Review: Don’t judge a girl by her cover

The choice was not difficult I had already seen multiple times the film based in the book The sisterhood of the traveling pants, and even when I had been traveling the last four years without any kind of normal good-bye from my friends…The truth is our situation was more like a battlefield before our pathways took different directions so, it was not the best alternative at that moment.

Finding Don’t judge a girl by her cover by Ally Carter following the collection Gallagher Girls called my attention. A high school for super-spies sounds quite extreme but that is what makes the story of young girls getting ready to become high trained security professionals in something interesting.

The first pages introduced you the main characters Cameron “Camie” Miss Morgan/ Chameleon. She spoke 14 languages and she got the ability to hide and play her part in different situations and environments without being excessively noticed, which is one of the most important characteristics for becoming a successful spy. She had lived in Washington with her mother, and after her father lose her life in the field, her mother decided to accept the role of headmistress in the Gallagher Academy for exceptional young woman.

As the main character, Miss Morgan/ aka Camie told the story of the main cover of her school for talented girls, who dreamed to become members of high secret services in different countries like the United States or United Kingdom. The characters are well-defined, the story let you with an excessive amount of doubts rather than getting some certainties. I hadn’t finished the collection but I gave a high score for the description of violent scenes and kidnappers’ system for attacking a target.

The main topic in this book is how Camie and her school do everything to protect the life of her roommate at the school, Macey McHenry, only daughter of a Vice-Presidency candidate running for the office competing during the elections time in the United States, who was victim in a first attack inside her school of Political extremists, and save by her classmate Cameron.

The more you read, this simple fact started to change more and more until you found what is the real target? In my personal opinion, the most interesting fact about the book is how the training to become a professional in Security is firmly attached to use your brain all the time and let your feelings out of the game. And that is what the character tried to teach you. For older people and younger readers, the attraction on a value like loyalty, which nowadays is not so easy to find not even in your friends; and the main element in the interactions of this group is undoubtedly, one of the more likeable things on the reading. Perhaps, that is why do you still find people interested to be part of Military groups, Police, Firemen because putting your life in the hands of somebody else, it is undoubtedly, the highest risk any man or woman could take.

Love interests are part of Cameron’s life too. Zach is the target of her heart, and even when she tried to be rational about him. Each encounter let her most confused than usual, she is good in tactics of defense but controlling herself and her feelings towards him looked like a harder work, especially, when he looks like a student, who shares most things in common than she expected. Their encounters are sexy, full of mystery and they never had the time to share them without something unexpected and dangerous happened.

I recommended the book for the description of kidnapping scenes, they will give you a close approach of how you feel it in this scenario, and not once but twice. Personally, I always had to stop multiple times during the second one because they reminded of a personal bad experience in South America, where I was kidnapped for 20 minutes by three guys and Cameron’s description is utterly connected to reality: You are angry, you fight, you felt tired but you keep pushing, punching, getting bashed and physically hurt, moving, screaming, crawling, pushing towards the car’s door, calling the attention of people to see you are in danger and running to get free. And all the time you feel fear that someone decide to use the gun to stop your actions but you wouldn’t let them to get you alive.

If you want to know more about the training of secret service agents, you love to watch Political thrillers, you like to know more about elections and campaigns, or learning how could you educate a high-trained professional since high school, the Gallagher Girls collection will made your weekend quite special.

The Essentials of being a Chameleon

By Cameron Ann Morgan

  1. It is very important, at all times, to look like you belong.
  2. When #1 is difficult, try pointing to imaginary people and walking purposefully and walking purposefully toward no one.
  3. Stillness. Stillness is key (except when you’re doing #2) because people see motion more easily that they see things. So when in doubt, freeze.
  4. It totally helps if you aren’t all that special looking (in either really good or really bad ways).
  5. Acquaint yourself with your surroundings. ASAP.
  6. Dress in a way that isn’t flashy, fashionably, ugly or obscene.
  7. Hiding is for amateurs.

