The dance between Politics, Science and Feminism

It was an interesting Wednesday night when I should find an interesting approach dancing as a way of mourning. Using their bodies to express the pressure of any political system in the human group living under those rules and limits has never been so sincere.

The workings of the choreographer’s mind were used to rebel against a system, which told you Arts is a way of wasting your life. An interesting point of view when usually Artists think about Labour as the irrelevant way of using your time. Julie-Anne Long, a celebrated dance and performance artist gave a good view about her vision of Politics and the desire of accumulation next to her free spirit, which is connected with evocative and delicate ways these perfomers (Bhenji Ra and Ivey Wawn are also part of this project) revealed in a bespoke series of ‘dance lecture’ events.

They combine storytelling with movement and images, this series traces connections between real-life stories, the big topics of our time – climate change, the female body and social co-operation – and dance.

Ivey Wawn combines knowledge from science, politics and popular culture to reveal how the social choreographies we live within might be something we can also reconfigure. Ivey draws on poetics from observations of microbial and economic processes to develop choreographic blueprints for the human scale. Her current research considers how speculative practices, especially those concerning debt, manipulate the relations between past, present and future.

Late Night Library: Talking Bodies is produced by the City of Sydney, presented in collaboration with co-curators Rhiannon Newton and Katy Green Loughrey, in conjunction with Critical Path’s March Dance Festival.

Being someone who feels the same interest of using writing skills to exhibit learning process. I found their exhibition of dance and Politics very interesting. Particularly, when after her lecture, she couldn’t avoid saying “I need to give you something” before dancing. Ironically, she was absolutely immerse in the vision of the market on how all we must to participate in the system. She laughed when I called her attention to the topic. It was something unexpected but she couldn’t deny her need of working all the time.

Perhaps, dancing is her way to break off from the endlessly need of working and producing in the market. This conference will make you search for your own way of shaking off from the limits any system impose on you. Being you is the ultimate goal. That is what I found exciting from Talking bodies by Ivey Wawn.

Aaia Maasarwe, another woman killed in Melbourne

Once and again, a woman was raped and killed in Melbourne. It is a sad reality, some people is saying my blog is not working but when I faced the reality of any women to suffer such type of crimes, it is disgusting that some people would not like to even try to establish new ways of changing what is a sad reality for female.

Perhaps, Aaia Maasarwe didn’t have enough bad experiences in her lifetime like I faced while I lived in South America, where the levels of tolerance for men’s bad behaviour is supported sometimes by other men or women. Or Aaia hadn’t been ever kidnapped to develop the fear of walking in the streets of Melbourne like any other local girl or woman. However, in few words she should not have to face a horrendous act of violence. Particularly, when she was preparing herself to bring her talent and skills to the world, that is the saddest part. She and her family and friends would not have a way to imagine what could she have become or been in the future.

Throughout this lost they will have the chance to remind her forever. I think it is a good point to keep promoting and trying to change and modify the violence women usually faced when her sexuality is used as a risk for themselves and not only as a part of their humanity. Sadly, some members of our society still believe that your sexuality is provocative and for that reason you should not allowed yourself to walk freely in the public space. It is honestly sad that women must fear someone attacked them under the ideology of a female’ sexuality cannot be controlled by her but it should be controlled, used or destroyed by someone who wanted to make use of his physical, or another type of force to determine where and when she should use it.

I don’t believe it is not working. Perhaps, it required a double effort and it would be a great idea to determine what is the best way to do it in this New Year. I don’t pray so often but I will do for her, her family and mine because I understood in many levels what kind of fear being a woman in the wrong social context you can feel.


What remains from Vivid Sydney: From innocence, lights, paintings, Science and seduction.

#VividSydney was here. A festival of lights, ideas, Science, Arts and more. I found Snugglepot and Cuddlepie short-film showed as a film on one of my favourite buildings in Sydney. The characters created by Australian author May Gibbs was amazing. The story is simple but the music and the feature would you feel glad, peaceful, discovering more about the symbols behind the Australian culture, where Eucalyptus trees are found in the bush all the time letting koalas enjoy long naps under burgeoning rays of light in the middle of any day during December and January. These common  places inspired the Australian artist to create this world, where the innocence is the main element of their journey. In some sort of way inspired and fueled the natural desire in Saxon countries for going to explore the world and find new adventures to live.

