Canva was introduced as a popular client of AWS

Finding one of the CEO from this brand CANVA, which invites everyone to design without having an extensive knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe, Dreamweaver, among others made the highlight during the morning of the second day.

Everyone payed attention to words like “Be ambitious” especially when you work in something so massive as trying to everyone feels like a Designer. The company has grown until arrive to the Chinese and Asian market, where they must locate most of the platform services for cultural reasons.

AWS Global Summit: Sydney

The event went slowly in its first day. There was information about almost everything from the faster algorithm to find the best alternatives online when you are trying to find the best pair of boots until the right way to approach your customers in an interesting conference.

This was one of the main topics I want to seek since it has been the main characteristic of Amazon’ success. Putting their clients needs first. It was an interesting approach. It was a little bit a practical class to put in view the most important goal for any business: Understand your clients needs because it is a good path to be successful.

There were simple four tips for Working backwards from the Customer. The first question you must ask always are:

  1. Who is the customer?
  2. What is the customer problem or opportunity?
  3. What is the most important customer benefit?
  4. How do you know what customers need or want?
  5. What does the customer experience look like?

After we explore three customer’s problems. The session display was focused in generating ideas after we determined what was the real problem for the customer and believe it or not it was not easy. People often used to offer solutions before understanding what is the clients problem.

Finally, we develop a press release introduction with the most important customer benefit in mind when you elaborate the next three elements in your press release:


Customer quote: What your customer will express when they try your solution.

Idea Summary: A few sentences to describe what you are offering.

Headline: Short, compelling description.

Aaia Maasarwe, another woman killed in Melbourne

Once and again, a woman was raped and killed in Melbourne. It is a sad reality, some people is saying my blog is not working but when I faced the reality of any women to suffer such type of crimes, it is disgusting that some people would not like to even try to establish new ways of changing what is a sad reality for female.

Perhaps, Aaia Maasarwe didn’t have enough bad experiences in her lifetime like I faced while I lived in South America, where the levels of tolerance for men’s bad behaviour is supported sometimes by other men or women. Or Aaia hadn’t been ever kidnapped to develop the fear of walking in the streets of Melbourne like any other local girl or woman. However, in few words she should not have to face a horrendous act of violence. Particularly, when she was preparing herself to bring her talent and skills to the world, that is the saddest part. She and her family and friends would not have a way to imagine what could she have become or been in the future.

Throughout this lost they will have the chance to remind her forever. I think it is a good point to keep promoting and trying to change and modify the violence women usually faced when her sexuality is used as a risk for themselves and not only as a part of their humanity. Sadly, some members of our society still believe that your sexuality is provocative and for that reason you should not allowed yourself to walk freely in the public space. It is honestly sad that women must fear someone attacked them under the ideology of a female’ sexuality cannot be controlled by her but it should be controlled, used or destroyed by someone who wanted to make use of his physical, or another type of force to determine where and when she should use it.

I don’t believe it is not working. Perhaps, it required a double effort and it would be a great idea to determine what is the best way to do it in this New Year. I don’t pray so often but I will do for her, her family and mine because I understood in many levels what kind of fear being a woman in the wrong social context you can feel.


What remains from Vivid Sydney: From innocence, lights, paintings, Science and seduction.

#VividSydney was here. A festival of lights, ideas, Science, Arts and more. I found Snugglepot and Cuddlepie short-film showed as a film on one of my favourite buildings in Sydney. The characters created by Australian author May Gibbs was amazing. The story is simple but the music and the feature would you feel glad, peaceful, discovering more about the symbols behind the Australian culture, where Eucalyptus trees are found in the bush all the time letting koalas enjoy long naps under burgeoning rays of light in the middle of any day during December and January. These common  places inspired the Australian artist to create this world, where the innocence is the main element of their journey. In some sort of way inspired and fueled the natural desire in Saxon countries for going to explore the world and find new adventures to live.

In my humble experience, the walking around the city works as an interesting and reflexive momentum to think of it as a short trip from the innocence of  Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ story until a surprising second visit to the Charles Billich’s gallery located in The Rocks, where all the vices from adulthood are present. Money, Fame, Diamonds, Sex, Hedonism, Seduction, Bets and Sensuality had been exposed and explored in the majority of his paintings. He is a painter of excesses but he can organise them so well with a Modern version of Surrealism and Cubism that they looked just marvelous, attractive, desirable, and inviting… My favourite are the Russian Ballet Dancer paintings, he definitely loves that woman. As well as the horses running for the first place with their jockeys.


