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Planned Parenthood & Instagram

I have been listening to the same discussion over and over again. I believe in the right of life, and also, I have seen different cases about how women decided about their lives.  I have even listened to male friends, who explained me their position when their partners must confront this choice. I had supported campaigns to promote a different approach of younger generations toward this topic. However, I cannot understand how it is still possible that we could not find efficient forms of protecting women sexual health.

And when I analyzed all these facts, I am only able to comprehend the importance of this topic from women in different countries, cultures, spaces, among other different characteristics provoked by the influence of geography and culture. The discussion about this issue is standard everywhere. Especially, when the questions like What is the right way to avoid pregnancy? Or When is a good time to end a human life without considering him, her or they as part of any political system? All these actions only served to promote, in some cases, the worst policies against women, who are not only taking less money in their paychecks for taking the responsibility to these questions but they need to accept what government, corporations, and non-governmental organizations considered better for them. Undoubtedly, what bothers me is how easy the topic of women health is misinterpreted by citizens, policy-makers, and corporations as a political and an economic case, where nobody wants to pay the right amount of money or subsidies for this type of need.

What about health?

After the case of a young French woman sued the German drugmaker corporation Bayer in 2012 because she had suffered a stroke provoked by a third generation pill. A shared risk of this type of treatment. I found the case a compelling example of how industries, government, and civil society is not trying to find better alternatives. Why do people ignore the main topic? Offering women safety and better options to control their births. It is common that groups Pro-life want to eradicate abortion for religious or moral reasons, and there is some logical reasoning behind it. Sometimes, experts consider women could be a little bit carefree about how to control the possibilities of getting pregnant when they deem other alternatives like having an abortion later.

Reading different cases as journalist and copywriter for women’s magazines, I have discovered how people get focused most of the time about protecting new lives, which is right. However, the main topic should be women’s health and develop better alternatives to birth control. Under these circumstances, I am not supporting abortion, and I would never condemn anybody because it is not my role. However, my particular position is women’s rights should not appear as part of political strategies. My position is trying to expose how different professionals from fields as science, chemistry, medicine, endocrinology, politicians, CEOs and various religious groups are not attempting to promote the highest investment in efficient systems to let women detect when they are exactly capable of getting pregnant.

I have been deeply interested in this topic because it is not something different. Women from Australia, The United States, France, Spain, Germany, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, Sudafrica, among other countries in every corner of the world experience the same. Furthermore, I have supported and signed different petitions about all the possible causes from saving the life of someone, which would be killed by a male group for getting pregnant out of marriage to women’s fighting for their right to reproductive health medical attention, so it is not something irrelevant, local or cultural.

We keep asking the wrong questions about this topic, once and again, it is not about to protect a future human life and to take away a women’s control over their bodies. The real solution is finding the right path to bring any women an explicit knowledge and monitoring of their bodies. In some countries, women should confront the lack of information about how to manage their sexual and reproductive health. Why would governments, corporations or NGOs take off the access of women population to these services? Particularly, when they could not even share an equal salary. Something is wrong when we think that they should pay for it when the economic system does not provide them with the same economic retribution in the long run of their careers. When we think about it for a second, we can understand the kind of damage we are provoking to women in different levels of civil society.

Under these circumstances, the question is How politicians, men or women, are going to offer something important to women while they stop using this discussion as a way of getting more support during elections? It is unbelievable how women’s rights are still part of a complete strategy to attract some groups as part of political agenda. In our time, what we should ask it is about the possibilities to improve our methods to control natality, making them less invasive in the woman or men body or modifying the way their hormones work. I could not believe that it is so easy to discover if a woman is pregnant or not, however, discovering if they are in the fertile stage of their reproductive period had not been determined through easiest or cheapest methods. I hope someone provide a solution shortly as part of different measures to bring Equality.