In my humble experience, the walking around the city works as an interesting and reflexive momentum to think of it as a short trip from the innocence of  Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ story until a surprising second visit to the Charles Billich’s gallery located in The Rocks, where all the vices from adulthood are present. Money, Fame, Diamonds, Sex, Hedonism, Seduction, Bets and Sensuality had been exposed and explored in the majority of his paintings. He is a painter of excesses but he can organise them so well with a Modern version of Surrealism and Cubism that they looked just marvelous, attractive, desirable, and inviting… My favourite are the Russian Ballet Dancer paintings, he definitely loves that woman. As well as the horses running for the first place with their jockeys.


The first time I was in his gallery was in 2015, and what called my attention this time was his story as refugee in Australia. Definitely, a place you must visit during any #VividSydney  It was a great experience, and against some voters in this beautiful place I wouldn’t think it is a good idea moving the Festival around Australia, it belongs to Sydney, even with a crazy traffic, waves of people crossing across the CBD using a comple Labyrinth, meanwhile restaurants and bars are full with visitors, Sydneysiders, writers, photographers, parents running behind their children, loners, couples, single parents, backpackers, students, tourists, the truth is this event belongs to Sydney.


If you don’t want to walk out during the night, you should plan ahead a survival guide list for the things to do to avoid all the issues related to #VividSydney. Perhaps, I can help you with one but I enjoyed those nights. I do really find fascinating the projection of different microorganisms, virus, bacteria, and some fungus in The Rocks Wall. I enjoyed part of the Biennale in the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was hard, painful, real, familiar and intense the exploration of the conflict between Capitalism and Comunism in the last Century through the experience and words from a retired officer and how anybody can be part of a massacre caused by a bigger power, which gave us that reality as the only alternative. Probably the crucial example of losing your innocence in a modern world.

In my personal opinion is part of Sydney’s identity like the White Night belongs to Melbourne .I was just waiting for watching the sweetest images of three children running from their small town to the big city as something nice, entertaining for children and in some sort of way a sense of reminiscence for adults about their own adventures when they were younger. From this point, I walked towards the  create my own emojis on Samsung  exhibition following an interesting show of candies and high-speed cars . The last one was probably the most popular area for teenagers attracted by the modern beats produced in the Dj’s console, as well as, taking pictures and recording videos with their phones of the colourful and vivid videos reflected on the Sydney Opera House. Finally, it was a Festival, which let us go back again to remember and celebrate how Lumiere Brother’s discovery of how using light and shadow in a special way during the darkness could let us dream and create visual stories or concepts. Before them was the discovery of fire, which protect us but we are not in a History class, this is just a Op ed about why #VividSydney belongs to Sydney.


Kate Spade: an eye-opener for common prejudices

By Rossana Naveda

Mental health issues like depression among other mental diseases usually are associated to people who is not doing as winners, or at least with the common elements of a well established life. Reading about her death was something really sad for me because when you love someone by her work, it is impossible to think you would not miss  the talent that everybody will miss. Meanwhile, for her family, her husband, her daughter, this is a devastating experience and probably, they would remember forever the amazing details from the personality of this Mid-Western girl.

What called my attention is Coach, now known as Tapestry, bought the Kate Spade brand last year for $2.4 billion. This is a clear sign of how having or not having money could not be the main reason of someone to kill themselves. Most of the time we believe that having things like a fortune, or a established life with a husband, a family, and friends, as well as, stability in the external would be everything to be healthy in the physical and mental aspects of our lives.

Perhaps, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was right to increase the budget with additional AUS$ 34 million for saving more lives of people thinking about suicide. A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister gave this information. It has been a long journey in different countries for creating awareness toward mental health issues. In England and The United States the Royal Family and Lady Gaga were trying to increase the confidence in young generations and adults to speak about it but we found that in a time where we are more connected to others than ever through our devices, we are more lonely than too. In Australia, Suicide deaths has increased by more than 20 percent between 2004 and 2014, and it is the leading cause of death in Australians aged between 15 and 44 years. The rate of indigenous suicide is double the rate of non-indigenous suicide.


This said something important. We are desperate to make robots act like humans but we forgot humans are killing themselves in highest rates in a decade. And this is happening in France, Canada, Australia, Spain, The United States, among other developed and underdeveloped economies. Some people do not like to use those words to describe them but I still believe they are better than 1st and 3rd world, the words used to mention them in my Encyclopedias of Geography and History.

While I grew up and I was studying English, I discover for the first time about the Japan’s high rate of suicides between students, who couldn’t achieve the milestone they and their parents desire to achieve, and how their perception of suicides in this culture was responsible in part of this behaviour. Honor for them was like a religion, the tradition of  honourable suicide is still part of their culture. And at some point I could understand their way to see life but if someone would take my honour, I would probably rather try to kill him, her, or them, rather than killing myself. Definitely, a different cultural background determine our beliefs and actions.