The first time I was in his gallery was in 2015, and what called my attention this time was his story as refugee in Australia. Definitely, a place you must visit during any #VividSydney  It was a great experience, and against some voters in this beautiful place I wouldn’t think it is a good idea moving the Festival around Australia, it belongs to Sydney, even with a crazy traffic, waves of people crossing across the CBD using a comple Labyrinth, meanwhile restaurants and bars are full with visitors, Sydneysiders, writers, photographers, parents running behind their children, loners, couples, single parents, backpackers, students, tourists, the truth is this event belongs to Sydney.


If you don’t want to walk out during the night, you should plan ahead a survival guide list for the things to do to avoid all the issues related to #VividSydney. Perhaps, I can help you with one but I enjoyed those nights. I do really find fascinating the projection of different microorganisms, virus, bacteria, and some fungus in The Rocks Wall. I enjoyed part of the Biennale in the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was hard, painful, real, familiar and intense the exploration of the conflict between Capitalism and Comunism in the last Century through the experience and words from a retired officer and how anybody can be part of a massacre caused by a bigger power, which gave us that reality as the only alternative. Probably the crucial example of losing your innocence in a modern world.

In my personal opinion is part of Sydney’s identity like the White Night belongs to Melbourne .I was just waiting for watching the sweetest images of three children running from their small town to the big city as something nice, entertaining for children and in some sort of way a sense of reminiscence for adults about their own adventures when they were younger. From this point, I walked towards the  create my own emojis on Samsung  exhibition following an interesting show of candies and high-speed cars . The last one was probably the most popular area for teenagers attracted by the modern beats produced in the Dj’s console, as well as, taking pictures and recording videos with their phones of the colourful and vivid videos reflected on the Sydney Opera House. Finally, it was a Festival, which let us go back again to remember and celebrate how Lumiere Brother’s discovery of how using light and shadow in a special way during the darkness could let us dream and create visual stories or concepts. Before them was the discovery of fire, which protect us but we are not in a History class, this is just a Op ed about why #VividSydney belongs to Sydney.


Kate Spade: an eye-opener for common prejudices

By Rossana Naveda

Mental health issues like depression among other mental diseases usually are associated to people who is not doing as winners, or at least with the common elements of a well established life. Reading about her death was something really sad for me because when you love someone by her work, it is impossible to think you would not miss  the talent that everybody will miss. Meanwhile, for her family, her husband, her daughter, this is a devastating experience and probably, they would remember forever the amazing details from the personality of this Mid-Western girl.

What called my attention is Coach, now known as Tapestry, bought the Kate Spade brand last year for $2.4 billion. This is a clear sign of how having or not having money could not be the main reason of someone to kill themselves. Most of the time we believe that having things like a fortune, or a established life with a husband, a family, and friends, as well as, stability in the external would be everything to be healthy in the physical and mental aspects of our lives.

Perhaps, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was right to increase the budget with additional AUS$ 34 million for saving more lives of people thinking about suicide. A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister gave this information. It has been a long journey in different countries for creating awareness toward mental health issues. In England and The United States the Royal Family and Lady Gaga were trying to increase the confidence in young generations and adults to speak about it but we found that in a time where we are more connected to others than ever through our devices, we are more lonely than too. In Australia, Suicide deaths has increased by more than 20 percent between 2004 and 2014, and it is the leading cause of death in Australians aged between 15 and 44 years. The rate of indigenous suicide is double the rate of non-indigenous suicide.


This said something important. We are desperate to make robots act like humans but we forgot humans are killing themselves in highest rates in a decade. And this is happening in France, Canada, Australia, Spain, The United States, among other developed and underdeveloped economies. Some people do not like to use those words to describe them but I still believe they are better than 1st and 3rd world, the words used to mention them in my Encyclopedias of Geography and History.

While I grew up and I was studying English, I discover for the first time about the Japan’s high rate of suicides between students, who couldn’t achieve the milestone they and their parents desire to achieve, and how their perception of suicides in this culture was responsible in part of this behaviour. Honor for them was like a religion, the tradition of  honourable suicide is still part of their culture. And at some point I could understand their way to see life but if someone would take my honour, I would probably rather try to kill him, her, or them, rather than killing myself. Definitely, a different cultural background determine our beliefs and actions.

