About teachers being taught to spot potential transgender student

I read a few weeks ago how the percentage of students in Australia suffering of gender dysphoria has increased dramatically in the last five years. The statistics showed a 200% rise in kids as young as six changing sex. And I respect that parents now are well-educated and understand how the psychology of the kids work but sometimes, we can support things, which are not really good for the kids in the long term.

Sometimes as a kid it is just you like things that your parents could say “That is more for a boy”, which is a mistake. As I grow up I remember that I love robots, cars, roads, getting in the mini versions of any car, motorcycle and drive. Sometimes, I listened “That is not for a girl”, and that is how sometimes, kids and adults got confused because there is still prejudices over children’s interests rather than a real divergence about sexuality in children’s mind. It is not like you want to become a boy or a girl, it is more like you like things boys are more used to practice, play or do, but you are still interested in other things.

What confused you is listening the prejudice from adults saying ‘that is not up to you’. You should be more in this way, ‘more feminine’, ‘more masculine’ in the case of the boys. Perhaps, it is more about adults finally start learning also how to discern when someone wants to change their sex and what is the meaning behind being interested in topics or themes, which our old construction of gender provides with the classical view of masculine’ s or feminine’s interests. For example, being a woman doesn’t imply you are less feminine for liking topics, which used to be seen as topics created for and by men.

I read the article printed in The Daily Telegraph and while I supported that NSW and any educational supported students, who have a profound desire of changing their sexes and avoid being mistreated or insulted or suffering bullying for that reason. I also believe and supported the medical vision from Professor John Whitehall that nobody should change their sex until they are mature enough to take so important decision. After all, you couldn’t go backwards in that sense.

What remains from Vivid Sydney: From innocence, lights, paintings, Science and seduction.

#VividSydney was here. A festival of lights, ideas, Science, Arts and more. I found Snugglepot and Cuddlepie short-film showed as a film on one of my favourite buildings in Sydney. The characters created by Australian author May Gibbs was amazing. The story is simple but the music and the feature would you feel glad, peaceful, discovering more about the symbols behind the Australian culture, where Eucalyptus trees are found in the bush all the time letting koalas enjoy long naps under burgeoning rays of light in the middle of any day during December and January. These common  places inspired the Australian artist to create this world, where the innocence is the main element of their journey. In some sort of way inspired and fueled the natural desire in Saxon countries for going to explore the world and find new adventures to live.

In my humble experience, the walking around the city works as an interesting and reflexive momentum to think of it as a short trip from the innocence of  Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’ story until a surprising second visit to the Charles Billich’s gallery located in The Rocks, where all the vices from adulthood are present. Money, Fame, Diamonds, Sex, Hedonism, Seduction, Bets and Sensuality had been exposed and explored in the majority of his paintings. He is a painter of excesses but he can organise them so well with a Modern version of Surrealism and Cubism that they looked just marvelous, attractive, desirable, and inviting… My favourite are the Russian Ballet Dancer paintings, he definitely loves that woman. As well as the horses running for the first place with their jockeys.


The first time I was in his gallery was in 2015, and what called my attention this time was his story as refugee in Australia. Definitely, a place you must visit during any #VividSydney  It was a great experience, and against some voters in this beautiful place I wouldn’t think it is a good idea moving the Festival around Australia, it belongs to Sydney, even with a crazy traffic, waves of people crossing across the CBD using a comple Labyrinth, meanwhile restaurants and bars are full with visitors, Sydneysiders, writers, photographers, parents running behind their children, loners, couples, single parents, backpackers, students, tourists, the truth is this event belongs to Sydney.


If you don’t want to walk out during the night, you should plan ahead a survival guide list for the things to do to avoid all the issues related to #VividSydney. Perhaps, I can help you with one but I enjoyed those nights. I do really find fascinating the projection of different microorganisms, virus, bacteria, and some fungus in The Rocks Wall. I enjoyed part of the Biennale in the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was hard, painful, real, familiar and intense the exploration of the conflict between Capitalism and Comunism in the last Century through the experience and words from a retired officer and how anybody can be part of a massacre caused by a bigger power, which gave us that reality as the only alternative. Probably the crucial example of losing your innocence in a modern world.