However, what has been happening in the last two decades it is something the majority is ignoring. Killing yourself for economic distress is not new, even people during the Wall Street market crashed in 1929 provoked numerous incidents related to suicide. In modern times, Spain has a outrageous number of suicides attached to economic reasons provoked by the crisis where millions had lost their houses. In France, as it was reported by The Local, every year around 220,000 people in France attempt to take their own life and 10,000 of those die as a result. Most of the time, the reason is how any individual feels connected to their job, and when they are not able to find a way to make it, that caused distress.

However, what you could understand when somebody, who is not facing this kind of external issues, and it is living in a complete different scenario as successful people, kill himself or herself. Perhaps, we should try to understand the reason is not necessarily the cause but the inability to cope with the trauma, and how society tends to ignore the person suffering, or seeing with disregard the reasons or causes behind this situation.

Social criticism&prejudices

In this case, having more interaction with other and a group of people helping you when you felt like there was not anything to do, to try, to share, or to express to change your sadness. Particularly, when they couldn’t understand how someone with everything they would like to have could not be happy. People can feel even annoyed.

And this is not only for lonely people, I found that some experts said isolation is the first step in this case of scenario, but I have listened new mothers having a terrible case of baby blue, even when everybody is around happy and supporting them. Of course, I was there listening and telling them that even when the experience could be overwhelming, excessively demanding and scaring; they would raise a beautiful child in the future, rather, than criticising, humiliating, bullying, gossiping or ignoring them like most of the time people do when they must listen someone saying things like that.

For young people this even harder. The popular TV teen drama Thirteen reasons why is a good example of how younger generations face more than ever a high risk of killing themselves under pressure of being different, not so popular, not so thin, not so sexy, not so whatever other people want. And this is particularly, real for teenage girls who also need to face challenges about the figure so, dying with Anorexia or Bulimia is in some sort of way another kind of suicide.

And when I admired Kate Spade’s work during all my life while I work in the publishing industry, her case says a lot about how we can sadly see a person with so much talent, opportunities, family and success had to face a tragic end for her life. I remembered walking in the famous store with her logo in the entrance, in Sydney last February, and seeing a beautiful black dress full of poppies. I did not buy it but I believe this is a relevant example of how many talented and marvelous people is lost each year because there was not a person listening them. With Anthony Bourdain  we saw the same happening, and it is devastating, another talented person, who did not only entertained us but taught us. What else do we need to see to understand something is wrong?

When will we use technology to diminish the rate of people who kill themselves because the truth behind depression and suicide is most of the time, the person suffering feels the weight of the world over their shoulders in a literal way. Beyond what is really happening outside, it is an inner issue so, when you had achieved so much in your life  people could say why did you feel sad? You got everything anybody could dream about. First, we should stop believing that having a depression is something that happened only to lonely people or unemployed, or unsuccessful people.

Everyone can be a victim of this kind of state.

If you have suicidal thoughts or another issues like Anorexia or Bulimia, you can call Lifeline in Sydney, Australia 11 13 14, chat on their website or you can talk with your family, siblings or friends. If you are in the United States, The National Suicide Prevention is 1-800-273-TALK [8255]. Meanwhile in France, Spain and The United Kingdom the phone numbers are:


S.O.S Amitié
Phone: 01 42 96 26 26


Teléfono de la Esperanza
Phone: 902500002

United Kingdom / Ireland

Phone: 08457 90 90 90 (UK)
Phone: 1850 60 90 90 (Republic of Ireland)

If you are in another country, you can check this list: Global Hotline for helping prevent suicides.


Review: The hot guy

After reading a narration with multiple details, dates, names, and facts in a Historical book about Ana Boleyn’s life where the reader could rediscover through the pages places, plagues, romances, treason, blackmail, persecution, and fights for different religions, and also, Political powers facing each other across the English Chanel. It was, undoubtedly, the most important reason of searching a spontaneous and simple book fill with humour in a reading for beach days so, the winner was The Hot Guy.

A book written by Mel Campbell & Anthony Morris, which main goal is in some sort of way explaining the sense of becoming a sexual object while the hero tries to find the love of his life. This situation is experienced by a young adult man from Australia named Adam, who like any Adam on our Earth must find his Eva. In this case a young hard-working expert in PR for a stadium, Catherine, who ironically hates sports.