However, what has been happening in the last two decades it is something the majority is ignoring. Killing yourself for economic distress is not new, even people during the Wall Street market crashed in 1929 provoked numerous incidents related to suicide. In modern times, Spain has a outrageous number of suicides attached to economic reasons provoked by the crisis where millions had lost their houses. In France, as it was reported by The Local, every year around 220,000 people in France attempt to take their own life and 10,000 of those die as a result. Most of the time, the reason is how any individual feels connected to their job, and when they are not able to find a way to make it, that caused distress.

However, what you could understand when somebody, who is not facing this kind of external issues, and it is living in a complete different scenario as successful people, kill himself or herself. Perhaps, we should try to understand the reason is not necessarily the cause but the inability to cope with the trauma, and how society tends to ignore the person suffering, or seeing with disregard the reasons or causes behind this situation.

Social criticism&prejudices

In this case, having more interaction with other and a group of people helping you when you felt like there was not anything to do, to try, to share, or to express to change your sadness. Particularly, when they couldn’t understand how someone with everything they would like to have could not be happy. People can feel even annoyed.

And this is not only for lonely people, I found that some experts said isolation is the first step in this case of scenario, but I have listened new mothers having a terrible case of baby blue, even when everybody is around happy and supporting them. Of course, I was there listening and telling them that even when the experience could be overwhelming, excessively demanding and scaring; they would raise a beautiful child in the future, rather, than criticising, humiliating, bullying, gossiping or ignoring them like most of the time people do when they must listen someone saying things like that.

For young people this even harder. The popular TV teen drama Thirteen reasons why is a good example of how younger generations face more than ever a high risk of killing themselves under pressure of being different, not so popular, not so thin, not so sexy, not so whatever other people want. And this is particularly, real for teenage girls who also need to face challenges about the figure so, dying with Anorexia or Bulimia is in some sort of way another kind of suicide.

And when I admired Kate Spade’s work during all my life while I work in the publishing industry, her case says a lot about how we can sadly see a person with so much talent, opportunities, family and success had to face a tragic end for her life. I remembered walking in the famous store with her logo in the entrance, in Sydney last February, and seeing a beautiful black dress full of poppies. I did not buy it but I believe this is a relevant example of how many talented and marvelous people is lost each year because there was not a person listening them. With Anthony Bourdain  we saw the same happening, and it is devastating, another talented person, who did not only entertained us but taught us. What else do we need to see to understand something is wrong?

When will we use technology to diminish the rate of people who kill themselves because the truth behind depression and suicide is most of the time, the person suffering feels the weight of the world over their shoulders in a literal way. Beyond what is really happening outside, it is an inner issue so, when you had achieved so much in your life  people could say why did you feel sad? You got everything anybody could dream about. First, we should stop believing that having a depression is something that happened only to lonely people or unemployed, or unsuccessful people.

Everyone can be a victim of this kind of state.

If you have suicidal thoughts or another issues like Anorexia or Bulimia, you can call Lifeline in Sydney, Australia 11 13 14, chat on their website or you can talk with your family, siblings or friends. If you are in the United States, The National Suicide Prevention is 1-800-273-TALK [8255]. Meanwhile in France, Spain and The United Kingdom the phone numbers are:


S.O.S Amitié
Phone: 01 42 96 26 26


Teléfono de la Esperanza
Phone: 902500002

United Kingdom / Ireland

Phone: 08457 90 90 90 (UK)
Phone: 1850 60 90 90 (Republic of Ireland)

If you are in another country, you can check this list: Global Hotline for helping prevent suicides.


Could Politicians solve the Post-truth era issues, or are we keep blaming Facebook for everything?

After all the Political process, scandals, meetings, press conference, after Donald Trump won the American Election, everybody had been to feel a huge concern about how media, particularly, digital media can and had already influenced the mind of thousands of citizens, whom are being exposed to messages out of the regular mainstream of big corporations like CNN, FOX News, ABC, CBS, among others.

The situation had provoked such a chaotic situation, even Mark Zuckerberg had expressed his concern about how could he establish a proper censorship to avoid the misinformation from Russian hackers or another sources got into the regular mainstream information provided in the News feed. The FBI got involved to investigate the multiple meetings between Trump’s family members and high ranked members in the Russian Government.

The conspiracy theorists had been enjoying a big amount of ideas about the possibility of Trump’s team having the support of Russian hackers uploading and exposing a of American audience to fake information and interfere in the mindset of American citizens before the elections. Given to the use of social media, tracking and reading news on any regular website a very harsh and dangerous perception for anybody who would end up being guided, as well as, the public opinion involved in this practice. Nowadays, it is possible more than 60% of the population only in America.