In my personal opinion is part of Sydney’s identity like the White Night belongs to Melbourne .I was just waiting for watching the sweetest images of three children running from their small town to the big city as something nice, entertaining for children and in some sort of way a sense of reminiscence for adults about their own adventures when they were younger. From this point, I walked towards the  create my own emojis on Samsung  exhibition following an interesting show of candies and high-speed cars . The last one was probably the most popular area for teenagers attracted by the modern beats produced in the Dj’s console, as well as, taking pictures and recording videos with their phones of the colourful and vivid videos reflected on the Sydney Opera House. Finally, it was a Festival, which let us go back again to remember and celebrate how Lumiere Brother’s discovery of how using light and shadow in a special way during the darkness could let us dream and create visual stories or concepts. Before them was the discovery of fire, which protect us but we are not in a History class, this is just a Op ed about why #VividSydney belongs to Sydney.


Lost Vegas: A city full of harsh contrasts!!

That was the vision captured by Tim Levy in her last exhibition in the Black Eye Gallery. I found a small place to open my mind and see the world through this photographer’s eyes, which were focused in something I called social irony, and Vegas has a lot of places to find it. However, Tim should invest a precious gift we all have, time to find the precise images, the right people, the perfect illumination, the satirical view, in other words, to let us consider the value of timing.

He must travel to Las Vegas three times for getting the complete collection named Lost Vegas. As part of his personal experience he mentioned that in the second one he got sick by food poisoned; during his first trip he didn’t find so much to work with; however, the muse appeared on time to let him collect through the camera’s lens the sides of luck.

las-vegas-nevada-cities-urban-161772.jpegIn 2007, 39.2 million visitors spent their money in Las Vegas, Nevada (US). Usually, this number of people is going to visit this city each year to get married, to spend money in the city’s casinos, to dream big, to enjoy the luxury and extravaganza in every possible way. It is the city to forget responsibilities and becoming a Wild One, no rules, no regrets and everything happened there, stayed there.

However, an open invitation to feed all kind of appetites wouldn’t let out the risk of violence, blood, danger, sex, drugs, in a few words… what the majority of Quentin Tarantino‘s fans love in his movies. It is on the list of dangerous cities with 43.4 violent crimes per 10,000 residents, which made it occupy the 21st place on the list created by the Business Insider. It is easy to understand why they located the most famous lab team for solving crime in America in this city.

It is an interesting exhibition, I couldn’t lie each image would provoke a strong impression on the visitor. Undoubtedly, my favourite one was the Apricot Sunset, the desert with a sunset’s beautiful illumination gave you a chance to breathe in the middle of all excesses. Another magnificent image is The Gambler, this work won as an image of Head On Landscape Prize and a finalist image for Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award.


If you want to enjoy the real spirit of Las Vegas and all the contrast you could see inside their community, this is a great opportunity to see beyond the bright lights, the spectacle, the amusing entertainment, for enjoying the other side of the coin, the one which didn’t get enough luck.

So you will find the people arriving to have a wedding; the brides looking quite concerned about her future with a gambler in front of the tables; the shooters, the pride Americans, the homeless citizens, the illegal immigrants working as advertisers of sex work, probably, something they would have never done in their own countries; the sex workers with fabulous bodies and lines giving her back to the lens and her face to her client, the strippers, the game, the gamblers, the sexual element, the guns, the classic American design and the wild spirit in the middle of the desert. You are welcome more than welcome to enjoy the illusion of spending money on all kinds of pleasure and also, watch how others live in complete misery in a city publicized as a Paradise for losing control.

I don’t believe Tim tried to give any lecture about Economics and poverty but he used his camera with a great dose of wisdom to show, probably, the same surprise we found in the contrast of this city explored in each image, because people living on the streets is something you can find anywhere, even in the Sydney CBD so, what calls the attention of the viewer  in this exhibition is the dramatic truth beyond an over-advertised and tempting surface.


Could Politicians solve the Post-truth era issues, or are we keep blaming Facebook for everything?