She had lost any hope of finding a suitable boyfriend after her last break-up with a rich guy, Alistair, whom has not interest to become a patient, comprehensive and good lover. It is the classical relation where she doesn’t want to be alone and for that reason, she keeps the relationship. Even when he only criticizes each action, dress, move, decision, make-up, style, hobby or interest in Cate’s mind. This romance ended at the beginning of the novel because she did not want to go with him to a Polo match.

Catherine’s heartbreak provoked her boss, Ursula tried to help her finding a guy, Adam, who ignored he possessed a fan club on Facebook who named him The Hot Guy. Furthermore, all these women are in a waiting list for a one night stand with this sexy Aussie guy, who never understood why all the women he met in the cinema theater each weekend disappeared providing the most ridiculous excuses after having sex with him only once.

Cate decided to take her chance and she spent the weekend with Adam, creating a stronger bond with this beautiful creature. Everyone warned her about the wrong choice she is making because “nobody should get into a relation with someone so attractive”, the argument is she will become insane by jealousy for taking care of another woman will try to steal her boyfriend. I am honest I heard that kind of excuse about dating someone more attractive than you but come on!! You will probably live once, how could you lose your chance of dating someone hot and even having a family with him? Especially, if he is so nice like the main character in this novel.

I understand where the authors tried to go with exposing female sexual interest in boys could be similar or even more insane than what men can do when they find a sexy and attractive girl. I saw that behaviour exposed in a community of women when the young teenager in charge of filling the soda machine at our high school attracted the attention of dozen of students at once; each time he came to do his work so, trying to give an example of how objectification has effects also in men’s lives is not new. The difference is women are most commonly affected by this. For men is particularly usual when they are excessively attractive and they are surround only by women. In psychology is recognised as mass behaviour, which means all individuals will feel free to act in a way they wouldn’t do if they were alone but the fact of being part of a group and acting in the same way lest them forget self-criticism and control over their actions.

What always surprised me was the naivety of Adam, How could a guy so interested in the Film industry and Direction, being so out of the connections with the effects of his attractiveness? Even his friends nearby the end criticised this particular awkward virtue of ignoring completely the effect he got in people. Particularly, his lack of interest to use it when we are attacked by social media and the possibilities of Instagram for models, actors and new talent to attract thousand or millions (in some cases).

The book is hilarious for cinema lovers. Each line will have a deep meaning for those who love to overanalise meaning of symbols, subtext, even the invitation from Steven Spielberg to Hollywood, and who cannot spell properly his name will make you almost laugh. I tried to think in the perfect Aussie for this movie but when I found a secondary character expressed he looked like Heath Ledger, my vision of one of the Hemsworth brothers on it started to get foggy. I don’t know Heath was special so, who knows who will end being Adam in the film production?

The jokes are funny, they are really well-written, I love Cate’ sense of humour because it reminded me a lot of myself, a person who ended saying jokes in the worst event or situation. The only weakness is the lack of maturity in the characters. Perhaps, the writers were really inspired in the Millennials and the lack of skills for planning but I think Adam could have more layers, sometimes, it is hard to believe where this guy develop the characteristics of being so good. He is attractive, a little bit clumsy, but it is hard to believe he couldn’t perceive himself and the power of his attraction on others, as well as, his lack of interest to become an actor, which by the half of the book had disappeared. Another thing, it is hard to conceive girls hadn’t got him in trouble for being so sexy during his adolescence. However, the League, a group which follow Adam’ steps  on Facebook to have one night stands with him provokes more than one trouble during the narration of events in this rom-com. In some sort of way, the story is an ode to stalkers in the social media era, loneliness and our desire of feeling wanted by someone attractive.

Moviegoers will love the critical description of blockbusters for teenagers made by all the characters. Adam worked in a cinema and he dreams to become a Film director while Catherine need to face that her unhappiness comes from a different place, it is not about the hot guy, it is about doing something you like with your life and sharing moments with someone, who loves you. His friends are really interesting, I enjoyed more than once their sarcasm when Adam missed his ex-girlfriend because he expressed “She is my everything” and one of them replied: “What? Now, you are going to be a country songwriter”. Should you read this little novel this HOT season? Of course, you will love it.

Anne Boleyn: The classic paradox of women in Politics

It is not new finding strong-minded and wise women being diminished by male counterpart in the public sphere when it is time of considering Political choices.

 Even if that represents a complete and unjustified character manslaughter.