Nobody ignores the relevant goal of Governments to track, control, influence and transform the way they and we communicate information. However, the digital convergence of media has increased the possibilities for hackers, and “some actors” to use their knowledge to manipulate and affect in multiple forms what local or international audiences are watching and feeling. And Trump’s election is a good example of what kind of future we could expect, in case of ignoring or risking everything even democracy itself to save it from the convergence of technology and media.

Remember the first lesson in communication for convincing people is moving their feelings not their brains so, fear was a relevant aspect promoted in the last American election, especially, after the high number of Terrorist attacks in the International context, which was used wisely by Trump to win votes during his campaign. In this context how and why would professionals, experts, communication specialist, developers, scientists, Economic and Financial gurus to use something like fear for giving an alert about technology in the digital context? It is simple, it is the only way to make people put attention. A few weeks ago I read an article about how the German government was promoting awareness of some toys, which became really popular during the last December.

The message was clear: Parents should control the kind of security their children will have when they play with toys with high possibility of having connectivity to Internet. The reason was simple there was not security in whom would have access to the system, which implied anybody would be able to hack and learn from the information provided by their child. This is a good example of how fear works in some contexts. It provokes people pay attention., so CEO and co-founder, Patrick Collinson, should have tried to understand for someone well-informed in tech jargon everything will sound as a great opportunity but the majority of the population did not belong to this group. It is not necessarily impossible to change, if you analyse that has been part of developing human learning skills since our grandparents were children and they taught them common sense related to harmful elements around us.

Sometimes, the real risk of having this kind of situation is experts, investors, among others who are trying to diminish the risk implied in using digital technology, which is in the best consideration for CEO’s who had control over thousand of millions of bytes in sensitive information running through their platforms and getting archived in massive data centers. Risks are real for the prosummers as the example of how hackers were using Youtube for stealing  cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin accounts

Censorship in the Post-truth era

The question about who could solve it appear after I read an article with Teresa May, UK Prime Minister, whom was considering to start a war over fake news. Her project is creating a team or National Security Communication Unit “to tackling fake news and disinformation online.” Even when there is no such excessive detail about who, how and the budget required to complete the successful idea. Perhaps, giving more detailed information could be the first step to avoid misinformation or offering the opportunity to “some actors” of distorting the information provided but Official sources.

Meanwhile, in Australia the Government has chosen to endorse a hard legislation towards mainstream media and Journalists, whom in case of having documents for their research would face punishment, which only could provoke more misinformation. Also, diminishing the quality of journalists’ job when they are not able to use documents without authorization.

Censorship against journalists shouldn’t be the solution. The real position is reinforced the value of sources, which provide information with substance and veracity. If we attack this kind of source, how could we expect to increase the value and trust in media. Particularly, when in some countries is not trusted at all.

Different CEOs who manage different Media groups would reinforce similar measures as the ones taking by Zuckerberg, however, the question is how could we transform the Post-truth era in the deep sense of the word. It is not so difficult to see how the United States avoid to sign the Paris Climate Deal to  protect the environment and this week Paris was looking more like Venice rather than the regular urban area we are used to. How could we tackle that kind of contradictions about things we all noticed but we’d prefer to make like we hadn’t seen or noticed because we did not have enough energy to fight against it while it is happening in a different place.

More than ever, finding a common place can be difficult, however, the media crisis faced by different Western countries under the cyber attack of countries like Russia or China is making the Cold War in a more dangerous scenario, where you don’t need special agents traveling across the Ocean to commit an atrocity to manipulate people’s mind and perception, and also their votes. You only need the right guy sitting in a small office working with a laptop and Internet connectivity, enough creativity to alter the humour of the reader and you can even change the History of any country.

Perhaps, the possibility of offering what Journals in the past used to do…bring, at least, a complete story with all the sides of the people, organisations and details involved, as well as, the facts out of any version to contrast the truth from the noise, that would  let the reader assimilate under his own values a criteria, then an opinion. Yes, in the era of modern journalism, where everyone can act like one, it looks like it is more than necessary having a real good one.