What is behind all the noise of Russian presence as a risk in Western democracies?

If we consider the facts. Only a blind man wouldn’t assume that the Cold War never dies. Even if Gregory Logvinov, Russian ambassador in Canberra, tried to accuse Churchill of being the mastermind behind the Cold War’s origin, the truth is they did because decoding the message from German Army was the way of winning the II World War. The analysis is simple they keep the style to be on time for taking actions before a Third one started, as well as, all the participants in the previous conflict.


And that is exactly what happened during Joseph McCarthy’s mandate. After what happened in the Second World War, everybody started to feel scared of extreme Political positions in the United States coming from another country so, at that time Media faced similar struggles about the external influence of Communist propaganda, a different  kind of Government fighting for supremacy in the global scenario in the other side of the Atlantic. This situation inspired multiple authors so, when you go to watch Fahrenheit 451, you should consider this example of how persecution can be also a mistake.

We couldn’t forget how Hitler’s media team did using the right strategy of propaganda to convince people of doing or support his plan to conquer Europe. I know, I know it sounds like old news but when you analyse what happened in Facebook and the fake news you saw how similar is the influence of messages in the conscious and unconscious mindset of readers, viewers, prosummers and customers. Denying the fact that the wrong use of media to transmit information and the power within of changing people’s choices is a mistake because History has proved, once and again, how relevant is.

The risk of Russia or any other Government with enough power to intervene in the Political Scenario of any country is real. The measures against Russian diplomats didn’t wait so far. Especially, after the killing of double agent, Sergei Skripal,however, the choices of punishing Russia has been more a soft public measure to condemn multiple actions against international security made by this Government.


Meanwhile, security specialists express that tech companies from foreign countries still had the infrastructure and Power to do similar actions in the future. In that sense, some American companies had solicited to avoid any kind of petition from the Government to execute similar actions, the truth is not all the enterprises are interested in this kind of accord and in countries like China or Europe, there hadn’t been any similar response in the private sphere. Only the European Parliament had expressed the interest of increasing control over digital media, however, when the infraestructure to communicate is attached to Russian Government influence, it is quite hard to determine how successful they will be in the future to achieve their goals.


What can any user do?

Could Politicians solve the Post-truth era issues, or are we keep blaming Facebook for everything?

After all the Political process, scandals, meetings, press conference, after Donald Trump won the American Election, everybody had been to feel a huge concern about how media, particularly, digital media can and had already influenced the mind of thousands of citizens, whom are being exposed to messages out of the regular mainstream of big corporations like CNN, FOX News, ABC, CBS, among others.

The situation had provoked such a chaotic situation, even Mark Zuckerberg had expressed his concern about how could he establish a proper censorship to avoid the misinformation from Russian hackers or another sources got into the regular mainstream information provided in the News feed. The FBI got involved to investigate the multiple meetings between Trump’s family members and high ranked members in the Russian Government.

The conspiracy theorists had been enjoying a big amount of ideas about the possibility of Trump’s team having the support of Russian hackers uploading and exposing a of American audience to fake information and interfere in the mindset of American citizens before the elections. Given to the use of social media, tracking and reading news on any regular website a very harsh and dangerous perception for anybody who would end up being guided, as well as, the public opinion involved in this practice. Nowadays, it is possible more than 60% of the population only in America.

Nobody ignores the relevant goal of Governments to track, control, influence and transform the way they and we communicate information. However, the digital convergence of media has increased the possibilities for hackers, and “some actors” to use their knowledge to manipulate and affect in multiple forms what local or international audiences are watching and feeling. And Trump’s election is a good example of what kind of future we could expect, in case of ignoring or risking everything even democracy itself to save it from the convergence of technology and media.