When I need to recall Anne Boleyn, it is impossible to create a division in my mind from the fairy tales and the Journalist Research of History made by professionals, the first time I saw his husband Henry VIII was in the famous Reader’s digest cover at home. I felt ready to discover all the details behind this story, I was seven  and I couldn’t distinguish fantasy from reality during that European period after reading Bluebeard, the popular French fairy tale of a husband who kept the bodies of all his ex-wives in a room from his Castle, until her latest wife discovered everything and ended being save by her brothers. Anne Boleyn was not so lucky, his own brother was incarcerated and killed by the King, who accused him falsely of being part of having a sexual relation with her sister. I feel fear and an extraordinary curiosity about both stories, I read them once and again throughout different periods of time.

And still the story followed me when I found similar articles across the world telling how women are killed by their partners in our generation after more than seven centuries in a horrible similar scenario. This is still a relevant issue in different continents, for example, Australia had the presence of 80 to 100 women killed by his partner each year. In USA the number arises to three per day and in some countries of Europe, Asia and South America, you easily will find six women being victims of this kind of crime. Finding a similar line between what a common woman from the English, French or Spanish courts faced, as well as, the woman in the XXI century face could appear as a complete idiotic move from some scholars or professionals but the truth about the way society stipulated to see women could appear in a frightening way very similar, even with all the changes technology, science, and legislation had observed since the Kings ruled the world.

This construction of thought is not limited to how men perceived women in the social structure of thinking, the worst comes when it is possible to the regular family life, where women could be victims of violence. Some men had an inner way of thinking of women as property, media in some countries had still a strong expectation of exposing women as products all the time so, it is difficult to overcome the perception of them as someone with valuable ideas or when she tried to guide a group of men the results would often be very complicated for the women, and in some cases even dangerous.

That is exactly what happened with Anne Boleyn, she had never dreamed of becoming Queen of England, especially, after her older sister was the King’s lover. The burning obsession in the King’s heart was the beginning of her final story. Most of the time, critics would find her like a manipulative person but what I had found it is more the example of a woman, who should have to use her brain in the most critical circumstances to take advantages in an unrequited position. She was convinced about all that her education and preparation shouldn’t end wasted with a low-key job as becoming the King’s lover. Even if some could see her as a woman used by her family with the purpose of taking advantages on her position to convince King Henry VIII to choose a particular Political path to defend a new faith and made her country started cutting its links with the Roman Church, which she stipulated, as well as, all the King’s crew (Cromwell, Chapuys) would bring a strongest and robust  English society with better education and beliefs. Who could blame her? She only did it in the best interest of her country. To be sincere she never dreamed of getting married with a King but after he put his eyes on her, she knew there was no possibility to her of avoiding the King’s will.

Undoubtedly, being in this position only let her see as the best choice becoming his wife. At the beginning, she must have expected she could turn off his desire with a negative feedback but she was wrong. Usually what happens with men is they want what they couldn’t have. Particularly, when they are in a position of having all the things they want. Power and desire played always together in the Political sphere so, Anne did not provoke King Henry’s divorce, it was his lust and desire of possession, as well as, his attraction towards this woman, who was intellectually very different from Queen Catherine of Spain, a woman who followed the strict rules of the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps, what attracted the King was the rebel character of Anne with her desire of supporting Protestantism in England, intellect and her youth age.

Time was a precious price for Anne and Catherine, the first one waited almost seven years before becoming her wife, the second one was her brother’s widow and more than five years older than Henry. For Anne was a good moment of use King’s attention to promote and protect the new faith and of course, absolute power, tempted the most righteous men so, when Anne started to promote biblical fragments where the Power of God is with the King, she could conquered his heart and mind. He was so in love that he wanted to rule next to her giving her the same amount of Power he possessed. She become her right hand, or at least, everybody in the Court knew that was the new reality.

This is the precise moment when another accolades in the Political Sphere used to see a woman in a high rank and plan how to make her fall. It is horrendous but most of the time, that is when a witch hunt begins, and you could find similar example in the Australian Political Arena with the discussion towards gender between ex Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard or some misogynistic views expressed by the US President Donald Trump against women. Undoubtedly, having more men in roles of power is an element which increased the possibilities to any female of facing this kind of experience, where men used to protect themselves and finding the best scapegoat in any female figure to blame her for everything. Even if she promoted a right action or choice when it was required to take that path. For that reason, it is common to see in some instances how women are put in position of power when things are going wrong, that happened to Marissa Meyer , ex Ceo of Yahoo, when the company had been experienced a low rate of profit or any sign of growing. Another example could be Angela Merkel and the future elections.

