Aaia Maasarwe, another woman killed in Melbourne

Once and again, a woman was raped and killed in Melbourne. It is a sad reality, some people is saying my blog is not working but when I faced the reality of any women to suffer such type of crimes, it is disgusting that some people would not like to even try to establish new ways of changing what is a sad reality for female.

Perhaps, Aaia Maasarwe didn’t have enough bad experiences in her lifetime like I faced while I lived in South America, where the levels of tolerance for men’s bad behaviour is supported sometimes by other men or women. Or Aaia hadn’t been ever kidnapped to develop the fear of walking in the streets of Melbourne like any other local girl or woman. However, in few words she should not have to face a horrendous act of violence. Particularly, when she was preparing herself to bring her talent and skills to the world, that is the saddest part. She and her family and friends would not have a way to imagine what could she have become or been in the future.

Throughout this lost they will have the chance to remind her forever. I think it is a good point to keep promoting and trying to change and modify the violence women usually faced when her sexuality is used as a risk for themselves and not only as a part of their humanity. Sadly, some members of our society still believe that your sexuality is provocative and for that reason you should not allowed yourself to walk freely in the public space. It is honestly sad that women must fear someone attacked them under the ideology of a female’ sexuality cannot be controlled by her but it should be controlled, used or destroyed by someone who wanted to make use of his physical, or another type of force to determine where and when she should use it.

I don’t believe it is not working. Perhaps, it required a double effort and it would be a great idea to determine what is the best way to do it in this New Year. I don’t pray so often but I will do for her, her family and mine because I understood in many levels what kind of fear being a woman in the wrong social context you can feel.


Sydney: What is behind horses, betting and screening images on Historic Buildings?


It is simple. The first time I visited Sydney I did because I wanted to see the fireworks in front of the Sydney Opera House. It was really interesting and beautiful. Then I drink a beverage watching the sails and it felt completely dreamy. Some people would not understand the reason behind the protest against Alan Jones’ fiery statements in an interview against Louis Heron, Chief Executive of the Sydney Opera House. He called for sacking her from her job after she was not supportive to promote the Everest horse racing on this building.

Everybody has paid attention to this fight. Especially, when Horse racing is also a big tradition in Australian Culture. In that sense, it is understandable that Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, found like a complete non-sense this discussion.

However, numbers contradict this situation when you can find the number of people who had lost almost everything provoked by gambling addiction. Perhaps, in that sense showing a message to promote this event without any intention to promote gambling but, the both topics are very attached and well-known as a problem, which multiple Australian families face daily, and that is the real deal.


I remembered I met Adam* and we were in his car at the beginning of the year a few meters, where the protest took place yesterday. And I remembered how he gave me details of how he must ending his relationship after he discovered her girlfriend had stolen money from his bank account to gamble. Perhaps, for politicians the link between both topics can look completely out of common sense but I believed it is in part the real deal behind it.

In 2008 Gambling Solutions created a survey. In this document with 200 young participants from 13  to 24 years old found this:

    • 96% of people from 18-24 had gambled for money or possessions.


    • 62 % of those under 14 years old and 77 % of those aged up to 17 had gambled for money or items, including mobile phones and MP3 players.


    • 25.5% of 14-17 year olds and 55 % of 18-24 year olds had lost more than they had intended,


  • and 6% under 18 had played a poker machine

Other aspect is how Australian citizens felt about Private sphere, in this case, Everest brand’s owners taking the public space to promote a ‘famous’ but still private event. And the attitude from Mr. Jones what really made Sydneysider felt outrageously angry. It was a sum of subtle issues like addiction, which is affecting the local community plus a bad-tempered comments from Alan Jones, radio personality, during an interview.

Finally, the common sense won and they had decided to take a different path. Perhaps, they would win more support if they chose to promote a plan to help people who is struggling with gambling issues. Perhaps, that part of this issue should have more attention. It would be an interesting turn in this clash about Culture, business, horse tradition, advertisement, economy and high-profile events in Australia.