“Designing is always related to find new solutions for people’s problems”


Speaking with Friedericke, a young student of Industrial Design at RMIT, we found an interesting approach to her career. It was not her first choice at school but she has found a sense of fulfillment while working in developing and creating concepts through her studies. Between the obstacles she had been tackling through almost three years, she recalled testing the prototypes like the harder because sometimes you would find a solution that it might seem for others like a problem. When she compared her previous work in other school with her classes in Australia, she found the most common problem is being able to communicate effectively in a team because not everyone would perceive your solution like the best possible outcome. Meanwhile, she has developed more projects by herself at RMIT because the program worked in that way while she is taking her classes here.

For discovering more about her interests and preparation, we let you know her through basic Q&A.

What do you like the most about your career?

I like that it goes more in an artistic direction so it is not so technical like I did before. It is a new experience, I am still not sure if I like it or if I do not like it because my previous approach in Europe was centered in the technical approach. It is really good and important for giving a solution. What I did before was more strategic with research when we are developing a new prototype and then, testing it. Then improve it and search for people’s responses and opinions. It is not the fun thing, for me it was really annoying but I like the artistic approach. It is a different kind of design, it is not so functional.

Have you any type of idea for what type of company you would like to work in?

I am not quite sure yet because there are so many opportunities. You could work for automobile industry. I would be able to work in fashion design. I am not doing that career but there would be a possibility. I could do furniture or web design. You could do all these types of works because you work in strategic and approach. I am still figure it out and working in different projects and learning about all the possibilities.

My preferences are not being stick to one particular topic. I have the opportunity to do different things.

What has been the most difficult tasks?

It is a hard question, perhaps, when you meet someone who works in different ways and it is hard to share and organize  everything before the deadline, which used to be three days so it is completely crazy sometimes. It is difficult and you have to find yourself for being clear while you are working with a team.

What are your career’s goals?

After I’ ll finish my Bachelor, I would like to work for a specific place. There are a lot of young design studios which possess a playful approach to design. After I finish my Master, I would like to start my own company. Maybe, if I had the opportunity and there is a good environment, I would like to work for a big company but for me it is important to have a nice working environment and people open to wild ideas. That is pretty important, more than a bigger or smaller company. To have a playful approach to design. I really like to have an environment like Google with the slide.

Do you miss something from your country?

So far not really, I am kind of use to not living in my country because I have been living in Netherlands for three years, where even it is not complete different but there is not like I could miss many things. The language is easy because my courses are in English and if I have any type of trouble to understand I speak in English.

“I like the part when you have a brief and then you develop a concept for that kind of problem or the product do you need to develop. You are basically saying what kind of product do you actually need to fulfill or develop  for people. Then I like the part where you need to have do research and what are the problems that people would have and making all the connections and finding a way back to what you want to prepare with the product for mass-production is the most exciting”

A difficult quest: Conquering Australian audience

Tune into the future: The intersection of Music+Tech

One of the main issues for increasing digital business in Australian Music Industry became an interesting approach for understanding the complexities of these market and audience. In words of Patrick Nellestein, moderator from this event. “We have all the elements required to promote a digital industry but what we missed is a common space,” while he talked about the main topics from the event Tune into the future: The intersection of Music+Tech, where different professionals from local music industry shared their actions about support the use of new alternatives from digital technology, and different platforms for offering new alternatives to everyone involved in this field.

Colin Blake expressed the changes in digital platforms for radio stations and how they are creating new alternatives for artists, he was deeply clear about the differences and times when you compare, for example, American with Australian market. However, he expressed there is a positive feedback from audiences about new platforms like iHeartRadio, which only play unsigned bands for users of who can accessed via online or through apps and, it has been working since last december.