Remember the first lesson in communication for convincing people is moving their feelings not their brains so, fear was a relevant aspect promoted in the last American election, especially, after the high number of Terrorist attacks in the International context, which was used wisely by Trump to win votes during his campaign. In this context how and why would professionals, experts, communication specialist, developers, scientists, Economic and Financial gurus to use something like fear for giving an alert about technology in the digital context? It is simple, it is the only way to make people put attention. A few weeks ago I read an article about how the German government was promoting awareness of some toys, which became really popular during the last December.

The message was clear: Parents should control the kind of security their children will have when they play with toys with high possibility of having connectivity to Internet. The reason was simple there was not security in whom would have access to the system, which implied anybody would be able to hack and learn from the information provided by their child. This is a good example of how fear works in some contexts. It provokes people pay attention., so CEO and co-founder, Patrick Collinson, should have tried to understand for someone well-informed in tech jargon everything will sound as a great opportunity but the majority of the population did not belong to this group. It is not necessarily impossible to change, if you analyse that has been part of developing human learning skills since our grandparents were children and they taught them common sense related to harmful elements around us.

Sometimes, the real risk of having this kind of situation is experts, investors, among others who are trying to diminish the risk implied in using digital technology, which is in the best consideration for CEO’s who had control over thousand of millions of bytes in sensitive information running through their platforms and getting archived in massive data centers. Risks are real for the prosummers as the example of how hackers were using Youtube for stealing  cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin accounts

Censorship in the Post-truth era

The question about who could solve it appear after I read an article with Teresa May, UK Prime Minister, whom was considering to start a war over fake news. Her project is creating a team or National Security Communication Unit “to tackling fake news and disinformation online.” Even when there is no such excessive detail about who, how and the budget required to complete the successful idea. Perhaps, giving more detailed information could be the first step to avoid misinformation or offering the opportunity to “some actors” of distorting the information provided but Official sources.

Meanwhile, in Australia the Government has chosen to endorse a hard legislation towards mainstream media and Journalists, whom in case of having documents for their research would face punishment, which only could provoke more misinformation. Also, diminishing the quality of journalists’ job when they are not able to use documents without authorization.

Censorship against journalists shouldn’t be the solution. The real position is reinforced the value of sources, which provide information with substance and veracity. If we attack this kind of source, how could we expect to increase the value and trust in media. Particularly, when in some countries is not trusted at all.

Different CEOs who manage different Media groups would reinforce similar measures as the ones taking by Zuckerberg, however, the question is how could we transform the Post-truth era in the deep sense of the word. It is not so difficult to see how the United States avoid to sign the Paris Climate Deal to  protect the environment and this week Paris was looking more like Venice rather than the regular urban area we are used to. How could we tackle that kind of contradictions about things we all noticed but we’d prefer to make like we hadn’t seen or noticed because we did not have enough energy to fight against it while it is happening in a different place.

More than ever, finding a common place can be difficult, however, the media crisis faced by different Western countries under the cyber attack of countries like Russia or China is making the Cold War in a more dangerous scenario, where you don’t need special agents traveling across the Ocean to commit an atrocity to manipulate people’s mind and perception, and also their votes. You only need the right guy sitting in a small office working with a laptop and Internet connectivity, enough creativity to alter the humour of the reader and you can even change the History of any country.

Perhaps, the possibility of offering what Journals in the past used to do…bring, at least, a complete story with all the sides of the people, organisations and details involved, as well as, the facts out of any version to contrast the truth from the noise, that would  let the reader assimilate under his own values a criteria, then an opinion. Yes, in the era of modern journalism, where everyone can act like one, it looks like it is more than necessary having a real good one.


Is the massive use of cryptocurrencies free from risk? Or are we invited to the biggest digital bubble doomsday?