About teachers being taught to spot potential transgender student

I read a few weeks ago how the percentage of students in Australia suffering of gender dysphoria has increased dramatically in the last five years. The statistics showed a 200% rise in kids as young as six changing sex. And I respect that parents now are well-educated and understand how the psychology of the kids work but sometimes, we can support things, which are not really good for the kids in the long term.

Sometimes as a kid it is just you like things that your parents could say “That is more for a boy”, which is a mistake. As I grow up I remember that I love robots, cars, roads, getting in the mini versions of any car, motorcycle and drive. Sometimes, I listened “That is not for a girl”, and that is how sometimes, kids and adults got confused because there is still prejudices over children’s interests rather than a real divergence about sexuality in children’s mind. It is not like you want to become a boy or a girl, it is more like you like things boys are more used to practice, play or do, but you are still interested in other things.

What confused you is listening the prejudice from adults saying ‘that is not up to you’. You should be more in this way, ‘more feminine’, ‘more masculine’ in the case of the boys. Perhaps, it is more about adults finally start learning also how to discern when someone wants to change their sex and what is the meaning behind being interested in topics or themes, which our old construction of gender provides with the classical view of masculine’ s or feminine’s interests. For example, being a woman doesn’t imply you are less feminine for liking topics, which used to be seen as topics created for and by men.

I read the article printed in The Daily Telegraph and while I supported that NSW and any educational supported students, who have a profound desire of changing their sexes and avoid being mistreated or insulted or suffering bullying for that reason. I also believe and supported the medical vision from Professor John Whitehall that nobody should change their sex until they are mature enough to take so important decision. After all, you couldn’t go backwards in that sense.

What remains from Vivid Sydney: From innocence, lights, paintings, Science and seduction.

#VividSydney was here. A festival of lights, ideas, Science, Arts and more. I found Snugglepot and Cuddlepie short-film showed as a film on one of my favourite buildings in Sydney. The characters created by Australian author May Gibbs was amazing. The story is simple but the music and the feature would you feel glad, peaceful, discovering more about the symbols behind the Australian culture, where Eucalyptus trees are found in the bush all the time letting koalas enjoy long naps under burgeoning rays of light in the middle of any day during December and January. These common  places inspired the Australian artist to create this world, where the innocence is the main element of their journey. In some sort of way inspired and fueled the natural desire in Saxon countries for going to explore the world and find new adventures to live.

In my humble experience, the walking around the city works as an interesting and reflexive momentum to think of it as a short trip from the innocence of  Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ story until a surprising second visit to the Charles Billich’s gallery located in The Rocks, where all the vices from adulthood are present. Money, Fame, Diamonds, Sex, Hedonism, Seduction, Bets and Sensuality had been exposed and explored in the majority of his paintings. He is a painter of excesses but he can organise them so well with a Modern version of Surrealism and Cubism that they looked just marvelous, attractive, desirable, and inviting… My favourite are the Russian Ballet Dancer paintings, he definitely loves that woman. As well as the horses running for the first place with their jockeys.


The first time I was in his gallery was in 2015, and what called my attention this time was his story as refugee in Australia. Definitely, a place you must visit during any #VividSydney  It was a great experience, and against some voters in this beautiful place I wouldn’t think it is a good idea moving the Festival around Australia, it belongs to Sydney, even with a crazy traffic, waves of people crossing across the CBD using a comple Labyrinth, meanwhile restaurants and bars are full with visitors, Sydneysiders, writers, photographers, parents running behind their children, loners, couples, single parents, backpackers, students, tourists, the truth is this event belongs to Sydney.