Golden Globes, Nicole Kidman,Oprah Winfrey and the other side of the French feminists

I remembered my first taste of Australian culture did not come with Locomotion… I discovered later that Kylie Minogue was Australian and I danced and sang more lines with her hit “I can’t get you off my head, boy your love it is all I think about”. I hope her next Album Golden would be so amazing as her previous productions. My cat Martin loves her voice in Slow and I know because he started to purr and lying with his belly exposed like she does in her video.  However, my first experience of seeing what was supposed to be the life Down Under was watching Paradise Beach.Of course, when I was fifteen I had never imagined I would spend more than two years in a country, where I fight for my ideas harder than I’ve ever done.

Under these circumstances, the Golden Globe gala was amazing with all the Artists involved in the request of finding a best practice in public and private sphere, which diminish the presence of abuse. Particularly, after Harvey Weinstein‘s case. Nicole Kidman was extremely glad of getting her prize as best actress for the role of a mother victim of violence at home in the film Big little lies. She used her time for being grateful of having a mother who defended the Feminist movement when she was a children.

“Sunny, Faith, I’m bringing this home to you, babies,” she began, referencing her and Keith Urban’s two young daughters. She went on to gush over co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoe Kravitz, saying they “pledged allegiance to each other. Wow, the power of women.”

In the other side of the Atlantic
I found that some feminist and intellectuals in France consider the idea of attacking sexual harassment as a step back in the freedom of women sexuality because what media, artists, creators, and citizens are doing is putting women in a position similar to any children. I found it quite ridiculous we are talking about how someone uses his power, money or relations to threat a career or an employee, or making her life complicated after rejection, that is the real difference or being in a situation where saying ‘no’ is not perceived as something anybody would like to have the opportunity to do without feel fe a punishment for it. There is the big problem with harassment.


Of course, having sexual desire is part of every person in the planet. At least, you are asexual so, having desire and express it too but when someone can coerce a woman because they are in a position of authority achieved through job, money, religion, status, will or power, we are facing a clear example of abuse. It is not about Victorian values, it is about respect and having the option of choosing with whom you will share your body without any kind of unexpected action, manipulation, dubious action (like to attack the personal values of someone in the public sphere for fun or to destroy his or her character in the public opinion), threat or menace. When you read this you can see the difference between gallantry and sexual harassment.

We shouldn’t try to say sexual desire could be compared with sexual harassment. Everybody feels desire, how do you manage your actions to get closer to a woman or men you are into would provide a very clear important differences. Particularly, when you are working with the person and you are his manager, boss, vice-President, Director or CEO.

Sometimes women and men could believe that we need our power back or saying we are going backwards, which is impossible. Women had just start winning in their battle for equality since they were recognised as voters and that just happened in the XIX century so, what we had seen in the last 130 years is how that battle advanced. We hadn’t got so much legal power before in the regular basis. At least, the woman was a noble or a Queen. Creating spaces to discuss topics like harassment couldn’t or shouldn’t get interpreted as a lost but an opportunity to find new ways to stop it.

Oprah Winfrey

oprah-winfrey-receives-golden-globe-awardOne of the most interesting actions was the clear dream of Oprah Winfrey. Nobody doubts she will be running for President of the United States in 2020. Perhaps, being winner of a prize like Cecil B. DeMille for her unstoppable and successful career on media and communications, as well as, actress, producer, among other roles made the moment unforgivable. Long time ago she confessed being victim of child sexual abuse so, her voice hadn’t got only the force of a professional but a survivor.

These are extracts from her speech “I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. We know the press is under siege these days. We also know it’s the insatiable dedication to uncovering the absolute truth that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and to injustice.”

“…So I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they, like my mother, had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue…”

“…They’re the women whose names we’ll never know. They are domestic workers and farm workers. They are working in factories and they work in restaurants and they’re in academia, engineering, medicine and science. They’re part of the world of tech and politics and business. They’re our athletes in the Olympics and they’re our soldiers in the military.”

Even David Letterman had acknowledged the special and transcendental life she has experienced, she has always being a humble woman. Undoubtedly, what I read from Oprah, as well as, Nicole’s youth in Australia let me discover to avoid listening harsh comments about not fitting inside the Australian beauty standards, where you should have a perfect tan, sexy body and, and beach blonde hair. Nicole talked long time ago to a magazine about how she couldn’t reach that level as a teenager as some of her friends  did it because her white skin, curly red hair and freckles weren’t part of what was considered as the best Australian Aesthetics. I love it, if someone with Nicole Kidman’s genes couldn’t reach it and Oprah can overcome so harsh experiences and be happy, there should be a way to find  the same path

Their speeches were brilliant that night.