Written by Rossana Naveda

A new way of investment had attracted multiple players in the Commercial, development and investment fields of Internet, who love to try the new formats, trends, and forma of lifestyle, where people share the same values in this community. However, sometimes, only sometimes, even when I am a believer to use and understand Darwinism as part of their mindset thinking all new technologies and products would and could make our life better and easier but we usually forgot to think in the negative consequences. I know I know Millennial generation is all about Love, positivism, a different approach to life but we couldn’t ignore that Technology, Science and they way we use it could have a negative side in some parts.

We can explain a little about the cryptocurrencies and how  we can use them to satisfy our need to pay less money to the regular Bank system. I love what Bjork is doing at the moment offering her new album to people who can pay in a different way than regular. A contact from Melbourne explained a little bit about the company he has been using to manage his money, which he is interested to offer his recommendations.

Benefits of cryptocurrencies 

In a whole room it is possible not everyone would have ever  use  a digital currency like Bitcoin. Explaining the process is not so easy but it is necessary to show you how transactions works, sometimes, the experts like Andreas Antonopoulos believe it is better to do it for learning rather than having a long talk fulfilled with multiple long words and jargon from any expert in Economics or IT, who can provide details about this mainstream topic as part of the blockchange technology, which is trying to change our concept of how using money with some aspects similar from the Historical use and approach to money until the modern Banking System, as well as, finding ways to develop a potential transformation which left behind all the vices from the system, for example, being able of controlling your own money everywhere you are without having the representation of any previous trustworthy entity like common National Banks, Local banks, or Stock exchange rules, however, it looks like the rules of the last institution still play an important role in the dynamic and conception of using money in a Cryptocurrency platform or other similar exercises in the digital landscape.

The only real threat is prosumers lost their faith in the system or any Government decide to end with this modern digital “Cayman Island”. The play looks amazing and entertaining but as we see it keeps growing, as well as, the experts, investors, promoters, geeky users, entrepreneurs, and interested individuals in applying their time, knowledge and money in this field, where they had been giving their faith and efforts for the next 5 to 10 years. Even brokers are now getting into advertise the benefits of promoting this kind of investment for a bigger audience. Now, almost everyone including myself want to know more but for what I discovered by now, the negative aspect is not having enough knowledge or expertise in IT, which made people don’t trust easily to use their money in an asset they cannot understand properly. And one advice from the most old school for investing money is “Don’t invest in something you don’t understand.”

Another issue is how this entropy is not going to finish broken. I don’t believe National Banks would be interested to see how their clients disappear massively, which implied at some point, no matter bitcoins had a limited production. The institutions are going to put pressure or they are going to ask for establishing a control over these currencies. If it doesn’t  happen with institutions, it will happen with prosumers after any kind of massive cyber attack because hackers are hackers and those bastards love to find a good challenge, especially, if you had money involved, which sooner or later would attract the attention of insurance service companies. Trust me the most we talk about the topic, the most is not going to be nerd money but a progressive different level of banking because nobody wants to lose their money.

Andreas Antonopoulos, an expert in bitcoin educated in IT, who explained how the topic of Bitcoin captured his attention, particularly, when he was discovering more and more how the users will play in the platform controlling their digital wallets and being able to transfer money to different parts of the world. However, he keeps consistency in his approach to one of the most relevant values of cryptocurrency, it should be a complete independent system from Government service, in his dialogue he expose clearly how he mentioned some countries where it wouldn’t be possible to apply the system for all the country without being a little bit panicked.

This is the best description he offered: “Bitcoin is not money, it is a system of currency, a platform of trust, it is not a company, not a product, not a service your sign up for. It is not a currency, currency it is just a first application, it is the concept of decentralization to the human communication of value.”

