Love in times of Covid19

In the loneliness of the worst pandemic, the world had seen since the last Spanish Flu in the XX century. We had seen that no matter how well prepared we think we are, we would always faced dramatic surprises. The United States has been training since George Bush Jr.’s presidency. However, America was not able to achieve control the disease’s effects promptly. Meanwhile, Australia has been successful in the middle of the chaos surrounding the world. The low number of deaths is impressive compared to other countries in Asia, Europe or America.

Undoubtedly, the discussion towards the vaccine has become full of rage, protests and disagreements between authorities and citizens. I think we will be gd to return to the new normal collaboratively. Will it be possible to construct a less enraged environment where vaccinated and unvaccinated humans share in peace? History has shown how hard it to overcome cultural beliefs is. I understand citizens who suffered health issues or concerns about taking the shot.

The Government must implement strict control about social gatherings between those who received vaccines and those who will not. At this moment, there are still challenges to convince part of the population about how to fears, strong political beliefs about personal agency towards choosing the best alternatives for your health rather than following the recommendations of the Government.

Individualism vs Community safety

I believe this is the chore of discussion between the Government and protesters against a total vaccination of citizens. It is not necessarily that these groups are wrong. Their decisions are motivated by different interests and purposes.

The Government is concerned about keeping a safer space for all groups in society. From primary school students to managers. Furthermore, thinking about the ability of hospitals to manage a high number of people sick with Covid19. Although, it looks like a dictatorial ruling exercising pressure to convince people to get the vaccine. The reality is the main goal is looking to diminish the number of deaths and an overcrowded, non-functional health system.

Meanwhile, patients with complex diseases must have a wider pool of alternatives because they could die due to the cloth in their bloodstream. Undoubtedly, forcing them to take the vaccine to protect them from diseases could be a criminal offence if you think about the right people must have to protect themselves from dying. It would be in some cases a personal decision.

And even when it is harder to understand how taking care of your health could sound ridiculous for others or a selfish attitude. The truth is your mental and physical health is the most valuable element you have to acquire and keep everything else. Without them, you would not be able to take care of yourself, your family, your daily activities, and your relationships. Perhaps, Governments must consider the needs of people having reasonable and logical fears of getting the vaccine against Covid19.

The community should care about the health and risk of those who can face a real and significant risk of dying due to having an adverse response to the jab. On the other hand, it is more difficult to convince people of getting inoculated when they are against the vaccine due to a preference for natural medicine. I believe citizens have the right to protest, but individuals must follow the restrictions and enjoy limited access to public spaces. After all, the choice of not being vaccinated is dangerous for others.

I found multiple companies, community members, and marketing campaigns are trying to reinforce values like kindness, love, compassion and care. The principal purpose is to alleviate the stress from this period of the pandemic, which had caused a change in the life of people around the world with unemployment, sicknesses, educating children at home. Our home can be a comfortable place, but the lack of human interactions can be stressful, well warm and kind human interactions.

How is loving in Covid 19 times?

First, infra-familial violence had increased due to the pandemic. Under circumstances of staying at home longer hours than commute to the office and being able to be in a safe space had increased the vulnerability of women and men in some cases to be at risk of suffering domestic violence. The promotion of values like compassion, kindness and safety should increase. Especially, to improve the mental health of kids, who should spend more time with their parents indoors rather than going to school or enjoying activities in the outdoors.

For romantic love, it had not been either a wonderful period. A lot of people had faced divorce, separation and economic issues. However, other couples had remained stronger in the middle of hardship and challenging circumstances. Undoubtedly, the most complicated part is feeling safe in a period, where everything felt overwhelming, unexpected, riskier, out of control. It is not really that people cannot face these problems. It is more the difficulties to surpass previous inconvenient experiences and handle to manage the repercussions from them while you must face an extraordinary amount of change in your routines and expectations of normalcy.

I think the most important lessons I had learned during this period:

First, you always must check for your safety. If you do not do it, nobody else will necessarily think about it. You only have one mother and one father. Sometimes, you could find a great stepfather or stepmother but beyond that, the majority of people can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances. And Covid19 had been an excellent example of it, for some households. In Australia, the relative imposed self-isolation had offered less complex environments except for Victoria but it is impossible to control the changing weather you experience regularly in that State.

Second, it is always a great time to be healthy. I remembered during Zombieland the main character’s advice towards training Cardio. It sounded funny and tragic but the reality is the healthier you are if you do not have any pre-genetic condition, which makes you more vulnerable to die of pulmonary failure due to the Covid19 virus, your possibilities of surviving are higher. However, you could even find people with excellent healthy lives losing their lives due to this disease. Anyway, good physical health will make you less susceptible to dying from secondary health complications.

Third, you always must request support for your mental health. No matter how educated, strong, successful, powerful, wild, beautiful, intelligent or smart you are. You need mental health support when you face critical experiences like seeing people you love dying. When you lose your job. When your marriage is broken. When your partner leaves you. When you are sick. When you are facing complex and dramatic situations that are severely affecting your regular habits, you must look for help. Just do it. Call for help and assistance. Lifeline 131114.

Fourth, falling in love does not get easier with age. The only thing you learned is to navigate the love currents with more respect for yourself and others. And you are more clear about what you want and expect, rather than tolerating things you were not trained to discern as disrespect in the school or in your house, while you were growing up. Also, you learned that Legislation is very different from country to country. Things that happened to me in the past could have been punished in a different jurisdiction. Also, respect for Law is something that sadly not everyone takes seriously or follow as we should.

Five, dating in the digital age had a decline in quality most of the time. I do not know about you, but I had more fun going to the cinema in my infancy than some dates I had to have in modern times. While I am trying to be straightforward, the question is: are we losing the savoir-faire of life? Some dates felt a little bit mechanical due to using dating apps. This new process means it is harder to find a spark or an emotional connection. I think that is the reason why I could fall in love deeply and harder in unplanned and unexpected encounters rather than I have found through excess of written messages on any dating platform!

Six, your friendships and personal relations require extreme measures to put you in a healthy position when you need police intervention. One of the most relevant things I had learned during this period even when everyone sees things or only express: “It is sad”. It is, sometimes, you must apply extreme measures to feel safe. Mainly when some people create dangerous situations for you without giving a second thought about it. If you are in danger, feeling unsafe or needing a neutral person to mediate, call the police and authorities. Sometimes, we think people will behave like us, but it is not a realistic appreciation of the world. Sometimes, friends and even family could create a dangerous environment.

In case of being in a dangerous situation, call 000.

Written by Rossana Naveda.

A lover of chocolate chips biscuits/cookies, sunbathing, watching movies, swimming, and writing. Not really good at cleaning 🙂 I could organise.

In case of emergency, call 000 in Australia or the number of safety services in your community.

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Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist. Like walking, talking and swimming.

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