Is the massive use of cryptocurrencies free from risk? Or are we invited to the biggest digital bubble doomsday?

Written by Rossana Naveda

A new way of investment had attracted multiple players in the Commercial, development and investment fields of Internet, who love to try the new formats, trends, and forma of lifestyle, where people share the same values in this community. However, sometimes, only sometimes, even when I am a believer to use and understand Darwinism as part of their mindset thinking all new technologies and products would and could make our life better and easier but we usually forgot to think in the negative consequences. I know I know Millennial generation is all about Love, positivism, a different approach to life but we couldn’t ignore that Technology, Science and they way we use it could have a negative side in some parts.

We can explain a little about the cryptocurrencies and how  we can use them to satisfy our need to pay less money to the regular Bank system. I love what Bjork is doing at the moment offering her new album to people who can pay in a different way than regular. A contact from Melbourne explained a little bit about the company he has been using to manage his money, which he is interested to offer his recommendations.

Benefits of cryptocurrencies 

In a whole room it is possible not everyone would have ever  use  a digital currency like Bitcoin. Explaining the process is not so easy but it is necessary to show you how transactions works, sometimes, the experts like Andreas Antonopoulos believe it is better to do it for learning rather than having a long talk fulfilled with multiple long words and jargon from any expert in Economics or IT, who can provide details about this mainstream topic as part of the blockchange technology, which is trying to change our concept of how using money with some aspects similar from the Historical use and approach to money until the modern Banking System, as well as, finding ways to develop a potential transformation which left behind all the vices from the system, for example, being able of controlling your own money everywhere you are without having the representation of any previous trustworthy entity like common National Banks, Local banks, or Stock exchange rules, however, it looks like the rules of the last institution still play an important role in the dynamic and conception of using money in a Cryptocurrency platform or other similar exercises in the digital landscape.

The only real threat is prosumers lost their faith in the system or any Government decide to end with this modern digital “Cayman Island”. The play looks amazing and entertaining but as we see it keeps growing, as well as, the experts, investors, promoters, geeky users, entrepreneurs, and interested individuals in applying their time, knowledge and money in this field, where they had been giving their faith and efforts for the next 5 to 10 years. Even brokers are now getting into advertise the benefits of promoting this kind of investment for a bigger audience. Now, almost everyone including myself want to know more but for what I discovered by now, the negative aspect is not having enough knowledge or expertise in IT, which made people don’t trust easily to use their money in an asset they cannot understand properly. And one advice from the most old school for investing money is “Don’t invest in something you don’t understand.”

Another issue is how this entropy is not going to finish broken. I don’t believe National Banks would be interested to see how their clients disappear massively, which implied at some point, no matter bitcoins had a limited production. The institutions are going to put pressure or they are going to ask for establishing a control over these currencies. If it doesn’t  happen with institutions, it will happen with prosumers after any kind of massive cyber attack because hackers are hackers and those bastards love to find a good challenge, especially, if you had money involved, which sooner or later would attract the attention of insurance service companies. Trust me the most we talk about the topic, the most is not going to be nerd money but a progressive different level of banking because nobody wants to lose their money.

Andreas Antonopoulos, an expert in bitcoin educated in IT, who explained how the topic of Bitcoin captured his attention, particularly, when he was discovering more and more how the users will play in the platform controlling their digital wallets and being able to transfer money to different parts of the world. However, he keeps consistency in his approach to one of the most relevant values of cryptocurrency, it should be a complete independent system from Government service, in his dialogue he expose clearly how he mentioned some countries where it wouldn’t be possible to apply the system for all the country without being a little bit panicked.

This is the best description he offered: “Bitcoin is not money, it is a system of currency, a platform of trust, it is not a company, not a product, not a service your sign up for. It is not a currency, currency it is just a first application, it is the concept of decentralization to the human communication of value.”

Money is an imaginary concept use since the ancient times. At the beginning with involved in an oral tradition, where salt, gold, nuts, stones,grains, were used as money. Money exists even before paper. Then we have precious medals, paper money, plastic money and finally, network money. He is right in almost everything but I still believe he is explaining his position from a prosumer, creator, and expert who loved scientific change over human behaviour. I do too but we all need to remember that banking and governments, sometimes, are not so open or lovers of change. And also, to establish this system as the new establishment we are going to need to educate highly specialized in IT prosumers, it could happen but I am not sure if it is going to be in the next five years, however, I want to get a wallet now. As concept is excellent, don’t get me wrong but historically we had seen a lot of things crashed from an exceptional and amazing beginning, which is not necessarily bad always but banking as business control and observe under the rules of the digital context wouldn’t work so adjust to normal expectations, I guess. Who didn’t remember Napster, did you?