Money is an imaginary concept use since the ancient times. At the beginning with involved in an oral tradition, where salt, gold, nuts, stones,grains, were used as money. Money exists even before paper. Then we have precious medals, paper money, plastic money and finally, network money. He is right in almost everything but I still believe he is explaining his position from a prosumer, creator, and expert who loved scientific change over human behaviour. I do too but we all need to remember that banking and governments, sometimes, are not so open or lovers of change. And also, to establish this system as the new establishment we are going to need to educate highly specialized in IT prosumers, it could happen but I am not sure if it is going to be in the next five years, however, I want to get a wallet now. As concept is excellent, don’t get me wrong but historically we had seen a lot of things crashed from an exceptional and amazing beginning, which is not necessarily bad always but banking as business control and observe under the rules of the digital context wouldn’t work so adjust to normal expectations, I guess. Who didn’t remember Napster, did you?

In Australia 

I talked to Justin Bradley, who is an enthusiastic user of the platform CoinSpot, he mentioned another one named Coinbase here in Australia. For him the most important is learning a lot about the topic to have an effective control over your cryptocurrency especially, when you need to think of safety measures without all the process and infrastructure provide by a financial institution. In his opinion having absolute control over your money will make you spend more time understanding all the details and even information you wouldn’t imagined necessary in the regular banking system.

By doing research and educating yourself (you sound intelligent) Crypto currencies will be as safe as the person who controls it. If you want an account you only need to

  • Open a digital wallet like Coinbase, or Coinspot (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more.)
  • Link it to your bank account, so you can fund the purchase of crypto currencies.
  • Set up a separate bank account linked to the digital wallet for safety so that you don’t have large amounts in your bank account linked to crypto currency digital wallet. (For security reasons.)
  • Once you have a linked account, you can fund the digital wallet and then purchase Crypto through Coinspot.
Justin Bradley
Coinspot is based in Australia, easy to set up and I have used it.
My formal education is in accounting and marketing. I am a real estate agent in Melbourne specialising in Hawthorn, Camberwell, Canterbury, Kew area.

Constellation: Inspiring new ideas II

What about time and attention?

That was the most mundane topic everybody interested in this topic would use in the middle of this kind of environment. When you need to work in your website or another kind of industry and using twelve to twenty screens could make everything a complete and complicated mess. It is not enjoyable, pleasant, or interesting. Sometimes, you could have an intense desire to burn your computer with all the information and have a great holiday. Well, that sounds like Escapism but nobody is perfect, right?

Sometimes, you got  20 or 300 emails (in case you are Elon Musk), the rest of the mortals need to live under normal circumstances. However, even reading 20 could be a dramatic experience if you got more things to check or analyse during the morning as making or answering important phone calls. This is just one example of the things multiple companies using AI would try to improve with different software in the next five years. Undoubtedly, having an email tracker would make Musk’s mornings the most enjoyable experience, as well as, for the rest of managers working in any Continent.

Even when Github offered an interesting and organised way to execute your work in different platforms. Undoubtedly, solving other regular problems of attention in the digital industry, particularly, for designers and webmail developers will become a basic element for all industries, where employees dedicated to research, create, test products (particularly this part) demand time and high level of attention for perceiving the right values of satisfaction in the user and also, keeping track of the mistakes in the creation of the app, platform, videogames or VR products.

However, it will be pretty interesting seeing what is going to happen in the tech industry to diminish the regular effect of technology in prosummers because if companies are interested in making your life easier, living attached to devices which decreased and affected your attention should work as an inspiring element to create products which diminish this new and trendy problem. Becoming multitasking is causing more troubles. And it is not a simple or vain talk when we see how important is making visible signs of security for crossing the streets when users of mobile devices are so attached to them in the daily basis of our lives. This example provide a clear view of the dangers of extreme automatization. The improvement is great but we need to find or create alternatives to avoid losing particular elements from human behavior, which has been positive and important for our evolution.

Protecting a basic characteristic, which let us survive, like attention shouldn’t be ignored as part of our desire to improve human life here or in Mars.

Next article: Cryptocurrencies


The questions about Digital Humanities after the Terrorist Attack in France

After reading all type of framings for Paris Attacks last week from Political measures to confront ISIL to the most interesting approach for making citizens aware about Historical origins of an International threat provoked by different interests and actors interchanging different values or commercial control over this area even before the famous Crusades.