If you don’t want to walk out during the night, you should plan ahead a survival guide list for the things to do to avoid all the issues related to #VividSydney. Perhaps, I can help you with one but I enjoyed those nights. I do really find fascinating the projection of different microorganisms, virus, bacteria, and some fungus in The Rocks Wall. I enjoyed part of the Biennale in the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was hard, painful, real, familiar and intense the exploration of the conflict between Capitalism and Comunism in the last Century through the experience and words from a retired officer and how anybody can be part of a massacre caused by a bigger power, which gave us that reality as the only alternative. Probably the crucial example of losing your innocence in a modern world.

In my personal opinion is part of Sydney’s identity like the White Night belongs to Melbourne .I was just waiting for watching the sweetest images of three children running from their small town to the big city as something nice, entertaining for children and in some sort of way a sense of reminiscence for adults about their own adventures when they were younger. From this point, I walked towards the  create my own emojis on Samsung  exhibition following an interesting show of candies and high-speed cars . The last one was probably the most popular area for teenagers attracted by the modern beats produced in the Dj’s console, as well as, taking pictures and recording videos with their phones of the colourful and vivid videos reflected on the Sydney Opera House. Finally, it was a Festival, which let us go back again to remember and celebrate how Lumiere Brother’s discovery of how using light and shadow in a special way during the darkness could let us dream and create visual stories or concepts. Before them was the discovery of fire, which protect us but we are not in a History class, this is just a Op ed about why #VividSydney belongs to Sydney.


Kate Spade: an eye-opener for common prejudices

By Rossana Naveda

Mental health issues like depression among other mental diseases usually are associated to people who is not doing as winners, or at least with the common elements of a well established life. Reading about her death was something really sad for me because when you love someone by her work, it is impossible to think you would not miss  the talent that everybody will miss. Meanwhile, for her family, her husband, her daughter, this is a devastating experience and probably, they would remember forever the amazing details from the personality of this Mid-Western girl.

What called my attention is Coach, now known as Tapestry, bought the Kate Spade brand last year for $2.4 billion. This is a clear sign of how having or not having money could not be the main reason of someone to kill themselves. Most of the time we believe that having things like a fortune, or a established life with a husband, a family, and friends, as well as, stability in the external would be everything to be healthy in the physical and mental aspects of our lives.

Perhaps, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was right to increase the budget with additional AUS$ 34 million for saving more lives of people thinking about suicide. A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister gave this information. It has been a long journey in different countries for creating awareness toward mental health issues. In England and The United States the Royal Family and Lady Gaga were trying to increase the confidence in young generations and adults to speak about it but we found that in a time where we are more connected to others than ever through our devices, we are more lonely than too. In Australia, Suicide deaths has increased by more than 20 percent between 2004 and 2014, and it is the leading cause of death in Australians aged between 15 and 44 years. The rate of indigenous suicide is double the rate of non-indigenous suicide.


This said something important. We are desperate to make robots act like humans but we forgot humans are killing themselves in highest rates in a decade. And this is happening in France, Canada, Australia, Spain, The United States, among other developed and underdeveloped economies. Some people do not like to use those words to describe them but I still believe they are better than 1st and 3rd world, the words used to mention them in my Encyclopedias of Geography and History.

While I grew up and I was studying English, I discover for the first time about the Japan’s high rate of suicides between students, who couldn’t achieve the milestone they and their parents desire to achieve, and how their perception of suicides in this culture was responsible in part of this behaviour. Honor for them was like a religion, the tradition of  honourable suicide is still part of their culture. And at some point I could understand their way to see life but if someone would take my honour, I would probably rather try to kill him, her, or them, rather than killing myself. Definitely, a different cultural background determine our beliefs and actions.

However, what has been happening in the last two decades it is something the majority is ignoring. Killing yourself for economic distress is not new, even people during the Wall Street market crashed in 1929 provoked numerous incidents related to suicide. In modern times, Spain has a outrageous number of suicides attached to economic reasons provoked by the crisis where millions had lost their houses. In France, as it was reported by The Local, every year around 220,000 people in France attempt to take their own life and 10,000 of those die as a result. Most of the time, the reason is how any individual feels connected to their job, and when they are not able to find a way to make it, that caused distress.

