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Rossana Naveda

Journalist. Student of Global Media Communication. Interested in Politics, Economy, Social Media, Technology. Feminist.

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About me

As a skilled and determined journalist, it is my objective to obtain a full-time position that will build my expertise to further advance my career. I am hardworking, passionate about working in government, private practice, media, marketing,content creation,  meticulous in paperwork, and confident that I can achieve any goal set before me.


  • Expert in content creation for magazines, journals and websites.
  • I had already worked as journalist for more than three companies in South America, between them are Editores Nacionales S.A., Televisa Vanipubli S.A., Graficos Nacionales S.A.
  • • Expert writer for female audience on all kind of media channel.
  • For marketing and advertising positions: Good understanding and ability to build, determine or create target groups, focus groups, audience for websites  and Persona in UX.
  • Great planning skills to create, develop and support projects.
  • Successful management of social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Survey Monkey, Google Adwords and Mail chimp
  • Strong skills to determine the best strategies to achieve the purpose of any organisation, in the public or the private sphere.
  • An intense interest in photography, as well as, learning more about Cultural landscapes and the Historical analysis of events because it is an important element to determine the Socio-economic sphere.
  • Expert to frame stories for different channels: Photography, Video, Printed media, online, among others.
  • I love to travel and learn from different cultures, as well as, learning about the meaning behind their cultural symbols.
  • Proficient in WordPress, Survey Monkey, Microsoft Office MS Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Online and Traditional Research/Academic Research, Social Media, Photography, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Adobe, Tableau.
  • Fluently speaker of Spanish, English and French


University of Melbourne

Master of Global Communication
Core Subjects in three semesters:
Audio visual, Editing and Writing for digital media; Global Media Theory; Writing for Media; Civil Society, NGO’s and Government; Censorship: Film, Art and Media; Global Crisis Reporting, Media Writing: Rhetoric and Practice, Public Relations, Politics of Network Economy and Cultural Policy; Writing for media; Cultural Policy and Power.


University Laica Vicente Rocafuerte

BA in Journalism


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