In this context, where citizens had been experiencing an amount of uncontrolled feelings towards everything around them, specially the information related for offering protection to refugees in different countries has raised as one of the most interesting and relevant questions about the humanitarian role of countries suffering this type of attacks, which even when somebody could remark the economic purpose behind it, I really believe that religious fanaticism is the real threat because it convinced a person to do this type of actions without thinking in someone else but their mission.

The only goal they possess as “makers of terror” is being committed to a religious belief in God’s plan, which let them be part of a highest plan. Perhaps, this is the type of analysis that new researchers should establish for welcoming refugees when they suspect that terrorists are trying to get inside any Western country using Muslim or War refugees as part of their plan to do harm in a different country. Also, it would be interesting to determine how the use of digital information from previous refugees will play an important role in this situation. Furthermore, it is not only about determining their roots but how their interactions with their families in original countries will evolve while they are living in a new country, and how the perception from new society will affect the psyche of refugees running away from conflict.

Sometimes the missing point is not the construction of identity from one place to another but the conflict between values of different societies and the influence in the refugees’ minds, especially, the youngest. Adults must perceive situations in different ways but those citizens who are building their comprehension of the world should not be stigmatized as possible threats but their interactions between different societies and values would have an important role in their comprehension of substance -as Spinoza explained-, or giving different meanings to the experiences they have in a new environment.

We cannot deny the force behind confronting messages from different cultural backgrounds. It would be possible to trace their information for being sure they had not previous interaction with people who are trying to destroy, damage or vandalism as we had seen in the “quartiers” and streets from Paris. The questions about the new risks from using technology as encryption to protect the action of terrorist in developed countries has been one of the worst signs of weakness in security system and undoubtedly, it is going to be one of the most important elements to avoid…

If you want to read the complete article send an e-mail to for giving you the details of payment.

Refugees seeing the darkest times.
Refugees seeing the darkest times.

No sunset after Paris attacks

I could not be more shocked after waking up last morning and seeing the terrorist attacks in Paris. It was overwhelming, particularly, when I was trying to figure out how a city, which represent a lot of culture and important values for humanity. Especially, in the sense of their philosophers interested in a different approach between classes after executing the most important people in Aristocracy in the times of the last infamous Louis XVI. Undoubtedly, a call against the excess from people in power. That representation of their character attracted more than once people from different countries, backgrounds and cultures. In my case, everything begun with The three musketeers, later different authors as Victor Hugo, Hemingway, Dickens, among others guided me in my youth years to discover more about that city. My feelings got confused when I was seeing on my screen more and more information of people running away or keeping captivated by a group of fanatics from ISIL. After all, I was planning a similar trip as one of the victims probably was doing at that time. I was choosing the places I had visited through pages, once and again, and suddenly those places were getting inside a malevolent plan created for a group searching a bloody purpose of spreading the most terrible and sad aspect from of human History, provoked by religious persecution. Even when ISIL actions  influenced from mistakes in International Politics, like American intervention in Iraq for searching mass destruction arms; or the uncontrollable situation in Syria provoking millions of citizens running away from their countries to avoid being killed. It is impossible to deny that this attitude has been mainly inspired by extreme religious principles, which are guiding a group supporting everything against the meaning of Western societies. Everything they made by what they see as well as a Political purpose, and glorious and meaningful actions from their future nation.