However, what you could understand when somebody, who is not facing this kind of external issues, and it is living in a complete different scenario as successful people, kill himself or herself. Perhaps, we should try to understand the reason is not necessarily the cause but the inability to cope with the trauma, and how society tends to ignore the person suffering, or seeing with disregard the reasons or causes behind this situation.

Social criticism&prejudices

In this case, having more interaction with other and a group of people helping you when you felt like there was not anything to do, to try, to share, or to express to change your sadness. Particularly, when they couldn’t understand how someone with everything they would like to have could not be happy. People can feel even annoyed.

And this is not only for lonely people, I found that some experts said isolation is the first step in this case of scenario, but I have listened new mothers having a terrible case of baby blue, even when everybody is around happy and supporting them. Of course, I was there listening and telling them that even when the experience could be overwhelming, excessively demanding and scaring; they would raise a beautiful child in the future, rather, than criticising, humiliating, bullying, gossiping or ignoring them like most of the time people do when they must listen someone saying things like that.

For young people this even harder. The popular TV teen drama Thirteen reasons why is a good example of how younger generations face more than ever a high risk of killing themselves under pressure of being different, not so popular, not so thin, not so sexy, not so whatever other people want. And this is particularly, real for teenage girls who also need to face challenges about the figure so, dying with Anorexia or Bulimia is in some sort of way another kind of suicide.

And when I admired Kate Spade’s work during all my life while I work in the publishing industry, her case says a lot about how we can sadly see a person with so much talent, opportunities, family and success had to face a tragic end for her life. I remembered walking in the famous store with her logo in the entrance, in Sydney last February, and seeing a beautiful black dress full of poppies. I did not buy it but I believe this is a relevant example of how many talented and marvelous people is lost each year because there was not a person listening them. With Anthony Bourdain  we saw the same happening, and it is devastating, another talented person, who did not only entertained us but taught us. What else do we need to see to understand something is wrong?

When will we use technology to diminish the rate of people who kill themselves because the truth behind depression and suicide is most of the time, the person suffering feels the weight of the world over their shoulders in a literal way. Beyond what is really happening outside, it is an inner issue so, when you had achieved so much in your life  people could say why did you feel sad? You got everything anybody could dream about. First, we should stop believing that having a depression is something that happened only to lonely people or unemployed, or unsuccessful people.

Everyone can be a victim of this kind of state.

If you have suicidal thoughts or another issues like Anorexia or Bulimia, you can call Lifeline in Sydney, Australia 11 13 14, chat on their website or you can talk with your family, siblings or friends. If you are in the United States, The National Suicide Prevention is 1-800-273-TALK [8255]. Meanwhile in France, Spain and The United Kingdom the phone numbers are:


S.O.S Amitié
Phone: 01 42 96 26 26


Teléfono de la Esperanza
Phone: 902500002

United Kingdom / Ireland

Phone: 08457 90 90 90 (UK)
Phone: 1850 60 90 90 (Republic of Ireland)
Email: jo@samaritans.org

If you are in another country, you can check this list: Global Hotline for helping prevent suicides.


Review: Don’t judge a girl by her cover

The choice was not difficult I had already seen multiple times the film based in the book The sisterhood of the traveling pants, and even when I had been traveling the last four years without any kind of normal good-bye from my friends…The truth is our situation was more like a battlefield before our pathways took different directions so, it was not the best alternative at that moment.

Finding Don’t judge a girl by her cover by Ally Carter following the collection Gallagher Girls called my attention. A high school for super-spies sounds quite extreme but that is what makes the story of young girls getting ready to become high trained security professionals in something interesting.