How digital industry determine the rules for distribution

Colin Blake, CEO of Territory Australia & New Zealand, Rdio, explained how this platform works. From left to right, Rob Pix, Dj Electronic Music Producer & Recording Artist,Paul Guildea, Senior Coordinator, Entertainment & Arts Management, Institute of Music,Alex Zaccaria, Bolster Digital Music Producer and Recording Artist,Alex Yabsley, Digital & CRM Coordinator, Yamaha Music Australia; and,Patrick Nellestein (moderator), Senior Coordinator, AIM and Creative Director, River Road Creative Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Gildea exposed his vision about how music industry has changed in the last decade and the transformation of business under the new alternatives of digital technologies. He mentioned names of famous artists, who were discovered in platforms like Youtube. Although the question how people who are not prepared to use this type of platforms are missing opportunities to share their compositions with others and at the same time, missing the opportunity to be known by wider audiences.

Pink Floyd’s album The Endless River, released last year, was one of the most successful in United States and United Kingdom last year and nobody knows about it

Paul Gildea

What about new talents…

Under these circumstances and new generations who grow up listening music in their devices what was music industry for artists like The Beatles, has been gone but the question is digital is the opportunity to be listened only for people who have enough economic sources to listen music. Sometimes, it would be interesting to know how make possible keeping the positive from analogue music business and supporting it with new technologies. Without doubts, the battle began after Napster Case, later the main goal to keep the attention from audience, which is the irreplaceable element in this industry. Companies have been searching for new ways of making money and even today, struggling strategies are part of this scenario, we could not forget Spotify‘s crisis management this year, when Taylor Swift took off all her work from this platform expressing that artistic creation could not be devalued by digital industry. With or without previous conflicts, it is undeniable that the presence of new opportunities for talented artists who could promote their music using digital platforms as a medium for transforming a hobby in a way of living.

Rossana Naveda

Women, social media and digital marketing

An interesting fact from 103 Compelling Social Media And Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014) revealed that half of global business executives give to their enterprises a score of 3, on a scale of 1 to 10, when they answered the question about their company´s social business maturity. Through different studies has been proved that women and men use social media and mobile differently, for example, in the case of women it is interesting that their behaviour changed when they are consumers of goods, for example, female are one of the best clients for retailers on Internet because their ways for searching information is absolutely different from men’ s interactions because female tend to use more time-sharing information with their friends.

Beyond the first impression of women and their performance in social media, it would be impossible to believe that some of them as company´s owners do not make an extra effort to increase the number of customers, which let an important group without any idea about their products, prices or promotions.

Some professionals recommend digital marketing as part of the strategies which increased the number of customers. Even the biggest companies are deeply involved in this type of marketing because through it they could get detailed characteristics from their customer’s interests, which with the right team would let them an opportunity to discover new products for their clients.

If you have enough money, the crucial decision is hiring a good team, which should be able to manage an excellent work based in customer service, implementing the use of technology in creative content to attract more users, specially for tablets, mobiles and laptops users, invest in different channels.

However, Geraud Montigny, eCommerce and Digital Manager from LexisNexis Pacific, expressed that it is necessary to avoid making mistakes because you start ignoring consumers because you only get deeply attach for marketing, which used to disturb the ergonomics from the website, he define the user experience as one of the basic steps to avoid failure and do not lose money. Also, between the recommendations he suggest as key elements the SEO (search engine optimization), and having a good back-end system in place for customer relationship management, fulfillment and payment.

Meanwhile for Dale McCarthy, Foundry‘s founder and specialist in digital strategy, believe that “the customer experience is very important, everything begin with the web design, how easy it works for you, to pay, to find products and it is not necessarily talking to someone but of course, you are selling something to someone so you need to have customer’ services for answering people’ s questions. That is very important”.

For Aaron Kahlow, CEO and Founder at Online Marketing Institute, there are 7 essential digital planning ideas for your business.

7 Go big in content

The main purpose is planning what are going to be the best ideas for your content in 2015. Define at least 4 great topics for the year. Later you could define minor subjects which improve your main themes.

6 Use big data in little ways

The objective is to focus your attention on one area while you are using your CRM and tools like Demandbase, 6Sense, or the third party cookie to capture platforms. For example, a company IP address would let discover a potential buyer.