 Under these circumstances, this is the most scaring thing, I do not believe Western societies or others possessed at this moment a similar approach to the topic, particularly, when there is not interest to make them feel powerful by the sense that they could make this type of insane desire for making a prophecy a reality. However, the rational way of thinking from Western and civilized countries could not be enough for a group uninterested in peaceful share of relations between societies interested in promoting different values. In that sense, there would be a lot of work to do, with special attention for taking any measure to combat this type of extremism, especially, inside Cosmopolitan societies. If these people are really convinced of conquering what once belonged to their communities, Europe would not have peace soon. The real conflict is what Spinoza found as a regular conflict between groups who get connected with a particular vision from Faith, where God controls everything,  fanatics’ vision motivated and inspired by these thought, they are only trying to made what God expected from them, this is as Spinoza experienced in his time the most difficult aspect because societies interested in taking actions motivated by Rationalism would never be driven and obsessed by an ideology without thinking in the possibilities of future damage. In my opinion, it is not anymore about good guys or bad guys, we are confronting a return of medieval values, in that sense we are seeing a new group trying to end what their minds recognized like a new Rome. If it is the only thing they are trying to keep alive, I feel fear about how we could end when this group is trying to get power at any cost. They do not care how many citizens are killed while they can reach their purposes or establishing good relations with foreign powers.

What they understand is a literal vision of God’s rage against what represents a threat to their future Caliphate reign. The answer is not providing them with their purposes getting accomplished through Western political response, however, a passive action would not stop them, and in some sort of way this fear which influenced the actions and activities inside other systems is transforming and changing Western values. Societies are becoming more and more controlled and scared of different attitudes when they must face an external threat like this. How societies would be benefit by interactions between different actors and cultures in societies. And now the questions about who could be trusted inside Western societies and how will we recognize possible traitors, it is one of the scariest and at the same time the most important aspect after the craziness provoked by extremists in Paris. How are we going to avoid a witch hunt? Especially, when we know that is not truth that everyone is a radical in the practice of their faith. We are really ready to lose more liberty in our environments for groups interested in destroying the right of others for practicing different religious beliefs. Civil society should organize themselves to stop any possibility for groups like these overcome obstacles to destroy a different system. Media should support communities to avoid the increase of hate between different groups inside Western societies and Governments should improve their security system. What happened in Paris showed that technology is a new weapon for making terrorist attacks, especially, recognizing citizens who support ISIL actions in Western countries.Furthermore, there are more reasons to avoid changing who we are.

In this context, the purpose of understanding the value of different religions and the real meaning behind Faith could not be more relevant in Cosmopolitan societies, especially, when the interchange between members of different communities is usual. The comprehension about the meaning of God, at this time, should not endanger citizens lives. In every possible way of human comprehension a negative attitude towards others beliefs will threat a peaceful development of social relations of different groups. The extremists did not analyze God’s concept inspired to interpret the similar aspects of nature and God, which could be supported by Physics. The only perception they had about their role in God’s plan is doing a reality what the sacred pages of their books expressed. There is not analysis, it is what we understand as blind faith, they perceived themselves as makers of God’s will, which is, as History shows, one of the most strong aspects from faith for doing good or evil things. The questions related to who is taking responsibility about what is happening in Syria and countries from this zone is the main topic to solve the crisis. Without enough actions to control what is happening with terrorists groups in that zone, the opportunities to diminish the risks could fade from global leaders’ hands.

Even after a terrible attack, different countries, organizations, communities and groups inspired by the positive side of human beings were able to express their sadness, discomfort and sadness through the only possible way, exposing the values and support towards a society bleeding for an illogical way of manifest discomfort. There is no way to extinguish the positive aspect from any culture. Inspired by this feeling everyone exposed France’s colors in their cities. Undoubtedly, Eiffel Tower and Paris gave us a light, which could not be extinguish by a senseless radicalism from religious fanaticism.

I was trying to watch the sunset with a group of foreigners in Melbourne. That afternoon the sun was hidden beneath the clouds. I only could remind that God use to let the sun shines over good and evil people, yesterday, I thought even God feel mortified by Paris situation. The sun was not there and we only watched in silence while our minds probably cannot still process the lack of humanity in ISIL actions.

Lights installed at the MGC to show Victoria's support for the attacks in France. Rossana Naveda.
Lights installed at the MGC to show Victoria’s support for the attacks in France.