The first pages introduced you the main characters Cameron “Camie” Miss Morgan/ Chameleon. She spoke 14 languages and she got the ability to hide and play her part in different situations and environments without being excessively noticed, which is one of the most important characteristics for becoming a successful spy. She had lived in Washington with her mother, and after her father lose her life in the field, her mother decided to accept the role of headmistress in the Gallagher Academy for exceptional young woman.

As the main character, Miss Morgan/ aka Camie told the story of the main cover of her school for talented girls, who dreamed to become members of high secret services in different countries like the United States or United Kingdom. The characters are well-defined, the story let you with an excessive amount of doubts rather than getting some certainties. I hadn’t finished the collection but I gave a high score for the description of violent scenes and kidnappers’ system for attacking a target.

The main topic in this book is how Camie and her school do everything to protect the life of her roommate at the school, Macey McHenry, only daughter of a Vice-Presidency candidate running for the office competing during the elections time in the United States, who was victim in a first attack inside her school of Political extremists, and save by her classmate Cameron.

The more you read, this simple fact started to change more and more until you found what is the real target? In my personal opinion, the most interesting fact about the book is how the training to become a professional in Security is firmly attached to use your brain all the time and let your feelings out of the game. And that is what the character tried to teach you. For older people and younger readers, the attraction on a value like loyalty, which nowadays is not so easy to find not even in your friends; and the main element in the interactions of this group is undoubtedly, one of the more likeable things on the reading. Perhaps, that is why do you still find people interested to be part of Military groups, Police, Firemen because putting your life in the hands of somebody else, it is undoubtedly, the highest risk any man or woman could take.

Love interests are part of Cameron’s life too. Zach is the target of her heart, and even when she tried to be rational about him. Each encounter let her most confused than usual, she is good in tactics of defense but controlling herself and her feelings towards him looked like a harder work, especially, when he looks like a student, who shares most things in common than she expected. Their encounters are sexy, full of mystery and they never had the time to share them without something unexpected and dangerous happened.

I recommended the book for the description of kidnapping scenes, they will give you a close approach of how you feel it in this scenario, and not once but twice. Personally, I always had to stop multiple times during the second one because they reminded of a personal bad experience in South America, where I was kidnapped for 20 minutes by three guys and Cameron’s description is utterly connected to reality: You are angry, you fight, you felt tired but you keep pushing, punching, getting bashed and physically hurt, moving, screaming, crawling, pushing towards the car’s door, calling the attention of people to see you are in danger and running to get free. And all the time you feel fear that someone decide to use the gun to stop your actions but you wouldn’t let them to get you alive.

If you want to know more about the training of secret service agents, you love to watch Political thrillers, you like to know more about elections and campaigns, or learning how could you educate a high-trained professional since high school, the Gallagher Girls collection will made your weekend quite special.

The Essentials of being a Chameleon

By Cameron Ann Morgan

  1. It is very important, at all times, to look like you belong.
  2. When #1 is difficult, try pointing to imaginary people and walking purposefully and walking purposefully toward no one.
  3. Stillness. Stillness is key (except when you’re doing #2) because people see motion more easily that they see things. So when in doubt, freeze.
  4. It totally helps if you aren’t all that special looking (in either really good or really bad ways).
  5. Acquaint yourself with your surroundings. ASAP.
  6. Dress in a way that isn’t flashy, fashionably, ugly or obscene.
  7. Hiding is for amateurs.

What is behind all the noise of Russian presence as a risk in Western democracies?

If we consider the facts. Only a blind man wouldn’t assume that the Cold War never dies. Even if Gregory Logvinov, Russian ambassador in Canberra, tried to accuse Churchill of being the mastermind behind the Cold War’s origin, the truth is they did because decoding the message from German Army was the way of winning the II World War. The analysis is simple they keep the style to be on time for taking actions before a Third one started, as well as, all the participants in the previous conflict.


