Rossana Naveda


Rossana Naveda

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Content Specialist, Redesign your website and DMM

Journalist specialized in Communication for private and public organizations. Content writer, copywriter, screenwriter, photographer. Interested in dominating coding to apply it into her for increasing the interest of women in Science, Design, Arts, among other fields. French, English and Spanish speaker. Interested in IT and Neuroscience.


We can help you to differentiate your website.

Throughout Wireframing and Design we can help you to differentiate your product online compared with another business in the market for creating multiple alternatives because I believed it will offer a better opportunity of becoming a long-term brand rather than disappearing only after a few months in the market. 
In the case of Film Drifters, I created the Film Drifter’s logo, opening App page, sign in/log in page, an Enterprise Resource System guide, Swim Lane of process and a products list for customers as graphic examples of what is going to be the next step in the Marketing and Business strategy for the successful future of Film Drifter. This part of the process required investing money to improve the technology and management sources of Film Drifter.
We determined a list of functions for Film Drifter’s website should offer to the users. All the elements should work considering the users, innovation, the organisation, the industry and nature of work. Business processes are often broken up into different types or categories. The most relevant include Operational processes, Executive Management Processes and Supply Chain Processes.
Considering these categories, the design of the wireframes for this company should offer the opportunity of seeing in action Diffusion of innovation (Theory, Robinson 2009) in different areas. The graphic shows sees how owners can drive changes in the process to deliver better products so more people will use the App. There are five qualities to determine the success of a product/service, they include.
1.Relative Advantage (as adapted from Robinson, 2009). This is the degree to which an innovation is perceived as better than the idea it supersedes by a particular group of users, measured in terms that matter to those users, like an economic advantage, social prestige, convenience, or satisfaction.
2.Compatibility with existing values and practices. This is the degree to which an innovation is perceived as being consistent with the values, past experiences, and needs of potential adopters.
3.Simplicity and ease use. This is the degree to which an innovation is perceived as difficult to understand and use.
4. Trialability. This is the degree to which an innovation can be experimented with on a limited basis.
5.Observable results. The easier it is for individuals to see the results of an innovation, the more likely they are to adopt it.
Everett Rogers claims these five (5) qualities can contribute between 49%-87% to variation in adoption levels of a new product/service. Based on people’s propensity to adopt specific innovations, diffusion researchers believe that any given population can be fragmented into five different segments, they include innovators, early adopters, early majorities, late majorities and laggards.
For both business, Film Drifters and Bakes & Buns, I considered this as an important method to develop the design of the IT solution. I create wireframes and logos which offered me a better understanding of what could make different this business from other competitors.
Opening page for Business Bakes&Buns. The customer only need to click in the icon to see the products list

Opening page for website Bakes&Buns





Wireframes for Film Drifter
Film Drifter logo/ Opening page in an App or Website. 


Optional Opening page or Advertisement

 Film Drifter customers list for products

Undoubtedly, the opportunities are really good, the strategies for selling through different channels, as well as, using digital commerce as a winning alternative to promote and sell products, where business owners strength their brands and the relationship with their customers had become the new trendy alternatives for innovation.
 However, a great growing market should never let managers forget controlling the cost of investment, the quality of their products, the cost of producing them, as well as, the use of regular management tools like Equations for controlling how long it will take to recover the investment of money. This is what I learn through the observation of real business’ problems during my assessments.
I believe that observing in real time the strategy used by your direct competitors is the key to understand what is the best strategy for your business or your clients. In my case, visiting a food store and watching movies so many times increased my weight a little bit then I originally had planned but it was a good way to understand what makes some business succeed and others lost the opportunity to become even bigger.

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