For Anne, the problem arise when Thomas Cromwell and Chapuys did not want to lose their portion of control over Kingdom’s issues. They were scared to see how strong the relation between Anne and Henry had become after so many years so, when they consider to play their cards to support Henry for avoiding any possibility of having another Civil War in his territory caused by the risk of having a daughter with Queen Catherine, named Mary, who could easily arrange a marriage with a Catholic European Prince, who will exterminate the Tudor’s line as Henry’s father did with York’s line to get with the throne for his descendants. Cromwell, a Secretary of state, only thought in the best possible outcome to consider her marriage with Anne as invalid and giving the King a new opportunity of having kids. Of course, it was hard to do something against a woman who had been waiting patiently for seven years, the only path was destroying her with lies and fake accusations that nobody would take the risk to deny.


The triumphs and soft side of Legends

In the last weeks, Beyonce and Prince appeared as part of media messages, comments, stories, gossip, great videos, fancy clothes, eclectic style, and of course as Superstars in the middle of common criticism in media.

Prince died one week and two days ago. Automatically, every digital and print media offered different views, reviews, comments, videos, images from a Pop Music Icon for all the members of the audience, who feel awkward, “weirdos,” outsiders. He gave them a mirror. It does not mean necessarily that Conservatism side of Political correctness would not have a negative comment on his behaviour, attitudes, interests, expressions and when we reminded his feelings, everybody knows he was quiet and controlled his tongue most of the time because he always gave a critical position and view of Music Industry. Even when he was successful enough to do not worry immensely about extreme vicissitudes.

Besides, we had Beyonce, who decided surprised her fans and media with a different framing for her Audiovisual and Musical Art. For the first time, she was not the invincible, warrior, Goddess omnipresent, wild survivor, soft-heart fantastic dancer moving her booty .” She confessed in a violent presentation, perhaps the darker side of her Alter ego, Sasha Fierce, a volatile heroine who could do all the things that Good Bey did not expose on the scene. Walking down the street, playing with a bat in her hands and using it to hit all the windows around her, while she is singing LemonadeThe most surprising aspect was she conquered the No. 1 on the Australian chart. Meanwhile, the posthumous album from Prince, The Very Best only got the No.2.

Phrases like “You can taste the dishonesty/ It’s on your breath as you pass it off so cavalier.” (“Pray You Catch Me”). “Who the fuck do you think I am? You ain’t married to no average bitch”. “Looking at my watch, he shoulda been home/ Today I regret the night I put that ring on/ He always got them fucking excuses. “(“Sorry”).

Undoubtedly, the list could not finish with these sentences. We observe the representation of one of the most influential and talented composer in the music industry, fighting regular familiar conflicts like an ordinary homemaker is doing it so the situation could not surprise anybody. Everything looked completely messed up for someone who run the world. Undoubtedly, we could not deny the force of fighting for what framing a natural fear of women in different societies or social conditions because even Beyonce with an interesting professional background, social connections, a family, great bank account would confront this fear. Under these circumstances, we cannot deny the honesty behind the rage that every mortal with flesh and blood would feel when someone betrayed him or her.

No matter if you are a beautiful, talented, Grammy winner, professional, working mother… I think I saw all the criticism, media searching for Becky healthy hair, however, the real analysis of the meaning was focused on the angry black women asking for revenge from his partner. Although the logical and rational side of human science told us it is not the proper behaviour, we could not deny the truth. Nobody likes being disrespected by his or her partner. It is not about race, gender or the town you live, the reason behind her attitude is a just an interpretation of women, who gave the best of them but even if you are Superstar, or a famous producer or entertainer, it does not mean that bad thing will not happen.

The approach of Prince is similar, he was one of the most influential Pop artists from the 80’s, evolving continuously through his performances and shows. The sexy attitude during his video or concerts was one of the key features of his performances. The use of female dancing with him in the video “Cream” was reprised with a high stylised version for another song, “Lady”, by Lenny Kravitz, who undoubtedly, took the position of the sexy singer after Prince disappear from the mainstream video music industry. Under her tone and attitude, Beyonce had established her fierceness as part of one of the most stable characteristics of her career since she released “Dangerously in love”.

The change of her name to a symbol was one of the most fantastic choices for his career; he left many with more questions and doubts than Michael Jackson. However, his talent and songs were still so good as they were in the past Classics like “Purple Rain”, “Let’s go crazy”, “Raspberry”, “Batdance”, “Diamond and Pearls”, “Call my name”, ” Pink Cashmere”, among others hits made a difference for his career making him a favorite artist. Especially, on the Billboard’s Hot 100 during the last three decades. It is undeniable the influence of Prince in younger generations of Artists in the United States and other countries. Without him, it is possible that Justin Timberlake did not bring the sexy back.