And that is exactly what happened during Joseph McCarthy’s mandate. After what happened in the Second World War, everybody started to feel scared of extreme Political positions in the United States coming from another country so, at that time Media faced similar struggles about the external influence of Communist propaganda, a different  kind of Government fighting for supremacy in the global scenario in the other side of the Atlantic. This situation inspired multiple authors so, when you go to watch Fahrenheit 451, you should consider this example of how persecution can be also a mistake.

We couldn’t forget how Hitler’s media team did using the right strategy of propaganda to convince people of doing or support his plan to conquer Europe. I know, I know it sounds like old news but when you analyse what happened in Facebook and the fake news you saw how similar is the influence of messages in the conscious and unconscious mindset of readers, viewers, prosummers and customers. Denying the fact that the wrong use of media to transmit information and the power within of changing people’s choices is a mistake because History has proved, once and again, how relevant is.

The risk of Russia or any other Government with enough power to intervene in the Political Scenario of any country is real. The measures against Russian diplomats didn’t wait so far. Especially, after the killing of double agent, Sergei Skripal,however, the choices of punishing Russia has been more a soft public measure to condemn multiple actions against international security made by this Government.


Meanwhile, security specialists express that tech companies from foreign countries still had the infrastructure and Power to do similar actions in the future. In that sense, some American companies had solicited to avoid any kind of petition from the Government to execute similar actions, the truth is not all the enterprises are interested in this kind of accord and in countries like China or Europe, there hadn’t been any similar response in the private sphere. Only the European Parliament had expressed the interest of increasing control over digital media, however, when the infraestructure to communicate is attached to Russian Government influence, it is quite hard to determine how successful they will be in the future to achieve their goals.


What can any user do?

Cookies, Facebook, Bears and Russia: Welcome to McCarthy era 2.0

I don’t want to defend nobody, this is not a column for that kind of choices. However, we need to be clear, what is happening most of the time is how did we choose to see the decision of different people handling biggest corporations or massive governments? And in both cases, the answer is the same, they are or they are influenced by their past. Donald Trump, President of the United States and Mark Zuckerberg, Philanthropist and CEO shared mindsets of Managers in private enterprises. It could be selling advertising or beautiful hotels to spend your holidays. Both took decisions inspired in what a businessman would do and when that is comprehensible in Zuckerberg’s position, when Donald Trump tried to do it everybody goes “crazy”.

I don’t support all his decisions but when I saw the way he expressed his opinions or beliefs on Twitter, even against any PR expert advice, what I saw it is exactly what you could find in the majority of experts in management. They believe they are right, no matter how wrong they had acted. Even though, the influence of Russian hackers in the American election is a reality and a warning for The United States and for any country, where users read their news online.

The cookies don’t only crumble, they let them tracked you


Cookies are one of my favourites desserts since I was a child. Furthermore, my mom used to laugh at my reaction each time I found them on the table. My grandmother used to buy a dozen each time she went to the supermarket and it looks like in the digital era I am not the only one with a deep interest in cookies. Companies from Facebook to Google used them all the time to track your behaviour online and interests so, the problem is how companies hacked the system of private enterprises to determine new strategies to manipulate, influence and control your behaviour. This is not new. Different communication schools had been taking advantage of Psychological studies to understand your behaviour and try to modify it. However, what could be the measures taken when they don’t use real facts to change your opinions but lies published as they were real.

It is true that Facebook case is similar to what other companies like Equifax, Uber, among others had experience. However, in Facebook case the most strange is how the information was used by a third company Cambridge Analytica to influence voters in an Election. Assuming that any company try to use that kind of information to understand better their users and selling them more products, ideas, values or another commercial element, how do Governments should measure responsibility when a company could affect Political decisions in high levels or positions?

We are accepting that anything is justified when we should win an election without a second thought, in that context we see one more time not a vision of Politics, as I am used to see in different messages around me thinking in the Greatness good for everyone, but more in something from the private sphere when prevail over your opponent is the more important thing. In that context, the use of resources as cookies to manipulate your vote is seen as a right strategy, however, users still had questions and doubts about privacy and how, sometimes, the companies promised something they cannot achieve in their privacy agreement before you start using any platform.