Body and image: between abuse and censorship

There was not doubt that the beauty and sex-appeal from women under the influence of beauty paradigms in different historical context and cultures has played an important role in the History of Media. Throughout different decades we have seen how a variety of women have been chosen to represent that role in media. The point of showing and replicating these stereotypes is something difficult to end while we have been exposed in different ways to them in our lifetime. Also it is part of humanity ’s culture heritage since the beginning of civilization. We only need to see how societies had perceived beauty under different socio-economic and political conditions through history. Even the sense of what communities determined like moral or not had been transformed under the circumstances inspired by the influence of different philosophies in the political relations between different groups. Although the fact of taking from women the right to choose if they want to participate under these conditions in society, I do not think it is right. Furthermore, it is something we should not assume like impossible to stop, this is the time to support women’s right to avoid being commercialized or used without being informed or giving her permission for showing her body, if someone thought this is something for the benefit of this woman.

For example, the case of some celebrities being exposed through Internet without their knowledge or permission a few months ago was an extreme situation, there was not only one victim, it looked more like an intrusion in the private lives of at least a dozen. Furthermore, it was not only the type of situation for artists, even Royals have been involved in this type of what media called faux-pas with Prince Harry in Las Vegas, and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, while sharing holidays with her husband, being captured and exposed in media like if there will be something normal. Those cases provoked awareness in citizens about the risks of filming themselves or participating in practices where their bodies would appear later on different websites supporting this type of activities. The worst case for those who were captured without their knowledge. These experiences would show the urgency of different organizations to get involved and solve these crimes, however, it would give a new vision for people who are not public figures and also ended like victims of criminals, who thought what they were doing was something right, fun or want to win money using the body of others. The most responsible action if they need so much the money, they should be using theirs. At least, if they want to participate in porn industry, they should do it with their own goods, if they were not able to support themselves or finding a different way of living, or trying to support their families.


Furthermore, this type of situation would affect the person in different levels, which should be punished. It is not possible that someone make money exploiting other person without their acknowledgement, permission and desire. This topic is not about being prude, liberal or being influenced by different political labels or religious beliefs, the topic is simple, nobody has the right to make money using the body of a person who ignored the situation and never give her support for this action. Especially, when hacking accounts, personal computers or other devices it is not so hard for people working with technology or being involved in criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, people interested in showing their bodies in media have been very busy protesting against the lack of support for women who wanted to expose their nipples without being rejected by platforms like Instagram. The situation has many people interested, some very famous –Rihanna, Madonna, Scout Willis-, giving more attention to women who really want to share their bodies like any guy who does not need a shirt while posing for showing their bodies in media. The fight between these positions increased the attention about how difficult could be for someone expose their body on Internet while others could do it using the body of someone else without permission or problems. Unbelievable? Yes, it is the best word to describe the situation.


We should find a solution, which satisfy different positions. Why we are not able to avoid people underage to watch this type of images while they are visiting a website? Meanwhile, If there is an opportunity for diminishing this type of risk for users of mobile phones, cameras, video cameras to become victims of hackers, who enjoyed making these actions. There should be an opportunity to increase the security in the information economy and providing women and men to keep their privacy. In other cases or situations, some people could be victim of a crime. Afterwards, they discover they were sold in this type of websites without their knowledge. No matter what motivated this type of criminal behavior. If we are thinking about supporting rules for democratizing effects of the Internet and mass-media, we should not make possible that anyone could have an opportunity to attack the rights of male or female who ended being misrepresented like simple objects without even known or accepted this type of violation against their freedom to choose if it is something they would like to become.

The role of government and society to be involved in this public affair is important because it is not about sex or puritanism, it is a matter of supporting a criminal action in a space, which should be regulated to bring content or commercialize products or goods under the rules of law. Nobody should be treated as a slave, especially women who had been fighting hard enough in the last fifty years against this type of misconstruction of their being