What makes being a woman special

I found many people was saying in a poll on Internet that only one day per year to remind women it is not enough. Well, here you could find space for celebrating your year the 365 days of the year, so it is time to remind those characteristics, which made women unique and different not one day but every day.




Even if I am aware of how they could complicate natural things. It is impossible to deny that they made us who we are. The kind way of considering others when we are taking decisions. Their influences in part our way they function in our body. Our attachment provoked by Oxytocin lets us being careful and committed to raising our children. If we did not have it, perhaps, you would not be reading this article. Undoubtedly, if we can consider who made us in the way we are. You know sensitive, a little bit dramatic and sometimes, they are moved by emotions. If we had not had them, we would miss a lot of things in our experience of life.


I think we had been confronting biggest issues and keep fighting for situations, which are not right from the perspective of Equality. Considering this, I believe it is possible one of the most important characteristics of women living in different countries. Most of them used to express it happened because they had to take care of children, which means to make their minds stronger to confront difficulties because they should not think only for themselves but for others lives depending on them.  I am pretty sure there is a connection between taking care of others and increasing female’s ability for surpassing stressful situations.


Tenderness and Openness

It is common to find that men could not speak quickly about their feelings because it could expose them as weak, which is characteristic that stronger men could not expose themselves to a group of ‘whining guys’. Meanwhile, if you want to be sweet, soft and warm while you are taking care of others or cry because you feel sad, it is possible that someone would be happy and grateful to see you acting in that way or if you are not in a good mood, they will try to comfort you.


Living now 

It is not a lie that if we think about what is the meaning of being a woman had changed. Today, we are not only supported but a part of men’s population, we find other women thinking about helping others in their careers, which some studies had shown it is not common. Usually, women working in senior positions used to try to be alone, and they avoid to support other women in their careers. Increase awareness of this mistake for conquering Equality at work is essential. And it could increase the opportunity for any woman to experience all the possibilities for their lives.



Planned Parenthood took Instagram

Planned Parenthood & Instagram

I have been listening to the same discussion over and over again. I believe in the right of life, and also, I have seen different cases about how women decided about their lives.  I have even listened to male friends, who explained me their position when their partners must confront this choice. I had supported campaigns to promote a different approach of younger generations toward this topic. However, I cannot understand how it is still possible that we could not find efficient forms of protecting women sexual health.

And when I analyzed all these facts, I am only able to comprehend the importance of this topic from women in different countries, cultures, spaces, among other different characteristics provoked by the influence of geography and culture. The discussion about this issue is standard everywhere. Especially, when the questions like What is the right way to avoid pregnancy? Or When is a good time to end a human life without considering him, her or they as part of any political system? All these actions only served to promote, in some cases, the worst policies against women, who are not only taking less money in their paychecks for taking the responsibility to these questions but they need to accept what government, corporations, and non-governmental organizations considered better for them. Undoubtedly, what bothers me is how easy the topic of women health is misinterpreted by citizens, policy-makers, and corporations as a political and an economic case, where nobody wants to pay the right amount of money or subsidies for this type of need.

What about health?

After the case of a young French woman sued the German drugmaker corporation Bayer in 2012 because she had suffered a stroke provoked by a third generation pill. A shared risk of this type of treatment. I found the case a compelling example of how industries, government, and civil society is not trying to find better alternatives. Why do people ignore the main topic? Offering women safety and better options to control their births. It is common that groups Pro-life want to eradicate abortion for religious or moral reasons, and there is some logical reasoning behind it. Sometimes, experts consider women could be a little bit carefree about how to control the possibilities of getting pregnant when they deem other alternatives like having an abortion later.

Reading different cases as journalist and copywriter for women’s magazines, I have discovered how people get focused most of the time about protecting new lives, which is right. However, the main topic should be women’s health and develop better alternatives to birth control. Under these circumstances, I am not supporting abortion, and I would never condemn anybody because it is not my role. However, my particular position is women’s rights should not appear as part of political strategies. My position is trying to expose how different professionals from fields as science, chemistry, medicine, endocrinology, politicians, CEOs and various religious groups are not attempting to promote the highest investment in efficient systems to let women detect when they are exactly capable of getting pregnant.