After all the Political process, scandals, meetings, press conference, after Donald Trump won the American Election, everybody had been to feel a huge concern about how media, particularly, digital media can and had already influenced the mind of thousands of citizens, whom are being exposed to messages out of the regular mainstream of big corporations like CNN, FOX News, ABC, CBS, among others.

The situation had provoked such a chaotic situation, even Mark Zuckerberg had expressed his concern about how could he establish a proper censorship to avoid the misinformation from Russian hackers or another sources got into the regular mainstream information provided in the News feed. The FBI got involved to investigate the multiple meetings between Trump’s family members and high ranked members in the Russian Government.

The conspiracy theorists had been enjoying a big amount of ideas about the possibility of Trump’s team having the support of Russian hackers uploading and exposing a of American audience to fake information and interfere in the mindset of American citizens before the elections. Given to the use of social media, tracking and reading news on any regular website a very harsh and dangerous perception for anybody who would end up being guided, as well as, the public opinion involved in this practice. Nowadays, it is possible more than 60% of the population only in America.

Nobody ignores the relevant goal of Governments to track, control, influence and transform the way they and we communicate information. However, the digital convergence of media has increased the possibilities for hackers, and “some actors” to use their knowledge to manipulate and affect in multiple forms what local or international audiences are watching and feeling. And Trump’s election is a good example of what kind of future we could expect, in case of ignoring or risking everything even democracy itself to save it from the convergence of technology and media.

Remember the first lesson in communication for convincing people is moving their feelings not their brains so, fear was a relevant aspect promoted in the last American election, especially, after the high number of Terrorist attacks in the International context, which was used wisely by Trump to win votes during his campaign. In this context how and why would professionals, experts, communication specialist, developers, scientists, Economic and Financial gurus to use something like fear for giving an alert about technology in the digital context? It is simple, it is the only way to make people put attention. A few weeks ago I read an article about how the German government was promoting awareness of some toys, which became really popular during the last December.

The message was clear: Parents should control the kind of security their children will have when they play with toys with high possibility of having connectivity to Internet. The reason was simple there was not security in whom would have access to the system, which implied anybody would be able to hack and learn from the information provided by their child. This is a good example of how fear works in some contexts. It provokes people pay attention., so CEO and co-founder, Patrick Collinson, should have tried to understand for someone well-informed in tech jargon everything will sound as a great opportunity but the majority of the population did not belong to this group. It is not necessarily impossible to change, if you analyse that has been part of developing human learning skills since our grandparents were children and they taught them common sense related to harmful elements around us.

Sometimes, the real risk of having this kind of situation is experts, investors, among others who are trying to diminish the risk implied in using digital technology, which is in the best consideration for CEO’s who had control over thousand of millions of bytes in sensitive information running through their platforms and getting archived in massive data centers. Risks are real for the prosummers as the example of how hackers were using Youtube for stealing  cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin accounts

Censorship in the Post-truth era

The question about who could solve it appear after I read an article with Teresa May, UK Prime Minister, whom was considering to start a war over fake news. Her project is creating a team or National Security Communication Unit “to tackling fake news and disinformation online.” Even when there is no such excessive detail about who, how and the budget required to complete the successful idea. Perhaps, giving more detailed information could be the first step to avoid misinformation or offering the opportunity to “some actors” of distorting the information provided but Official sources.

Meanwhile, in Australia the Government has chosen to endorse a hard legislation towards mainstream media and Journalists, whom in case of having documents for their research would face punishment, which only could provoke more misinformation. Also, diminishing the quality of journalists’ job when they are not able to use documents without authorization.

Censorship against journalists shouldn’t be the solution. The real position is reinforced the value of sources, which provide information with substance and veracity. If we attack this kind of source, how could we expect to increase the value and trust in media. Particularly, when in some countries is not trusted at all.

Different CEOs who manage different Media groups would reinforce similar measures as the ones taking by Zuckerberg, however, the question is how could we transform the Post-truth era in the deep sense of the word. It is not so difficult to see how the United States avoid to sign the Paris Climate Deal to  protect the environment and this week Paris was looking more like Venice rather than the regular urban area we are used to. How could we tackle that kind of contradictions about things we all noticed but we’d prefer to make like we hadn’t seen or noticed because we did not have enough energy to fight against it while it is happening in a different place.