What is behind all the noise of Russian presence as a risk in Western democracies?


Heritage and Culture as one of the key elements to inspire creation

By Rossana Naveda


When I started this blog I found an explicit critical response towards stealing codes of Culture. However, my defence couldn’t come in more strength form by reminding how my house used to be filled with English Speaking golden pieces of Literature, from Dickens, one of the ancients; without forgetting Sir Conan Doyle‘s most famous characters like Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson; Dumas, two French writers, who possessed an interest vision about relationships in the romantic and fraternal scenario; The King Arthur next to Guinevere,  and the mythology from the England lands. The modernity throughout Margaret Mitchell, Ernest Hemingway, John Grisham, Jules Verne, even how the Lambs were an important element in the Australian culture throughout the descriptions narrated by the writer Colleen McCullogh in her book The Thorn Birds. At the same time, Masters of Literature in Spanish as Don Quijote written by Miguel Cervantes Saavedra, Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco and Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Love in Cholera Time) were there close to my fingertips each afternoon.

I cannot deny I grew up listening about the mother and aunts of my grandmother speaking in English in her hometown in a small town in the North of the Andean Mountains so, I had never felt this side of my backgrounds far from my identity as neither I found my mother’s ancestry located in the Coast of America (the Continent) far from my identity, which is mainly structured under the definition of syncretism between Spanish culture and local ancient groups. I love growing up in the middle of these different worlds and in multiple ways the richness from both sides let me have a more creative way of thinking in different areas of my life, and in some sort of Slytherin’ strategy let me survive in the things I love the most like my loved grandmother and family, as well as, their traditions.

The decision of exploring this topic is the usual critical perception of one predominantly Culture over another. However, even the most ancient Cultures formed throughout the conquering one tribe or group against their will had a resemblance of how societies become stronger using syncretism as a secret to transform themselves through time. Sometimes, for stronger prejudices we find hardships to remind this kind of concepts and we try to forget the purpose of support different ways of thinking. Under these circumstances, social groups used to focus their attention in hating how the others choose to work or plan. Instead of learning from both sides. It is common to find scenarios like this in different Political, where the Politicians used Culture and Heritage like arms to win votes avoiding expose better arguments to determine a realistic measures about good or bad decisions during their Political terms.

The problem is people believe in them without contrasting facts and seeing over the Campaigns strategies their smart teams creators supported. In some cases, having lack of interest in Politics caused this kind of Speech or propaganda disseminate negative messages against particular groups, creating chaos, increasing the number of hate crimes, diminishing internal security, among other effects as discriminative behaviour against minorities, which probably had previously faced enough troubles to have a safe and healthy life. Although it is comprehensible that Government took measures to protect themselves from external threats in any level they could, it is also relevant to create a fair and trustworthy system to plan and get ahead with the proper decisions to protect the life and well-being of their citizens without recurring to racial persecution or discrimination.

For safety reasons

Under particular circumstances, it is reasonable to choose alternatives to increase the security as banning some groups for a determine period of time, but promote alienation for particular groups and communities, it is not only a remarkable ignorant behaviour, it will only diminish the Internal security of citizens, who could start to believe they would have the safety they need by harassing, hitting, discriminating, ignoring or insulting people, who looked different physically, culturally or mentally. And it is a reality, which affected communities in different Continents, not only in Australia, US, Europe or South America.

Under these circumstances, it is difficult to ignore the value of Leaders inside communities or in positions of Power, in big or small-scale, whom promote a secure environment for local residents and visitors, who would spend long time or short time in the place. Walking down any street shouldn’t feel like a terrifying experience for anybody and in that sense, it is responsibility of everyone to share, recognise differences and even, if they are not celebrated, tolerance and respect are relevant elements to keep a community living in a safe environment.