I have been deeply interested in this topic because it is not something different. Women from Australia, The United States, France, Spain, Germany, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, Sudafrica, among other countries in every corner of the world experience the same. Furthermore, I have supported and signed different petitions about all the possible causes from saving the life of someone, which would be killed by a male group for getting pregnant out of marriage to women’s fighting for their right to reproductive health medical attention, so it is not something irrelevant, local or cultural.

We keep asking the wrong questions about this topic, once and again, it is not about to protect a future human life and to take away a women’s control over their bodies. The real solution is finding the right path to bring any women an explicit knowledge and monitoring of their bodies. In some countries, women should confront the lack of information about how to manage their sexual and reproductive health. Why would governments, corporations or NGOs take off the access of women population to these services? Particularly, when they could not even share an equal salary. Something is wrong when we think that they should pay for it when the economic system does not provide them with the same economic retribution in the long run of their careers. When we think about it for a second, we can understand the kind of damage we are provoking to women in different levels of civil society.

Under these circumstances, the question is How politicians, men or women, are going to offer something important to women while they stop using this discussion as a way of getting more support during elections? It is unbelievable how women’s rights are still part of a complete strategy to attract some groups as part of political agenda. In our time, what we should ask it is about the possibilities to improve our methods to control natality, making them less invasive in the woman or men body or modifying the way their hormones work. I could not believe that it is so easy to discover if a woman is pregnant or not, however, discovering if they are in the fertile stage of their reproductive period had not been determined through easiest or cheapest methods. I hope someone provide a solution shortly as part of different measures to bring Equality.

Shonda Rhimes in the middle of “Scandal” for Olivia Pope’s abortion

Last year I wrote an essay about women and the usual discussion about their rights to choose between having an abortion or keeping the baby while they want to control their reproductive health. The topic is not new, while I have been living different experiences as teenager, young woman and adult I have seen different cases. One of the most uncommon places to see this type of situation was before starting my last year in high school. I remembered how the school kicked some students out for getting pregnant. At that time, I saw it as something really unfair against a group of young gals, who were probably scared of this situation. I did not say anything because the logical explanation we listened from authorities at that time was “What type of example they are giving to other students? Especially, when our institution taught religious and moral values, which  do not let us support things like sex before marriage or pregnant students into our classrooms. I saw it as an unfair action because they were young and they probably could do both roles: mothers and students”.

Even when there was not anything I could do to change my lack of rebellion at that time and I just watched everything as a mere student next to my classmates. I still feel that I should have said something against that decision. Yes, if they did something wrong it should have been their parents’ choice to decide what was the best for her daughter but I do not believe the school should close its doors with an excuse like a pregnant student could be the worst example for others. I remembered this story after watching a petition against Shonda Lynn Rhimes and her famous TV show program “Scandal” from ABC, where audience was exposed to a story, where the main character, Olivia Pope, had an abortion while the music from the hymn “Silent night” was played. Furthermore, at the end of the episode an Ave Maria’s melody was used while politicians defended Planned Parenthood in the episode.

Even when I truly believe that you need a family, especially, when the world is full of religious extremists in every corner of the world, whom are not interested in values, support, humanity, or anything similar while they are killing innocents. I signed because I believe in family as an important element of societies. However, I had a dubious experience while signing the petition because there are different stories about abortion and women in our world. I do not believe the framing chose by Shonda Rhimes showed something that it had been happening. As a viewer it is important to understand that this story would never represent all women’ stories, of course, there are many cases of women who prefer to keep their babies but sometimes what really provoked me curiosity is the reason for pushing  women to feel pressure in different societies against their choices and decisions when the best option is giving women enough sources to live without being used as political elements in the perpetual confrontation from Left or Right parties, or other organizations.

What if women had support for having their babies? I think that is more reasonable than stopping the option of letting them control their sexual decisions. Leaving women unprotected without health services must be illegal. Especially, when politicians see this option like something popular or good. The only thing politicians will provoke when they cut women’s health support is more negative effects in their relationships with their male partners, families, employers, and civil society. You diminish even more their power in a society when she is losing control over her life, reproduction and choices. The truth is women should not stop fighting about this right.

Undoubtedly, we have more important issues about gender and discrimination than trying to show them as selfish individuals when they opted for something that it is not expected in Patriarchal societies. As an illustration, women who are victims of sexual, psychological or physical violence in different fields in Australia or around the world. After seeing  Olivia Pope’s story with a particular framing Pro-abortion and supporting Planned Parenthood, which caused a calling of attention from different groups, I think what she exposed is part of a reality that we cannot deny. Although I would like to see more stories because I know women could provide different framings about their choices to face this dilemma.