More than ever, finding a common place can be difficult, however, the media crisis faced by different Western countries under the cyber attack of countries like Russia or China is making the Cold War in a more dangerous scenario, where you don’t need special agents traveling across the Ocean to commit an atrocity to manipulate people’s mind and perception, and also their votes. You only need the right guy sitting in a small office working with a laptop and Internet connectivity, enough creativity to alter the humour of the reader and you can even change the History of any country.

Perhaps, the possibility of offering what Journals in the past used to do…bring, at least, a complete story with all the sides of the people, organisations and details involved, as well as, the facts out of any version to contrast the truth from the noise, that would  let the reader assimilate under his own values a criteria, then an opinion. Yes, in the era of modern journalism, where everyone can act like one, it looks like it is more than necessary having a real good one.


Buddha, Meghan Markle, and becoming part of an Artistic creation

Everybody who has developed a profound understanding of my perception of life knows my attraction for thinking in the best ballad for any possible moment, circumstance, experience, drama, holiday, person…yes, even when it could be extremely bizarre each person in my life has or had been attached to a song in my mind. No matter how hard I had tried to end this kind of silly or immature activity to some. For me, there is no way to control it so, when I found Buddha exhibition organised by the NGV team…in my case all the songs created for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Tour… I know for Indian citizens or people who possessed heritage from India this could sound pretty ridiculous but the first time I listened, as a child, about India was watching a documentary from The Beatles at 8 or 9 years old.

Eternity Buddah in Nirvana by Xu Zhen

Weighing approximately 15 tonnes, Xu Zhen’s 18m long sculpture features a 16m replica of a famous reclining Buddha statue adorned with 3D scanned and cast Greco-Roman, Renaissance and Neoclassical sculptures, fusing together Eastern and Western cultural heritages in order to break down boundaries.

Watching the work of multiple employees from the Gallery is an interesting view of this representative figure of finding the enlightenment through a peaceful approach and considering the self rather than having or searching for more knowledge, richness, or money. However, he was someone who had all these elements in the first place so, usually that is the kind of experience, which let you try to explore a different alternative. When you are growing in a different side of the Economy, it is possible that you will try to survive since your first years. Under this kind of perception we can analyse his life under a less spiritual vision and we would be able to understand  his approach comes from someone who hadn’t enough appreciation for what he has because he got it all in the physical needs but he needs to discover the pain of attachment and how to face pain without letting the experience stop your generosity and compassion with others, who also suffered.

He was searching a truth about the world because he lived in a very controlled environment with all the things he needs. In that context, what could a Prince, like Harry search in Meaghan. He expressed her impact on him since the first encounter, and  also there was an interesting story behind this detail. For getting his answer of finding a wife, he followed a similar path. In his life, there was an important affective lost at a young age, which as himself confessed he should search for emotional support after he felt himself “on the verge of punching someone”.

Furthermore, Prince Harry consider the pressure of media in his life as something difficult to handle at some point. Under these circumstances, it was easy to understand why the couple, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry choose to have an indoor relationship. Perhaps, the relationship grew better during six months without all the topics related to overexposed framing of the couple in different tabloids and websites. In both cases, for Buddha and Harry, a big change happened from the inside/out having experiences out of their regular Royal environments. For Buddha, it represents a change of his regular understanding of being someone from a Royal family and for Harry, leaving behind his experience as a Royal and sharing more who he is without all the comments, gossip and false stories about his media perception, perhaps, it gave him an opportunity to open himself in a sum of more sincere encounters because there was no more pain to hide or fear.

If you want to see a monumental 16 m long Buddha, you must go to the National Gallery of Victoria, which is currently installing one of its largest works. The work has been especially commissioned for the blockbuster summer exhibition, the inaugural NGV Triennial, a free exhibition, taking over the entire gallery and featuring the world’s best art and design.

Eternity Buddah in Nirvana by Xu Zhen, Photo by Eugene Hyland (37)_previewThe sculpture comprises over 20 sections that have been meticulously pieced together by staff from Xu Zhen’s studio. Fifteen white sculptures are then lifted by crane and positioned on top of the reclining Buddha.
If you want more information: The making of Xu Zhen’s world premiere commission from NGV on Vimeo.
Remember: Occurring every three years, the NGV Triennial is a free, gallery-wide exhibition of contemporary art, design and architecture that features the work of more than 100 artists and designers from around the world.





