinking that men are the household’s breadwinners. All the construction of masculinity archetypes attached to a man comes from biological, psychological and sociological structures developed through centuries. 

Females are not against the positive aspects of this role but the negatives ones. Suppose you consider that the Australian Federal Government had voted to keep supporting sexual harassment in the workplace. In that case, it goes against protecting females living in households raising children when you keep reinforcing the beliefs that abuse of women in the workplace is expected. How will male workers make a psychological divide that there are plenty of opportunities to exercise violence against women in the workplace and then go home and be a caring, protective non-violent partners to his family?

I am convinced that I am not the only one appreciating this irrational way of judgement in Federal politicians after this decision. Consequently, I think Australian politicians, society, and the National Women’s safety summit took this discussion further and promoted a political fight to establish safe spaces and more legal regulations against harassment for women inside and outside their houses. 

We should stop promoting this confusing Dr Jekyll, and Mr Hide male portrait that we had been enduring and supporting through centuries. Men also deserve better than that. Besides, women should not only feel safe because they have a ring on their hand and a husband but because they are citizens, who worked, live, take care of children, contribute and pay taxes, too. We belong, and we are part of half of the Australian population. It is irritating to receive unfair treatment from the Australian Government. We are invisible targets in a political system, trying to protect dubiously sexual harassment in the Constitution and legal bodies. At the same time, it plays a democratic facade through discourse and social gatherings.

We need fundamental changes made by the Parliament and in the Law. We need less showbiz and more real representative democratic change.

Written by Rossana Naveda.

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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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