For economic reasons

When people feel fear of being themselves or sharing who they are, it is more common their abilities, talents or skills got wasted in activities, which wouldn’t necessarily exposed their better attributes as workers.

Feeling fear, also, could provoke anxiety, stress and nervousness. These are not the characteristics any employer want in their collaborators because it will diminish the productivity from the people under any manager’s control. Feeling accepted, respected and supported by any community works not only for individuals but for all the people involved in the creation, manufacture or development of products, projects, ideas, brands, apps or any business you can figure out with your imagination.

Sharing values from different groups and support the creation inspired by their different Cultural backgrounds wouldn’t only provide the opportunity to support diversity and follow what a variety of countries’ Legislation tend to advertise under the rules of the free market, advertise because it is not truth, big corporations tend to use their power to attack good ideas, only because they were not the first ones to develop them. Also innovation could offer new visions, under a wide number of participants from different backgrounds, about how to tackle difficult and harsh social issues, which had affected our communities even before the Industrial era.

#supportdiversityisinyourhands #wstrength #Culture&Heritage






Why Barnaby is wrong about his personal affair

Yes, I know I hadn’t written in excess about Political topics in Australia but the reason is simple, you don’t talk, at least, you lived long enough to understand what does the society think, expect and want from his leaders as they do.

In the case of Australia, it takes long because Aussie used to share some complexities about their culture, similar to Latin America, they used to have questions about identity, which are not completely satisfied yet. They even recognised that part of their way of thinking is attached to be a country recognise as it since 1 January 1901, which is only one century when we compared Australia’s democracy to other countries, which possessed a more complex History. However, Australian were involved and participated actively in the Greatest Wars of the XX Century, which let them be part or Modern History in an interesting way, and with a different vision of themselves.

In this story for female, I had found that even in a Continent far from most of the influences, the situation for female students at the Universities is still attached to work on making clear to men What is consent? What are the rules of consent? And how to avoid confusing the desire of a women? I did not want to go further in the topic before because I had been writing about harassment since this blog started and I am pretty sure there is a strong connection between what we learn in High School or Secondary education and the University, and all those experiences will appear later in life when we will work in an public or private institution so, yes, teaching about harassment and interpersonal behaviour shouldn’t be ignored, underappreciated or being discarded.

Most of the time, the topic is seeing under a vision of old women, who couldn’t figure it out a fun way in the life of young people having these experiences. However, women complained once and again towards this kind of conduct, no matter their age, and as we can see it is something that goes beyond any particular Victorian value. How could I expect any man would consider his behaviour and way of thinking towards women in a respectful way, while he lives under these circumstances in his youth, then he starts his career, and in the working place we observe all these sexual harassment or misconduct related cases happening?

Perhaps, some Political analysts considered an exaggerated position what Malcolm Turnbull did, when he expressed a critical view over having a romantic relationship with someone working as part of the staff in a public office. I found multiple journalists, media professionals and politicians who went against his critical position towards what Barnaby Joyce chose as the best alternative for the relationship with Vikki Campion. However, I truly believe when there is a crisis over conduct and the use of economic resources from any Government, no matter what Political party the public servant represents, it is relevant to analise the choices and positions taken under the premise that Government’s money comes from taxes and citizens who paid them, in that sense, it is reasonable calling the attention towards how and where those resources are used? It is ridiculous to think Malcolm Turnbull could be wrong when the situation was not properly managed. And Barnaby’s choices won’t affect only his career but they will put some pressure on the Political party he belongs to, as well as, the headmaster of the Australian Government at this time.

In this case, everybody knows that when Barnaby started his relation, he should had previously decided to remove her new girlfriend from the office and relocated her in a different department or following orders from another politician, not only for personal reasons, but for professional responsibility. And in the case of Vikki Campion, well, professionally speaking she did not offer the best advice to the leader of the National Party, Barnaby Joyce, when we should think about image in the local and international media landscape.