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How our gadgets had changed us

I have seen the same expression in countless faces from closer people and strangers when they could not find their mobiles phones. Even when there are numerous celebrities, CEOs, politicians and doctors providing her wisdom about the relevant role of giving ourselves time to stop using gadgets, mobile phones, computers or other similar products. The truth is the majority of us is always using them even most of our time. It is not a crime but studies about the prejudice of our need for reading information, chatting, watching videos, listening songs, answering e-mails, among other activities is sort of damaging our time to rest or enjoying our free time.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones

Furthermore, it is interesting our attraction for buying new products and developing a need to be connected with others all the time. I have seen persons in conferences, clubs, bars, families’ dining tables, even in the church, who are not able to stop checking, playing, listening songs, reading news, watching movies, chatting on Whatsapp, among others activities. Basically, our mobiles are becoming an extension of ourselves. My favorite app is Google Maps, I really do not know what I’d able to do without it on my mobile. However, this change in our ways to interact with others in the real world would expose some troubles. Sometimes, people is tired of someone’s  lack of common sense while using gadgets in social situations. Especially, mobile phones but what really move us to feel all the time the need to check once and again the screens. Why could we not get out without them? Thousands of human beings had lived through different decades without using one of these gadgets, I used to avoid them and then I bought two, when I decided to pay for mobile’s service for the first time.

E. Wilson explained in her book about Artificial Intelligence an example about the human’s response to the interaction between humans and technology. Even more when we  The author mentioned a research to discover how the participants’ emotions would be modified after an interaction with a software. Of course, under specific goals, the software imitated a psychologist counseling to people about their issues. Without doubts the unconventional factor in the experiment was the participants were feeling comfortable while being assisted by the software and identified their interaction as positive, without being able to find differences between an interaction with a human being or the software.

The new role of gadgets in social consumption

Before the actual digital revolution, the analysis of media was mainly focused in the permanent creation of products for mass-consumption and the field of technology being completely separate like a topic related to science managed for professionals or experts in the field to modify the elements and the quality of their products. The participation of more individuals and groups in the network economy has transformed the perception of what technology and media would give like an opportunity for people to be involved in this field.

There are plenty possibilities about how technology and media’ s products are going to change the ways of people to enjoy the free time, how they approach to others, their ways of perceiving their environments, even the ways of making their works. We could not deny the relevance of studying how are we going to evolve through this process and our daily interactions with new technologies. If we considered again the relevance for changing our societies to vary our paradigms and improve their ways of interaction, the benefits of communication to transform the conditions and issues in different areas like politics, economy, environment, social psychology and technology would be interesting for giving new solutions for some problems.

In Africa, use of mobile phones for increasing the number of people with access to the economy has been mentioned like a good guide of what technology should stop if creators want to transform societies with it. The most important fact is establishing how everyone would have the opportunity to have access around the world and every society would have the occasion of fighting their particular problems, not only with this element, but if they are in a situation to explode these opportunities, it is relevant to produce more solutions and educate people to work on them too.

The topic should have been considered extremely important because the ways of technology are not only increasing the benefits but also the risks for citizens, who are connected to Internet today even when they are wearing just clothes. Under these circumstances, research and studies, also promote that people understand these possibilities is not only a prerogative but a necessary step in every community.

The influence of the past in new developments, make us think about what Sinclair, 1996 et Straubhar denominated like “Globalization, where cosmopolitanism became an invasive effect in different countries and societies, where transnational media start to be available for new audiences”. Digital and mobility had transformed our ways to think, produce, innovate and even our interactions with others crossing borders modifying our comprehension of the world. How do we expect children grow up in this environment generate more questions about our future under the variations from new systems and gadgets to communicate with others.

Even when this situation will produce new elements for producing a new form of colonialism through technology, there would be other possibilities like to stipulate how we could make use of this to change issues like gender, digital divide, lack of access to education, poverty, social barriers, among others. The possibilities are really amazing but we should not wait longer for seeing them.