In Australia 

I talked to Justin Bradley, who is an enthusiastic user of the platform CoinSpot, he mentioned another one named Coinbase here in Australia. For him the most important is learning a lot about the topic to have an effective control over your cryptocurrency especially, when you need to think of safety measures without all the process and infrastructure provide by a financial institution. In his opinion having absolute control over your money will make you spend more time understanding all the details and even information you wouldn’t imagined necessary in the regular banking system.

By doing research and educating yourself (you sound intelligent) Crypto currencies will be as safe as the person who controls it. If you want an account you only need to

  • Open a digital wallet like Coinbase, or Coinspot (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and more.)
  • Link it to your bank account, so you can fund the purchase of crypto currencies.
  • Set up a separate bank account linked to the digital wallet for safety so that you don’t have large amounts in your bank account linked to crypto currency digital wallet. (For security reasons.)
  • Once you have a linked account, you can fund the digital wallet and then purchase Crypto through Coinspot.
Justin Bradley
Coinspot is based in Australia, easy to set up and I have used it.
My formal education is in accounting and marketing. I am a real estate agent in Melbourne specialising in Hawthorn, Camberwell, Canterbury, Kew area.

Constellation: Inspiring new ideas

When I found Github was organising a cool event nearby Harbour Bridge, it was impossible to avoid my chance to learn from the experts with innovative ideas. I couldn’t assist on the first day but the second was really amazing. I found great professionals describing the last tools for collaborating in this platform

There was an attractive story of how replicate coding and checking faster any mistake while you create your last app or website. All these changes came from the hand of Bee ware with her speaker Katie McLaughlin, who started to speak after being introduced by Daniel Figucio, Github Product Update, it would help you to distribute, organise and control the amount of job as you decided to work on it.

The most interesting approach was how their program works with different platforms like Microsoft, Apple, Linux, the list was so impressive that one of the developers started to cry. I don’t know it is something so useful. However, I had not time to interview the young and bubbly Katie about her vision of this business and her craft. She left soon. However, I am expecting she would answer soon to discover more about the woman collaborating in this project.

However, she mentioned with excitement how she find, once and again, the interesting differences in culture between her and his American colleagues, a little bit of “You say tomato, I said tomato”. However, the interest for creating a platform which let you track faster all the mistakes in your coding sounds like a dream come true for beginners, as well as, professionals who run against time with an adjust budget and couldn’t afford extra developers to clean your coding.

Complex topics in the Digital market

Throughout the second day of the exposition Constellation, we did not only discovered new surprises, tricks and support for changing policies, which founded an egalitarian society. We also discovered multiple issues, from issues which are not necessarily new in Australia but it had been affecting the offer of accessing Internet as faster as usually developed economies have

Everybody is aware about the discussion for stopping President Trump and his government to end with Net Neutrality, the regular defense is everybody could have the greatest idea, no matter where or how much money he got to use Internet, and he will be able to develop the project without any digital divide between social classes. What happened in Australia is quite a digital divide created by bad decisions taken by MPs and another Government’s employees because the plan to establish the National Broadband Network changed drastically incurring in huge mistakes to install the proper infrastructure to bring the same service and easy access to the same amount of data with the same speed.

Perhaps, in 1994 it doesn’t sound so important but the time has passed and the use of new technologies and services showed the relevant aspect of having a good or bad broadband system. Particularly, when most of the tycoons and people involved in the .com industries understand the commercial value for developing and increasing the size of their companies, and how that aspect is also attached to this simple condition. A relevant factor to have access to a bigger market, and also, giving people who had enough creativity and brains to create an incredible idea in a small space like your garage or your room in the case of young entrepreneurs.

The conversation with Sam Figucio, Github sales manager, was deeply interesting. Especially when he trusted to explain how the situation is not so bad for citizens, who lived in areas built-in the last years, like his house located nearby  The Blue Mountains,  a peaceful place if you asked me, where you can enjoy an amazing time with your family and friends. However, this is not a reality for citizens living in areas with old buildings, where the infrastructure to have access to Internet was not installed from the ‘scratch’. For him, the situation was provoked by laziness of Government employees, as well as, taking the cheapest alternative of investment. Creating problems for future entrepreneurs, investors and CEO to compete against similar industries from overseas.