5 Make time for technology

This point would be important for small business, which could invest their time in basic free or low-cost tools like Google Analytics or email marketing.

4 Get real: Re- Learn best practices

It is simple. Avoid learn from trial and error. It is time to discover new things from the digital/social ecosystem, which means that you should learn more about technology.

3 Target or die an irrelevant death 

You should put your money in advertisement which let you optimize your time and results. That is the reason for fundamental data strategies to discover new results.

2 Advertise more, hope less

The crucial step is targeted. Without the specific search of your potential clients you will lose money.

1 Invest in yourself, invest in your people

Discover your strength and those from your team and invest in them.

“In digital it’s not about the product you sale, it is about the customer journey”

Looking for some answers from Dale McCarthy, we discover her vision about women, social media and marketing.

Do you think australian women are interested to be part of industries dedicated to create new content for marketing companies to compete with companies from USA and United Kingdom?

Yes, in my experience about digital marketing campaigns, there are very high percentages of women employee in senior level, the higher percentage is in the newspaper industry. I understood social media and social media marketing at we use to it, at least if I talk about the traditional old world companies as Procter&Gamble or Mercedes-Benz, maybe those companies can use social media as much as they should but my understanding is they are increasingly using it and they are switching the majority of their budgets for digital marketing now. It has been slow but they are doing it.

What would be your professional advice for small company owners if they would not be able to spend much money to reinforce their customer’s experience through social media content?

Digital marketing is the best way. It is the cheapest way, which let you build your database with your costumers and matched to them, is effective and growing quickly. Of course it depends on the product and product category where the consumers of the products and other users would be interested enough to interact in social media. For example, there are really highly engage to things like beauty and fashion, it depends of the category. Also the use of social media marketing, Facebook or connect directly to bloggers, actions which are very functional or effective.

Do you believe that we could find remarkable differences between women and men’s creative process in digital production?

I do not think so, I think is about every individual, I do not believe there is any kind of gender agenda, you can be a very creative men or women or can not. Women certainly do, tend to be in communication, they are more sensitive path to words but you know that we have interface designers and users experience designers, perhaps women are not that good.

The subject could be related with the idea of increasing the number of women in tech careers, in this case do you believe women should learn this skills for working in digital marketing?
I think definitely there is a disproportion between men and women for programming but my reasoning behind that it is that a lot women do not want using computer to interact or communicate with other people because programming careers or developing software got a lot of to do with computers but not interact with other people. Although, in other fields there are as many women as men in digital marketing, in digital health, in development design. I have never perceived gender inequality at all. The difference is the gender gap in programming, in my opinion, is created by uninterested women in this field.

What is your opinion about tax policies in Australia which avoid the interest of people to invest in start-ups?
I think the government is doing everything it can to make grow Australia efficiency and activity in digital commerce future so I think the issue is focus in the way that when you pay you pay 5 billion dollars in taxes every year, that use to go to Radio or Tv stations in Australia, meanwhile Google did not, so there are saying the company is cheating the system because the local division did not pay taxes and Google say, “We are paying taxes in Ireland”.

What are the conditions for e-commerce?
The government is supporting. There is a lot of pressure from owners’ retailers to discourage people for buying things from e-commerce sites. The government has not listen to them.

Why do they ignore the possibility of increase their sales through different channel?

They can not compete, can do they? They just have structured and shifted the way that people buy goods. Now consumers can buy from anywhere in the world and department stores can not compete because it is out of their arrange the pricing of Internet and trying to protect themselves but they can not, even newspapers can not protect themselves from this change of consumers’ behaviour. I think a lot of them are trying to change now but it is more difficult to grow for department store so they are trying to develop in more niches retailers. For example, Peter Alexander just sell pajamas so special retailers are growing but department stores are dying.

What is your opinion about content creation for attracting more customers to your website?

I think it is related to Google ratings in natural search. It is a way to attract people to know more about your products.