This critical point is possible had not looked so interesting or important  when you are facing biggest issues putting a barrier to the cost of energy, which had been increasing each year. Although the energetic crisis has been faced with the use of professionals from different fields. The topic of competitiveness it is still an ignored point, particularly when other massive companies possessed better control of their infrastructure and services in the International context. It is impossible to ignore the power of Amazon around the world, as well as how its share’s price in the stock market has been risen up constantly, giving happiness to investors. Also, providing Jeff Bezos with more economic stability to expand his business in other countries. Last Thursday, the company showed an earning of $52 per share, when the specialists in trading were expecting only a value of $3 per each one. The fact implied the rise of price to buy them increase 7% making any share has a price of $1,000.

What about time and  attention?

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The culture of sexual harassment

What happened with Harvey Weinstein is not new. He was the successful guy, who find the right actors, actresses, director, project, and make it a big blockbuster or piece enough fine to fulfill Academy Awards standards, in that sense, we could see why could have he gone so far with this behavior but undoubtedly, it has to do with the culture and the practices inside any organization.

It is impossible to deny the choices and decisions required to change this kind of risk, not only in the entertainment/media and technology industries, in all the type of companies you could imagine. From a journal to a hospitality catering services small enterprise, it is relevant to create all the time an open environment to discuss the situation, to let female or male employees feel comfortable enough to express their fears or how to avoid the situation keep happening in the work environment.

Mr. Weinstein had won what he got it but it should not let us forget that he is not the only one or the last man to choose this kind of addictive predatory behavior towards young women searching for a job. That species is easily to be found in any place in the world, as well as, in any level of the hierarchy. I am pretty sure this doesn’t happen only to beautiful models and actress in the United States or in different International Film Festival across the world.

If your company has been struggled with similar cases it is relevant for you as manager or CEO determine a structure or plan, and it shouldn’t be one which consider how many millions of dollars would you pay in case of a massive legal action from victims appeared in the future of your company. The real work is training your employees to recognize when their behavior or actions should have consider as riskier. Furthermore, train them to learn how to react and what choices they should make to leave the situation without harsh consequences for their personal and professional life.

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Sexual Violence Can Have Long-Term Effects on Victims
The likelihood that a person suffers suicidal or depressive thoughts increases after sexual violence.

  • 94% of women who are raped experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the two weeks following the rape.9
  • 30% of women report symptoms of PTSD 9 months after the rape.10
  • 33% of women who are raped contemplate suicide.11
  • 13% of women who are raped attempt suicide.11
  • Approximately 70% of rape or sexual assault victims experience moderate to severe distress, a larger percentage than for any other violent crime.12
    People who have been sexually assaulted are more likely to use drugs than the general public.11
  • 3.4 times more likely to use marijuana
  • 6 times more likely to use cocaine
  • 10 times more likely to use other major drugs
    Sexual violence also affects victims’ relationships with their family, friends, and co-workers.12
  • 38% of victims of sexual violence experience work or school problems, which can include significant problems with a boss, coworker, or peer.
  • 37% experience family/friend problems, including getting into arguments more frequently than before, not feeling able to trust their family/friends, or not feeling as close to them as before the crime.
  • 84% of survivors who were victimized by an intimate partner experience professional or emotional issues, including moderate to severe distress, or increased problems at work or school.
  • 79% of survivors who were victimized by a family member, close friend or acquaintance experience professional or emotional issues, including moderate to severe distress, or increased problems at work or school.
  • 67% of survivors who were victimized by a stranger experience professional or emotional issues, including moderate to severe distress, or increased problems at work or school.
    Victims are at risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Studies suggest that the chance of getting pregnant from one-time, unprotected intercourse is between 3.1-5%13, depending on a multitude of factors, including the time of month intercourse occurs, whether contraceptives are used, and the age of the female. The average number of rapes and sexual assaults against females of childbearing age is approximately 250,000.1 Thus, the number of children conceived from rape each year in the United States might range from 7,750—12,500.12 This is a very general estimate, and the actual number may differ. This statistic presents information from a number of different studies. Further, this information may not take into account factors which increase or decrease the likelihood of pregnancy, including, but not limited to: impact of birth control or condom use at the time of attack or infertility. RAINN presents this data for educational purposes only, and strongly recommends using the citations to review sources for more information and detail.


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